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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Store in an Oklahoma Self Storage Unit

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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Store in an Oklahoma Self Storage Unit

You can store just about anything in a self storage unit, from valuable antiques to old refrigerators, from family heirlooms to extra mops and vacuum cleaners; even cars and boats! But there are a few things that you can’t (or shouldn’t) put in your Oklahoma self-storage unit. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Hazardous Materials & Waste – No, you can’t store your toxic ooze in your self storage unit. Nothing flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive, or noxious, either. This includes stuff like lead paint, asbestos, petroleum products (like gasoline), methane, medical waste, etc.
  2. Firearms, Munitions, and Explosives – Since we said in #1 that nothing explosive could go in your storage unit, that goes for firearms, ammunition, munitions, and bombs, too. This includes anything that goes bang when you light it, so fireworks are out, as well.
  3. Anything That Smells – This could easily be a sub-heading of #1, but anything that gives off fumes or smells extremely strong is probably a bad idea for your self storage unit. In an enclosed space, even fairly innocuous fumes can become overpowering pretty quickly, and smells can seep into other items in your storage unit, especially fabrics.
  4. Food – Perishable food items in a storage unit are a bad idea for pretty obvious reasons. Anything that doesn’t keep well at room temperature won’t keep well in your storage unit. Canned foods and other non-perishable foods are A-OK, though.
  5. Plants –addition to needing food and water, plants need sunlight to live, and they won’t get much of that in your self storage unit.
  6. Animals – Animals in a self storage unit are an even worse idea than plants. In addition to needing all of the above care, keeping an animal in a dark, closed-up room all day is just plain cruel. So boarding pets, even temporarily, in your self storage unit is right out.
  7. Contraband – Basically, it’s against the law to store anything illegal in your self storage unit. Pretty self-explanatory, right? That means no illicit drugs, and no stolen goods of any kind. If it’s illegal for you to have it in the first place, it’s not allowed in your self storage unit.
  8. Your Business – While you can (and should!) use a self storage unit to store unused office furniture and supplies, or excess stock, it’s illegal to operate a business out of a self storage unit, or use one as a manufacturing facility. And while our self storage units are clean and spacious, they probably wouldn’t make the greatest offices, anyway.
  9. Other People – Whether it’s your kids, your mother-in-law, or your ex, it’s also against the rules to store any people in your storage unit, no matter how much you may want to.
  10. Yourself – Finally, just like you can’t conduct a business from your storage unit, you also can’t live there, no matter how comfy your climate controlled storage unit may be. Sorry.

So there’s ten quick things that you can’t store in your new storage unit from Storage ‘R’ Us. Just about everything else, though, is fair game, so come on down and reserve your unit today!

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