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Self Storage in Moore Oklahoma Offers More Than Just Storage

Self storage in America – where the renter has exclusive access to the unit, locker, container, or outdoor space – dates back to 1958 with a single self storage facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The self storage concept was new back then, and if you rented a unit, you got a clean locker at a fenced-in self storage facility close to downtown. But there wasn’t much more to find at a self storage facility at the time.

Fortunately, the self storage industry has grown and changed dramatically over the decades. If you haven’t recently rented a self storage unit to temporarily (or permanently) store your property, you may not be aware that the modern self storage facility – such as Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, OK – has a great number of amenities and services that go well beyond typical expectations. Obviously, we can’t speak for every self storage facility in the region, but we’re always happy to talk about how self storage in Moore, Oklahoma offers more than just storage.

Boxes and Moving Supplies – Self storage is always better with organization. There’s no need to ask for leftover boxes from your local liquor store when you can buy sturdy boxes on-site. We have tape, markers, and packing material as well.

RV/Boat/Vehicle Storage – If you think it’s time to move that RV or fishing boat from the driveway or the side yard to someplace safe, you can park it on the lot.

Heated and Cooled Self Storage Units – If grandma’s antique Davenport, chesterfield, divan, or chifforobe doesn’t match your décor, yet you worry about how humidity may affect the furniture items, why not store them all in a climate-controlled self storage unit?

Deliveries Accepted – If you’re waiting for a delivery from Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, or Apple, and you don’t want the package sitting on your front porch until you get home from work, you can have it delivered to the office of your Storage ‘R’ Us self storage facility in Moore, Oklahoma.

Computer-controlled Electronic Gate Access – Security is a good thing. We believe in maintaining a good security system for your property. Our Moore, OK location features a computer-controlled electronic gate access system, security lighting, and a fenced/walled perimeter. We also have 24/7 digital video surveillance on the property.

Ground-Level Units – Some folks just don’t like to move their stuff up to the second floor of anything. We totally understand, and that’s why we have ground-level self storage units across the property. Simply back the truck up to the unit and scoot your stuff inside. Easy as that!

Gate Access 24/7 – Because we know that you want to get into your self storage unit whenever you feel the need.

American Flags and Military Ball Caps for Sale – The office at Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Oklahoma has a great selection of American flags and military ball caps. Show your support for the country you love!

The Storage ‘R’ Us Moore location office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm.  The office is also open on Saturday from 9am to 3pm, but closed on Sundays. So, stop by our Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Moore Oklahoma today, and see what a modern self storage facility can do for you!

You can store just about anything in a self storage unit, from valuable antiques to old refrigerators, from family heirlooms to extra mops and vacuum cleaners; even cars and boats! But there are a few things that you can’t (or shouldn’t) put in your Oklahoma self-storage unit. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Hazardous Materials & Waste – No, you can’t store your toxic ooze in your self storage unit. Nothing flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive, or noxious, either. This includes stuff like lead paint, asbestos, petroleum products (like gasoline), methane, medical waste, etc.
  2. Firearms, Munitions, and Explosives – Since we said in #1 that nothing explosive could go in your storage unit, that goes for firearms, ammunition, munitions, and bombs, too. This includes anything that goes bang when you light it, so fireworks are out, as well.
  3. Anything That Smells – This could easily be a sub-heading of #1, but anything that gives off fumes or smells extremely strong is probably a bad idea for your self storage unit. In an enclosed space, even fairly innocuous fumes can become overpowering pretty quickly, and smells can seep into other items in your storage unit, especially fabrics.
  4. Food – Perishable food items in a storage unit are a bad idea for pretty obvious reasons. Anything that doesn’t keep well at room temperature won’t keep well in your storage unit. Canned foods and other non-perishable foods are A-OK, though.
  5. Plants –addition to needing food and water, plants need sunlight to live, and they won’t get much of that in your self storage unit.
  6. Animals – Animals in a self storage unit are an even worse idea than plants. In addition to needing all of the above care, keeping an animal in a dark, closed-up room all day is just plain cruel. So boarding pets, even temporarily, in your self storage unit is right out.
  7. Contraband – Basically, it’s against the law to store anything illegal in your self storage unit. Pretty self-explanatory, right? That means no illicit drugs, and no stolen goods of any kind. If it’s illegal for you to have it in the first place, it’s not allowed in your self storage unit.
  8. Your Business – While you can (and should!) use a self storage unit to store unused office furniture and supplies, or excess stock, it’s illegal to operate a business out of a self storage unit, or use one as a manufacturing facility. And while our self storage units are clean and spacious, they probably wouldn’t make the greatest offices, anyway.
  9. Other People – Whether it’s your kids, your mother-in-law, or your ex, it’s also against the rules to store any people in your storage unit, no matter how much you may want to.
  10. Yourself – Finally, just like you can’t conduct a business from your storage unit, you also can’t live there, no matter how comfy your climate controlled storage unit may be. Sorry.

So there’s ten quick things that you can’t store in your new storage unit from Storage ‘R’ Us. Just about everything else, though, is fair game, so come on down and reserve your unit today!

In the wake of the devastating tornado that has had such an enormous impact on the lives of so many of us here in Moore, Oklahoma, we’ve realized the importance of having a safe space to store your valuable belongings, both before and after a disaster.

We all have objects that have great value to us. They may be antiques, pieces of fine art, or even just an ash tray our kids made in arts and crafts. Sometimes their value is monetary or simply practical, and sometimes their value is in the memories and personal attachments that they have for us. Whether it’s a priceless antique, a family heirloom, or just a reminder of some cherished memory, we all have things that we want to keep safe, and that we would be heartbroken to lose.

Keeping those things around the house can be dangerous enough. Knick-knacks get knocked off shelves, dishes get broken, paint gets scratched, fabrics get stained. Life can be busy, hectic, messy, and chaotic, and it can be hard to take care of even our most prized possessions in the midst of it all. For smaller items, some people invest in safety deposit boxes, or fireproof safes where treasured items can be stored in the house. But for bigger things like antique furniture, dishes, even classic cars, those solutions are often not spacious enough.

A self storage unit is good for a lot more than just keeping the overflow from the attic, or storing equipment that you rarely use. A self storage unit can act like a giant safety deposit box, keeping your valuables safe from wear and tear and the various perils of day-to-day living, as well as more unexpected dangers and disasters. And a climate controlled self storage unit can keep items safe from the travails of humidity, weather, and so on. Plus, like with a safety deposit box, you can access your possessions at any time, meaning that while they’re stored away safely, they’re never far from your reach.

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Oklahoma, we appreciate the need for a safe place to keep your most precious belongings, and we understand the peace of mind that knowing your valuables are safe and secure can bring. That’s why we offer personalized service, as well as 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to your belongings. All of our units feature fenced or walled perimeters with electronic gate access, and 24 hour digital video surveillance to keep your items safe. We understand that you may be trusting us with more than just your belongings when you rent an Oklahoma self storage unit—you may be trusting us with irreplaceable memories—and that’s a trust that we keep in mind in everything we do.

Thanks to the popular A&E show Storage Wars, a lot more people are becoming aware of the reality of self-storage auctions. But like with most of what you see on TV, the facts of a real-life storage auction may not be quite like what you expect from the latest episode.

Storage Wars follows teams of professional buyers around the country as they attend self-storage auctions to find good deals on “hidden treasures” that they can resell for big bucks. As with any TV show, the players are larger-than-life and the drama is ramped up to make for compelling viewing.

Real life storage auctions may be less glamorous and prone to emotional fireworks than the ones in Storage Wars, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring! There’s still an aura of mystery around any good storage auction, and there are certainly prizes out there to be found.

So how does a real storage auction work? Well, storage units go up for auction when they’ve been abandoned or defaulted on by their renters. When renters don’t pay their bill, or when they leave without claiming the property in their unit, then after a certain amount of time the contents of the unit can be put up for auction. It’s actually the only legal way for the contents of an abandoned or defaulted unit to be removed, and all the proceeds go to recoup the amount that’s owed. There are also “auction units,” which are a sort of holding tank for stray items that have been left behind by renters over time. The assorted items are collected and stored in a single unit, and then once that unit is full it’s auctioned off like any other unit.

While Storage ‘R’ Us cuts the locks off the units in advance of our sales, just like in Storage Wars the unit remains closed and no one goes in before the sale begins. Those bidding on the unit have to bid only based on what they can see, they’re not allowed to go in and rummage around. Hence, bidding on a storage unit at auction is a little bit like opening a treasure chest; you never know what you might find inside!

What’s commonly found is all of the usual things that you might expect inside a storage unit: appliances, clothes, toys, furniture, but almost anything could be inside, and things like antique cars or motorcycles are not unheard of. While it’s not likely that you’ll find the world’s most valuable comics collection like the people on Storage Wars, you never know!

While storage auctions can be serious business for some people, they can also be a lot of fun. If you decide to come by Storage ‘R’ Us for one of our auctions, make sure you bring along water, comfortable shoes, gloves to dig through your loot, a truck to haul away your winnings, and plenty of cash. You never know when you’ll stumble on a great bargain!

So your kids have left the nest and gone off to college. They’ve got their TVs and mini-fridges in their dorm rooms, and at first the clutter around your house may seem to decrease. But suddenly it’s summer break, and all the stuff that they previously had packed into their dorm has to go someplace, and it’s amazing how much stuff can fit into a seemingly tiny dorm room! So where do all those essential supplies go over the summer? One popular option that a lot of people don’t think about is Oklahoma self-storage!

A self-storage unit can be the perfect solution to packing up a college dorm room for the summer. Most units will hold anything that would fit into a dorm room, and some will even hold a whole apartment’s worth! And climate-controlled units will keep just about anything safe during the hot summer months.

There are even services available at many schools that will pick up pre-packed stuff from dorms and apartments and transfer it to self-storage units at very little cost. Or if there’s a lot you could always rent a truck from us here at Storage ‘R’ Us and bring it over yourself!

Or maybe you’re a student yourself, and you need to get things out of your dorm over the summer but it’s inconvenient to take it home. Self-storage can be a cheap and easy solution! Many college roommates will go ahead and split a storage unit for the summer to avoid the hassle and expense of hauling everything to and from home, which can sometimes be quite a ways away. Since most colleges require move-out within a short time of finals week, the whole process can quickly turn hectic, and having one less thing to worry about can be a real lifesaver!

It’s not just during the summer months that self-storage units can come in handy for students and their parents, either. With your son or daughter off to college, you may want to open up some more space in the house. A self-storage unit can be a great option to get their bedroom furnishings or other stuff that they leave behind out of the way, but still keep it readily accessible if they need it. It’s a lot easier to drive over to the local Storage ‘R’ Us than it is to find something that’s buried in the basement or attic. Or for students who want quick access to larger items like bikes, exercise equipment, or other things, but don’t want to clutter up their dorm room with too much stuff, a nearby self-storage unit might be just the ticket.

So whether you’re a student or the parent of a student, or just have some extra stuff that you need to get out of your hair, stop by one of our Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Moore, Duncan, Lawton, Newcastle, or Chickasha today, and see what self storage can do for you!

Once you’ve selected your Oklahoma self storage unit and packed everything up, the next step is to actually get it all moved into the unit. There are a lot of ways that you can get stuff moved from Point A to Point B, but one of the fastest and most efficient ways to move your stuff into a new self storage unit is to rent a truck.

Since many rental trucks are similar in size and general shape to a small or medium-sized self storage unit, what you’re packing your stuff into to move it is much more similar to where it’s finally going, which can make the move a whole lot simpler. Rental trucks can fit a lot more boxes (not to mention furniture or appliances) than cars or even most pickups. And having everything packed into a rental truck means fewer trips to and from the self storage facility, which can mean a big savings in gas. What might take six or even eight trips with a small car can be accomplished in one or two with a rental truck.

Many rental truck services offer helpful packing calculators or “wizards” that can help you determine what size truck you need based on how much stuff you’re planning to move. Simply key in the number of boxes or other items you need to move, and the calculator will estimate what size truck you need to rent. Calculators have built-in entries for common items like sofas, chairs, beds, dining room tables, and appliances, and some even have more specialized items like pool tables, swing sets, exercise equipment, and wheelbarrows.

In addition to making your move faster and easier, renting a truck can also make it safer for you and your valuables, not to mention the other drivers on the road. When everything is packed neatly into a truck, it’s contained and unlikely to shift during transit. It doesn’t need to be strapped down, and there’s no danger of it obscuring visibility or flying off while you’re driving down the highway. It also protects your vehicle. Most cars weren’t designed to haul large cargoes, and paint can be scratched, interior detailing damaged, and glass even broken out by shifting loads. Sturdy rental trucks are designed to take just the sort of punishment that gets doled out during a move, and because all your belongings are safely enclosed in the back of the truck everyone and everything is protected.

At your Moore, Oklahoma Storage ‘R’ Us location, you can rent your truck directly from us, right at the same place you rent your storage unit. Storage ‘R’ Us is Oklahoma’s largest PENSKE truck rental representative!

So you’ve decided to get a self storage unit in Oklahoma and you want to get ready to start packing it, but where do you start? While an excellent storage unit packer can utilize as much as 80-90 percent of their storage space, inexperienced packers often achieve only 50 percent. Here are some tips to get you started out right on the road to making the best use of your self storage unit!

Start by measuring your unit. Self storage units come in a variety of standard sizes such as 5×10, 10×10, 10×20, and 10×30. If you’re trying to choose a unit it can be helpful to know how much space the objects you plan to store will take up. You can pack and measure the objects, or you can use a self storage space calculator, such as this one at our Storage ‘R’ Us website.

Once you know the size of your self storage unit, the next step is to plan your packing. Know what’s going in the unit and where it needs to be placed for easy access. If you’ll be needing to get in and out of your storage unit, it can be helpful to leave aisles available to access all your items. Be sure to keep accessibility in mind when packing your self storage unit. It can save you a lot of time moving things around to access things behind them down the road.

When you begin packing, make sure you buy boxes that are sturdy and can hold up to being stacked. It’s better to buy boxes from a moving company or Storage R Us than to use old boxes from grocery stores. New boxes hold up better to being stored over time, and their uniform size and shape allows them to be stacked more efficiently. Use smaller boxes for heavy items like dishes or books, and larger boxes for items like blankets or linens.

When placing breakable items in boxes, you can pack them in newspapers or other bulk paper, but investing in bubble wrap can keep your items safer, cleaner, and, since it’s transparent, makes them easier to identify! Plus, it’s reusable! For storing clothes, you might want to consider a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are available at Storage R Us, and they come complete with a built-in hanging rod to keep your clothes fresh and unwrinkled.

Whatever you pack in your boxes, make sure that they’re packed full (partially-empty boxes can shift or collapse when moving or stacking), that the weight is distributed as evenly as possible, and that the boxes are clearly labeled for easy identification. You’ll also want to make sure that you have plenty of good quality packing tape. Most people use more tape than they think they will when packing. The team at Storage ‘R’ Us can help you estimate how much tape you’ll need, and we’ve got more tape, boxes, and other packing supplies for sale on-site if find that you need them.