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5 Types of Businesses You Can Run Out of a Self-Storage Unit

Okay, we all know that you can’t actually run a business out of your self-storage unit because it would be a violation of your contract with the facility, but if you’re running a business out of your home or even a small office, self-storage in Lawton can be a great place to house overstock, inventory, equipment, and lots more. You can even store shipping supplies in your self-storage unit and use it as a temporary staging area to prep shipments and get them in the mail!

So what kinds of businesses benefit from the additional space and resources that you can get from Lawton self-storage? The answer is: almost all of them! But here are a few suggestions that we’ve seen work over the years:

  1. eBay Businesses – Really, any kind of business that does mail-order fulfillment. Whether you’re selling things on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or elsewhere, chances are you already know how much space order fulfillment can take up, not to mention storing excess inventory. So if your mail-order business is overflowing your living room, dining room table, or garage, then it’s time to rent out a self-storage unit in Lawton and see how much it can streamline your process.
  2. Craft Businesses – With the addition of sites like Etsy, home-based craft businesses have really taken off. Whether you’re doing online sales and mail-order fulfillment or taking your wares around to local craft fairs and community events, self-storage can be a great place to store excess beads and other crafting supplies, and can even function as a makeshift workspace for assembling your final products.
  3. Home Repair or Vintage Furniture Sales – Whether you run a side business providing minor household repairs or buy, restore, and sell vintage furniture, self-storage in Lawton can give you a place to store all your tools and supplies, or any furniture that’s still in the process of being repaired or restored.
  4. Direct Sales Businesses – Self-storage in Lawton isn’t just for businesses that do mail-order fulfillment. Some of the leading home-based businesses in America are direct sales businesses that use the “party” model popularized by Tupperware. Today, home-based party businesses include everything from Avon and Mary Kay to Amway, Origami Owl, and Scentsy.
  5. Snow Plows and Lawn Care – Home-based businesses that deal in a lot of inventory may seem like a no-brainer for Lawton self-storage, but snow removal and lawn care companies can also benefit. Vehicle storage gives you a place to keep everything from trucks to trailers, while storage units can give tools and other supplies a good home that’s out of the elements.

These are just a few of the types of businesses that can benefit from Lawton self-storage. At the end of the day, businesses of every type have inventory and supplies that can often outgrow your home or office, and renting a self-storage unit is often a lot more cost-effective than trying to lease more office space or buy a bigger house.

If you have any questions about how you can use self-storage in Lawton to your benefit or the benefit of your business, call or visit Storage ‘R’ Us today and ask one of our expert self-storage managers for advice. We’ve been in the Oklahoma self-storage business since 1972, and we’ve helped a lot of people manage their lives and businesses better through the use of self-storage. We can help you, too.

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