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Things You Need to do When Cleaning Out Your Garage this Spring

The garage attached to the average home is truly an overlooked room, one in which all members of the family feel free to drop, stash, or dump anything they don’t want to bring into the house. It’s where tools, toys, sporting equipment, auto-care products, and seasonal items of all types become heaps of clutter. The average garage gets especially untidy over the cold weather months, but most homeowners typically commit themselves to cleaning and organizing the garage just before the spring thaw. And although cleaning and organizing the garage isn’t a huge chore, there are a number of tactics that you can employ to make the one-weekend chore a complete success.

First, you need a plan. You need to block off a weekend (one with plenty of sunshine in the forecast) so that you can dedicate yourself to getting your garage in tip-top shape before the start of spring and all the seasonal mowing and other yard work begins. In developing your plan, make sure to include any extra help you’ll be needing. Little Rusty and Audrey have to earn that allowance money somehow, so make sure they know they’ll be helping you with the chore (well in advance). Also, you’ll want to make a quick audit of the clutter in the garage to figure out what kinds of storage bins or boxes you’ll need to get the job done right and come away with a well-organized garage at the end of the day.

Then, hit your local home improvement/hardware store for supplies. If you’d like to create a system that keeps your garage organized year after year, you’ll need storage bins, boxes, tape and markers. Clear storage bins are best, as you can see their contents at a glance—making it easy to find something you’re looking for later. You’ll also need to get a trash bin or dumpster ready for all the items you want the garbage truck to collect and haul off.

Start your garage cleaning weekend by moving everything that isn’t nailed down out of the garage and into the driveway or yard. If you want to make the effort as easy as possible, make piles of common items: all sports equipment in one pile, all garden equipment in other pile, etc. Anything you haven’t used in a few years may need to find a new home outside your garage (the dump). Anything you want to keep, but don’t really have room for in the garage can be placed into a separate pile to be taken to a self-storage facility such as Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Oklahoma.

Sweep and mop. Since everything is out of the garage, take the time to give it a good cleaning. You might also want to attack any oil or grease stains on the floor of the garage while you’re at it.

Start boxing and organizing. If you have storage tubs ready to fill, start moving the piles of common items into their new bins. Use the tape and markers you bought to label them as needed.

Watch what you throw away. There are a great number of chemicals, solvents, fuels, and cleaners you can’t toss in the garbage for the trash truck to haul away. If you have unwanted household hazardous materials such as old aerosol cans, latex paint, motor oil, paint thinner, pesticides, household cleaners, or solvents, make sure you contact your city and ask about their drop-off and disposal program.

Lastly, put everything back according to how or when you’ll be using it in the future. If you’re tackling your messy garage just before springtime, you’ll probably want to store the holiday gear and winter weather equipment toward the back of the garage. Bring the lawn and garden supplies to the front where they can be easily reached on the weekends when you’re out mowing the lawn and digging in the garden.

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