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Best Ways to Deal with Cardboard Boxes After Moving

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Best Ways to Deal with Cardboard Boxes After Moving

Before a big move, you’re probably grabbing every cardboard box you can get your hands on, but when the move is over, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of cardboard you’ve gathered to do the job. Not to worry: Your friends at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Oklahoma have some tips on what to do with all those extra boxes once the move is over!

You may not want to just throw it all out. Even if you can bundle it up and arrange for “bulk item” pickup from your local trash service, that can often cost you extra out of pocket. Plus, there are better things to do with excess boxes than simply throw them into some landfill. We’ve got a few great ideas to help you put that cardboard to better use!

  • Recycle. Even if you can’t use the boxes yourself, you can always recycle them. Most forms of cardboard are recyclable, and corrugated cardboard has a recovery rate of more than 95%, so there’s no reason not to recycle what you can. Here in Oklahoma, you can find cardboard recycling bins at Walmart, among other places.
  • Keep them for jobs around the house. Cardboard is good for more than just boxes. You never know when you’ll need a large piece of cardboard for a painting job, protection for a cutting surface, damage protection for floors, or any number of other DIY applications.
  • Break them down and store boxes for a future move. If you’re a member of a military family, for example, and you know (or suspect) that you’ll be moving again in the not-too-distant future, it never hurts to have some extra boxes ready for the next time.
  • Use boxes in your self storage unit. Not planning to go anywhere? Those boxes may still come in handy for keeping things organized and out of the way in your Oklahoma self storage unit. Just remember to keep cardboard boxes away from walls and up off the floor.
  • Ask your moving company if they want the boxes. Don’t need the boxes yourself? If you got them from your moving company, you may find that they’re more than happy to take them back and either reuse or recycle them.
  • Give them away to neighbors. If you know someone in your neighborhood who is planning a move, you can always offer them some of your boxes. Users of Craigslist, the local NextDoor, and community Facebook pages often communicate the need for boxes, too.
  • Sell them on BoxCycle or Craigslist. You might even be able to make a buck off your used boxes!
  • Donate the boxes to charity. Pick your favorite charity and see if they need boxes. Thrift stores that give to charitable causes especially have need for extra cardboard.

Whatever you have left over after your move, you can find the perfect home away from home for it at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Oklahoma. With eight locations in Lawton, Duncan, Chickasha, Moore, Newcastle, and Norman, we’re sure to have the storage solution you’re looking for!

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