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Heatwaves Make You Appreciate Climate Controlled Self Storage

climate controlled storage units in Lawton

Heatwaves Make You Appreciate Climate Controlled Self Storage

The heat is definitely on here in Oklahoma! If you haven’t looked at the forecast lately, we can expect abundant sunshine, plenty of humidity, and temperatures in the mid-to-high nineties. It’s good weather for sitting in the shade and sipping some iced tea, so it’s unfortunate that the hottest months of the year also tend to coincide with the busiest moving season.

Fortunately, even if you’re moving in the midst of a heat wave, you can still make smart choices about how you pack, move, and store. We’ll talk a little more about moving during the summer months in our next blog article, but for now we wanted to discuss storing your belongings and how climate controlled storage units in Lawton, Oklahoma can be a lifesaver.

When the temperature rises outside, it can get even hotter inside someplace that isn’t air conditioned. You’ve probably experienced this phenomenon yourself when you got into a hot car in the middle of a 90-degree day and it felt more like 120 degrees inside. Unfortunately, the things you put into storage can have this same experience, along with the dreaded cold of an Oklahoma winter, and humidity all year round.

Some things can take the heat (and the cold, and the humidity) while others things can’t. After all, you know that if you leave some things in a hot car they’ll be fine, while others will melt or otherwise become ruined. The same goes for stuff that you put into self storage. Here are just a few of the common items that should be in climate-controlled storage if you want them to survive an Oklahoma summer:

Clothing. Clothes may survive heat just fine, but they don’t do as well with humidity. Mold or mildew can set in if clothes are left in humid conditions for too long.

Furniture. The same goes for furniture, which can warp, crack, or even rot if exposed to too much moisture. Temperature extremes aren’t great for wood, either, and massive swings in temperature are even worse. Wood furniture’s not the only kind you need to watch out for. Leather can be damaged by humidity and extreme temperatures, too.

Important Files & Documents. Paper should pretty much always be kept in climate controlled storage. Paperwork can become water damaged, fade, or even dissolve if exposed to moisture, and many inks are reactive to too much heat. Photographs can also be destroyed by rising temperatures.

Collectibles. When we collect something, whether it’s baseball cards or beer cans, we want it to be preserved in good condition. There’s a reason museums and other archives use carefully controlled environmental monitoring to store their artwork and other valuable pieces, and you’d be well-served to use climate controlled storage to keep all your precious coins, stamps, comic books, musical instruments, artwork of any sort, and any other collectibles for the same reason.

If you’re interested in climate controlled storage units in Lawton, Storage ‘R’ Us has you covered. In fact, we’ve got all the storage solutions you could ask for, with eight convenient locations in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman, all dedicated to security, service, and the best self-storage solutions for your belongings.

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