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How to Prepare and Store Some of the Most Difficult Items

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How to Prepare and Store Some of the Most Difficult Items

Sure, by now we all know that self storage is one of the easiest ways to keep items that we don’t really have room for out of the way until we need them. A self storage environment is always safe, secure, and easily accessible, and it can even be climate-controlled. In fact, climate-controlled self storage has become a go-to resource that’s popular with homeowners, businesses, and more all over the world, whether they’re storing collectibles, vehicles, or seasonal items.

As simple as it may seem to pack some stuff in a box and put it into a storage unit, though, we still encounter a lot of questions when it comes to how to properly pack and prepare certain items for storage. From books and computers to refrigerators and couches, some household items require special consideration before they go into storage. We’ve scoured the web for quick and useful tips on how to prepare some of these most-asked-about items for short- or long-term storage.

If you have a question about something that we don’t cover here, the self storage managers and staff at Storage ‘R’ Us are always ready to answer your questions and offer sage advice on the best way to pack and store just about anything.

How to store your books – Whether you collect priceless first editions, old magazines, comic books, or anything else printed on paper – or if you just want a place to put all those paperbacks in your to-read pile until you get to them – you can help minimize the damage that may come to your books while they’re in long-term storage. It’s most important to put them into containers that will prevent physical damage and use climate-controlled self storage to avoid the perils of humidity and pests. It’s also a good idea to pack books tightly. Under-packing allows books to “slouch” over time and can lead to bending and other damage. And never put your boxes of books directly onto the floor. Keep them up off the ground with a pallet or shelving.

How to store a computer – The same tips that you use to properly store a computer can be used to safely store just about any electronics, from TVs to video game systems. Naturally, you’ll want to go with climate-controlled self storage, as humidity and excess heat can be extremely bad for electronics. It’s also best to keep electronics stored inside airtight containers to keep out dust. Before you store your computer, back up anything on it that you want to keep. When you’re storing any electronics, keep all the parts together, and put cords and any other peripherals in labeled plastic bags.

How to store a mattress – Conveniently enough, you store a mattress in self storage much the same way that you keep it at home: flat. Storing a mattress on its side may take up less space, but it can also cause the mattress to sag out of shape over time. Besides storing it flat, you should wrap your mattress in breathable plastic and keep it in a climate-controlled storage unit to guard against dampness and mold. Finally, don’t store anything on top of your mattress. If something is left there over a long period of time, it can permanently alter the shape and support of the mattress. Store your mattress flat, wrapped in breathable plastic with nothing on top of it.

How to store clothes – Whether you’re putting away seasonal clothes until you need them again or simply looking for a place to expand your closet without throwing anything out, storing clothes in climate-controlled self storage is surprisingly easy. To get them ready, simply launder everything that’s going to go into storage, and then either fold it up or hang it so that it retains its natural shape. Some clothes may require more specialized approaches, but as a general rule, natural and synthetic fibers can be stored folded, so long as they’re kept clean and dry. Climate-controlled storage will help with that.

How to store a couch – A couch is one of the biggest and most unwieldy items in your home, so if you need to get one out of your living space but aren’t yet ready to let it go, it can be tricky to store. Fortunately, storing a couch is a little like storing a mattress. It should be kept horizontal, rather than on its side, and convenient sofa storage bags can help protect the upholstery. It’s also vitally important that you clean and disassemble your couch prior to putting it into storage. This means vacuuming all the nooks and crannies and taking apart any sectional pieces. Finally, before you move your couch, make sure that you have plenty of help. Those things are heavy!

How to store a refrigerator – The first step to safely and efficiently storing a refrigerator is to clean it out and defrost it. Then, carefully dry and wipe out the interior. Before a refrigerator goes into self storage, it should be as clean and as dry as you can get it. Finally, vacuum out the compressor coils and everything underneath the refrigerator. Once that’s all done, your refrigerator is ready to go into storage!

Whether you’re storing a priceless collection or simply some big furniture items that won’t fit in your new place, if you’ve got something that’s worth storing, it’s probably worth insuring, too. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we make the safety of your items our top priority, but there’s only so much that even we can do in the face of natural disasters like tornados or floods. In those events, you’ll want insurance.

Again, if there’s something you want to store that we didn’t cover on this list, odds are we know exactly how you should do it. Don’t hesitate to visit or call any of our convenient self storage locations in Lawton, Chickasha, Duncan, Moore, Newcastle, or Norman, Oklahoma and ask one of our friendly self storage specialists. We’re happy to answer any of your questions or help you get set up with climate-controlled self storage for all your most treasured belongings today!

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