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NINE Clever Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Every Room

Maximize Storage Space at Home Oklahoma

NINE Clever Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Every Room

No matter how big—or small—your home, apartment, or business may be, it never seems like you have enough space for everything. Even if you move from a small apartment to a larger place, space is always at a premium. Before you know it, your rooms are filling up, and you’re even running out of space in the closets, basement, attic, or garage. Some folks even add a shed to their property, and it’s amazing how quickly that shed fills up!

What do you do when you start running out of space at home or in the office? Decluttering can often seem overwhelming. Of course, we recommend taking advantage of self storage in Lawton and throughout Oklahoma, but that’s not the only thing you can do to free up space around the house. We’ve scoured the web for some of the top tips from storage and decluttering experts to help!

Under-Bed Storage. Whether it’s built into bed frames or simply flat plastic bins that can easily slide under even the lowest bed, under-bed storage is a fantastic way to reduce clutter and make it easy for you to reach common items in the middle of the night. Plus, your bed produces one of the largest footprints of any piece of furniture in your home, so it’s great to be able to put some of that space to use as storage!

Replace Your Nightstands. Most of us have beds with a nightstand on either side. The thing is, those two nightstands take up a lot of space without offering a lot of storage. Try replacing your current nightstands with small, three-drawer dressers. You can still put everything you typically have on your nightstand next to your bed, but you’ve also got three drawers on either side to store extra stuff of all kinds, from socks to medicine to the book that you’re reading before you turn in.

Make Use of Vertical Space. This is one of the best storage tips around for smaller rooms, but really, it works great in rooms of any size. Make the most out of your vertical space, especially if you live somewhere with high ceilings. Sure, this means installing wall shelves as high as you can reach in just about any room you can imagine, but it can also mean hanging bikes or other items from the ceiling in the garage or wherever else you’ve got the space.

Optimize Your Closet. Closets are probably the most common source of storage space in just about every house in America, yet most closets aren’t actually very well optimized for storage. They may boast a single clothing rack and maybe a few shelves if you’re lucky. Fortunately, a variety of closet organizing systems and kits are available at home improvement and hardware stores that can really help you make the most of your closet space without breaking the bank. Doing so will free up space in other rooms, too!

Storage Chests. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. In days gone by, lots of people used trunks and chests for storage of all kinds. Your grandma and grandpa probably had one at the foot of their bed for years—and may still! These chests are particularly popular in kids’ rooms, where they can hold all kinds of toys that would otherwise be scattered all over the floor, but don’t underestimate their ability to store seasonal clothing, blankets and linens, throw pillows, and much more!

Mudroom Bench. Speaking of storage chests, a variation on the theme is the storage bench that can go in your mudroom, on your patio, or even on your front porch. It’s the perfect place for shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, you name it. It even doubles as a place to sit so that you can grab a seat while you pull off those wet or muddy shoes. Many mudroom benches on the market today offer even more, incorporating a backboard with a rack for hanging coats, hats, and handbags. What a handy piece of furniture!

Multi-Function Furniture. While we’re on the subject of handy furniture, one of the best space-saving storage methods these days is furniture that serves double-duty. This may be an ottoman that opens to reveal hidden storage or seating with magazine or book storage on the sides. Nothing else takes up as much space in your home as furniture does, so making the most of that space will help to ensure that you’ve got the room you need without things feeling too cluttered.

Make Use of Every Inch. As we already mentioned when discussing under-bed storage, you don’t want to let otherwise blank spaces go to waste. Take the basement, for example. Chances are, there’s space under the stairs that can be used for storage, especially for things you don’t need to access very often. The same goes for the backs of corner cabinets. In fact, a variety of space-saving systems and devices are available to help optimize your kitchen cabinets so they’ll hold more and make items easier to grab when you need them.

Try Self Storage in Oklahoma. No matter what you do, no matter how carefully you make use of your space, sometimes there’s just not enough room around the house for everything that you want—or need—to keep. What do you do when you’re trying to de-clutter, shift seasonal items, pack up unused toys and books and other belongings, and otherwise make the most of your home’s space? We recommend one of our handy locations offering self storage in Lawton, Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman, Oklahoma!

However much space you need, and whatever you need to store, Storage ‘R’ Us has the perfect solution, from climate-controlled self storage to specialty vehicle storage and more. Plus, our knowledgeable self storage specialists are happy to answer any questions or provide more handy tips like these anytime!

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