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Moore Self-Storage Tips and Tricks from the Pros

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Moore Self-Storage Tips and Tricks from the Pros

A lot of thought goes into getting the most out of a self-storage unit, from knowing how much space you’ll need to figuring out what you want to store in the first place. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros at Storage ‘R’ Us that can help keep your stored items safe, accessible, and in good shape:

  • To climate-control or not to climate-control? One of the main things you’ll want to decide on when you’re picking a self-storage unit is whether you need to spring for climate-controlled self-storage. For many people, climate-controlled storage isn’t necessary, but if you’re storing electronics, collectibles, documents, or anything else that could be damaged by humidity, changes in temperature, or other environmental factors, then spending a little extra for climate-controlled self-storage in Moore is worth the investment.
  • Use the right stuff. When you’re getting ready to move into your storage unit, make sure that you pack all your belongings using the right supplies. Cardboard boxes make great moving and storage containers. Be sure to wrap breakable items in bubble wrap, and pack your boxes completely full in order to avoid items settling over time, or becoming broken when they’re moved around. It’s also a good idea to label any boxes with their contents, so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for down the road. Don’t have boxes, bubble wrap, or other supplies? Don’t worry. Storage ‘R’ Us sells everything that you need to make your move a success!
  • Let ’em breathe. When you’re packing your storage unit, make sure that you allow for some ventilation. Leave a little space between boxes and walls, and, for optimum results, store boxes elevated a little off the ground, such as on wooden pallets. Some people use plastic containers that seal, but cardboard boxes also work well, as they’re breathable to prevent moisture from being trapped inside. An interesting trick to help prevent moisture from building up in your unit is to put a piece of charcoal in a saucepan. Of course, if you’re storing items that are particularly susceptible to fluctuations of temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors, it’s a good idea to consider climate-controlled self-storage in Moore.
  • Maximize space. While you want your stuff to be able to breathe, you also don’t want to waste any space that you could utilize. Stack boxes with the largest, heaviest, or sturdiest boxes on the bottom. If you’re storing furniture, store items in the drawers. And if you’re storing a lot of smaller items, shelving can help make it easy to access. Remember that maximizing space isn’t just about using as much as you can, it’s also about making sure that the space is used efficiently. Leave aisles between boxes, so that it’s easy for you to get in and find things when you need them.
  • Get insurance. Storage ‘R’ Us makes the safety and security of your stuff our top priority, which is why we protect it with fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, and 24-hour digital video security. But it’s still a good idea to pick up insurance to cover your stored items in the event of a natural disaster or other unavoidable calamity.

Those are just a few of the handy self-storage tips that can help you to make the most of your self-storage unit. For more, check out our monthly self storage tips right here on the Storage ‘R’ Us blog, or follow us on Twitter, where we regularly post additional tips at the #SelfStorageTips hashtag.

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