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Oklahoma Self-Storage May Be the Answer to Your College Clutter

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Oklahoma Self-Storage May Be the Answer to Your College Clutter

So your kids have left the nest and gone off to college. They’ve got their TVs and mini-fridges in their dorm rooms, and at first the clutter around your house may seem to decrease. But suddenly it’s summer break, and all the stuff that they previously had packed into their dorm has to go someplace, and it’s amazing how much stuff can fit into a seemingly tiny dorm room! So where do all those essential supplies go over the summer? One popular option that a lot of people don’t think about is Oklahoma self-storage!

A self-storage unit can be the perfect solution to packing up a college dorm room for the summer. Most units will hold anything that would fit into a dorm room, and some will even hold a whole apartment’s worth! And climate-controlled units will keep just about anything safe during the hot summer months.

There are even services available at many schools that will pick up pre-packed stuff from dorms and apartments and transfer it to self-storage units at very little cost. Or if there’s a lot you could always rent a truck from us here at Storage ‘R’ Us and bring it over yourself!

Or maybe you’re a student yourself, and you need to get things out of your dorm over the summer but it’s inconvenient to take it home. Self-storage can be a cheap and easy solution! Many college roommates will go ahead and split a storage unit for the summer to avoid the hassle and expense of hauling everything to and from home, which can sometimes be quite a ways away. Since most colleges require move-out within a short time of finals week, the whole process can quickly turn hectic, and having one less thing to worry about can be a real lifesaver!

It’s not just during the summer months that self-storage units can come in handy for students and their parents, either. With your son or daughter off to college, you may want to open up some more space in the house. A self-storage unit can be a great option to get their bedroom furnishings or other stuff that they leave behind out of the way, but still keep it readily accessible if they need it. It’s a lot easier to drive over to the local Storage ‘R’ Us than it is to find something that’s buried in the basement or attic. Or for students who want quick access to larger items like bikes, exercise equipment, or other things, but don’t want to clutter up their dorm room with too much stuff, a nearby self-storage unit might be just the ticket.

So whether you’re a student or the parent of a student, or just have some extra stuff that you need to get out of your hair, stop by one of our Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Moore, Duncan, Lawton, Newcastle, Norman, or Chickasha today, and see what self storage can do for you!

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