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Oklahoma Self Storage Can Ease the Stress of Selling, Buying, and Moving During a Housing Boom

Oklahoma self storage housing boom

Oklahoma Self Storage Can Ease the Stress of Selling, Buying, and Moving During a Housing Boom

Shopping for a new home is exciting, but actually buying, packing, and moving can be a challenge. This is especially true today, when the market is hot for sellers and overrun with buyers. More existing homes were sold in 2020 than in any year since 2006. That’s some 5.64 million homes sold, according to the National Association of Realtors. Things aren’t looking to slow down anytime in 2021, either, with prospective home buyers facing the most competitive housing market in decades.

At the end of last year, 70% of the homes that were sold had been on the market for less than 30 days. With existing home inventory at a point around 30% below where it was last year, and the national median sale price of a single-family dwelling up nearly 15%, sellers are reaping the rewards of above-asking-price offers and record-quick sales. Home shoppers, on the other hand, are often left in the lurch, caught between homes for extended periods of time as they close on one deal and wait for another. Finding a temporary home for yourself and your family is one thing—you can rent a hotel room for a few days or stay with family—but what do you do with all that stuff until the new house is move-in ready?

Whether you’re caught between homes, getting ready to sell a home, staging your home for sale, or even just thinking about buying a new home and moving out of an apartment or other living arrangement, there are all sorts of ways your Oklahoma self storage facility can help you with storage space no matter your situation.

Selling a home? Homes that are well-staged sell faster and for more money. Even in a seller’s market like we’re currently experiencing, it doesn’t hurt to have every advantage you can get. You can make your place look showroom-new by moving some of your belongings into self storage!

Buying a home? We do the best we can to get the timing right, but sometimes there’s a gap between when we sell our old house and when the new one is move-in ready. In that case, a self storage unit is a lifesaver. You can keep all your stuff safe, secure, and out of the way until it’s ready to go into the new place.

Renovating a home? Whether you bought a home that’s a fixer-upper or are taking advantage of some downtime to spruce up your current place, self storage in Oklahoma can help keep your belongings out of the way while you work.

Downsizing while moving? Moving is already stressful enough. If you’re also downsizing into a smaller home at the same time, that stress can increase, especially if you don’t have much time to sort through everything that you plan to keep, donate, or get rid of. In that situation, turn to self storage. Put your stuff out of sight until you need it or you’re ready to go through it all and decide what you’re keeping and what you’re not.

Don’t want to be a burden on friends or family? Sure, Mom and Dad say they have plenty of room in the basement, and some of your friends have even offered up little bits of space here and there. The problem is, if you take everyone up on their offers, you may find your furniture and boxes in half a dozen different spots across the city. Oklahoma self storage might be a better option.

Relocating to a new area? Moving is never easy, but moving to a new city or state is always much tougher than just moving across town. Wherever your next move is going to take you, if you put some of your household items into self storage, you can do the move in stages, rather than having to manage it all at once.

Sold your home sooner than expected? A quick sale is always nice, but in this booming housing market, it can be easy to be caught at loose ends. Rather than renegotiate closing dates and risk losing a great offer, let self storage help you to be flexible. Take that incredible offer today, and put everything into storage until you find the perfect new place!

Looking to declutter before a showing? Realtors and other experts will tell you that it helps your home sell if prospective buyers can picture what the place will look like once they and their families and all their stuff are moved in. That means making space for all those imaginary décor items, which means getting your stuff out of the way and putting it into Oklahoma self storage.

Just need to move select items? Whether you’re planning a move yourself or staging a home for sale, there are certain items that you want to take special care of. Self storage can keep these safe, sound, and out of the way. Just remember to pick up some insurance for your valuable possessions. Even the best self storage facilities can only do so much in the face of a tornado or flood.

Taking your time with that new home? You just bought a new house! Congratulations! But maybe you aren’t quite sure where you want everything, where the couch should go in relation to the TV, or which room is the perfect spot for your home office. Rather than being buried under a pile of your stuff while you sort it all out, keep it in self storage and decorate your new home a bit at a time!

Just thinking about it? Buying a home and planning a move can be an incredible time in your life, but it’s also a lot of stress. Even if you haven’t found that dream house or set a date for your move, you can start planning things out, packing things up, and reducing your stress by using self storage to prep for the move in advance!

Whether you’re selling your home, buying a home, moving, or just thinking it over, self storage in Oklahoma can help take some of the worry and stress off your plate so you can make important decisions and, above all, enjoy the process a little more. Whatever your storage needs, Storage ‘R’ Us has the perfect solution at one of our eight convenient facilities that have been serving Oklahoma communities since 1972!

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