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Top Self Storage Tips for the Digital Nomad To Be

Oklahoma self storage for digital nomads

Top Self Storage Tips for the Digital Nomad To Be

The “digital nomad” lifestyle has been generating a lot of buzz recently, especially since many of us spent the pandemic coming to realize that we didn’t have to go into the office every day in order to earn a living. As more people take advantage of the ability to work from anywhere, they’re embracing a lifestyle that lets them travel, see the world, and do all the things that they’ve always wanted to do. Whether they’re working from a hotel room, a short-term apartment, an RV, a co-working space, a coffee shop, or a public library, these digital nomads often don’t have a set place to call home.

And yet most of us have things that we can’t necessarily take with us on these kinds of adventures, but we don’t want to let go of them, either. Maybe they have sentimental value, maybe they’re collections or investments that have monetary value, or maybe we just know that one day we’ll tire of life on the road and want to settle back down, and we want our comfy stuff waiting for us when we do.

Whatever the case, you’ll need a place to put everything that you can’t take with you. Maybe you have relatives who don’t mind holding onto it, but odds are they need that space themselves. Your best bet might just be Oklahoma self storage. Considering exploring the lifestyle of a digital nomad? We’ve got some tips that can help.

Here are our top self storage tips for digital nomads:

  • Make sure rooms or like items are staged to go in the same boxes, cataloging each for easy retrieval.
  • Ask a friendly self storage professional about items that might not be suited to long-term storage—or items that might be prohibited by law.
  • Make sure that whatever you put into storage is cleaned and prepared according to its needs.
  • If what you’re storing is susceptible to changes in temperature or humidity, then you’ll want to opt for climate-controlled storage. When in doubt, ask a friendly self storage pro.
  • Make an inventory of whatever you put into your self storage unit. This’ll make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for when you come back.
  • You’ll be locking up your unit with your own lock, so pick one that’s comfortable for you and, ideally, one that allows you to share the key or combination with a friend or relative who can check on the stuff while you’re away.
  • Stay in constant contact with the Oklahoma self storage facility where you store your items. That means making sure that your payment methods and contact numbers stay up to date, no matter where your travels take you.
  • The stuff you put into storage is valuable to you, so it makes sense to get an insurance policy to help protect your property against those things that a self storage unit can’t, such as natural disasters.
  • If you have a vehicle that isn’t going on the trip with you, self storage has a place for that, too.

If you’re planning to hit the road and enjoy the life of the digital nomad, we wish you all the best on your adventures! If you have any questions about how to get ready, contact Storage ‘R’ Us, your friendly local Oklahoma self storage facility, and we’ll be happy to help with everything, from the best ways to store clothing to how to protect furniture if it’s being stored long-term.

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