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Overcoming Space Limitations in Your First Post-Grad Home

Having a place all to yourself is a dream that most of us cherish for years while we’re in school. Now that you’re a high school or college grad, it’s time to make that dream a reality! You can settle into your first home and live by your own rules!

Hey, a home is a home. It doesn’t have to be a castle or even a house. An apartment is still a first home. Whatever it is, your first post-grad home is probably going to be a bit on the small side. Here are some tips from your friends at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Lawton on how to overcome space limitations in your new place.

Only Keep the Important Things. It feels great to get out on your own, and you may be in a hurry to move everything that you can from your old life into your new one. But if your new place isn’t that big, you’re going to have to stick to the essentials and the things you want and need every day. Everything else can stay at your mom’s place or be boxed up put into Lawton self storage for a later date.

Shop Smart. When you’re just starting out, not only are you low on space, you’re probably also operating on a restricted budget. Fortunately, you can save both space and money by buying small things and only filling up your new place with the stuff you need. Don’t need it? Don’t buy it.

Downsize Your Wardrobe. Small homes have small spaces for storage. This means you’re going to have less closet space, and clothes can take up a LOT of room. Fortunately, many articles of clothing are seasonal items. Coats and jackets don’t need to be cluttering up your space during the summer; shorts and swimsuits can safely be put away during the winter. That’s where climate-controlled self storage in Lawton comes to the rescue!

Think Versatility! When you’re short on space and dollars, too, everything you own can probably be repurposed to serve dual uses. A dresser can be a media storage unit in the living room. A bookcase can be a TV stand. Versatility isn’t just about repurposing things you already own, either. It’s about keeping your most useful items handy while putting others in storage. This goes for kitchen gadgets, which take up a lot of space but, in many instances, only get used a few times a year. If you don’t use ’em all the time, put ’em in storage rather than cluttering up your counter!

If you’re moving into a small place, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. More stuff means more clutter. More space means more to clean. More rooms mean higher utility bills. But even in a small space that’s more economical, you can’t always let go of everything that you don’t have room for. That’s when Lawton self storage becomes really handy.

Whether you need moving and packing supplies or a place to put that extra stuff that you can’t fit into your new place, Storage ‘R’ Us has you covered. With locations in Lawton, Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman, there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us near you!

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