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Overlooked Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your Home and Self Storage Unit

Oklahoma self storage cleaning tips

Overlooked Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your Home and Self Storage Unit

As we move from the winter months to warmer weather, our thoughts often turn toward spring cleaning. Having spent months cooped up inside, we’re eager to approach spring and summer with a fresh environment and a new outlook. This often means deep cleaning everything, but it can also include decluttering and ridding our house of everything that has been underfoot since December. The best way to do this is to move it into self storage in Oklahoma!

Many of us look forward to yearly spring cleaning in some ways, even while it’s also something we dread. It’s a lot of work, after all. After a long winter of being closed up, it seems like there’s dust all over everything. Then there are windows to be washed, baseboards to be scrubbed, rugs and carpets to be cleaned, floors to be waxed, you name it!

By now, most of us probably already have our spring-cleaning routine down, but it’s always easy to miss something. We decided to scour the web and bring you some of the most overlooked spring-cleaning tips to help you spruce up your home and even your Oklahoma self storage unit this season!

Wipe down the shelving. While you’re getting everything out of the closet, the pantry, the cupboards, and so on, you might as well wipe down all of those shelves. They gather dust and debris over time, too, and the perfect time to give them a good cleaning is when you’ve got everything off them anyway!

Empty the refrigerator and pantry. Speaking of the pantry, spring cleaning is the ideal time to go through it (and the fridge, too) and throw out anything that’s expired. Check the dates on all those condiments, salad dressings, pickles, jellies, and jams. Make a list of what you’re throwing out as you go, so you know what to pick up the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Reconsider the purpose of each room. This can be especially helpful if you’ve recently experienced a life change such as the kids moving out to go to college. Really look at how you’re using each room, and see if you can think of ways to make better use of the space to achieve the goals you have for your life. Maybe this is the time to convert that spare bedroom to a craft room, a workout room, or a home office!

Flip your mattress. Experts recommend flipping your mattress every season to prolong its life. Before you do, make sure that you have the kind of mattress that’s designed to be flipped. Some mattresses have coils on the bottom and foam on top, for example. Those are not meant to be flipped, and they won’t be very comfortable if they are! Consult your mattress tags for guidance.

Wipe down your lightbulbs. Sure, you may dust just about everything else, but do you ever think about the dust and other gunk that collects on your lightbulbs? Wiping them down will make them seem brighter and can even avoid potential fire hazards. Make sure the power is off first, and never use a damp rag.

Clean out the fireplace. Do you have a traditional wood fireplace in the living room or family room that saw a lot of use over the cold winter months? Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time to remove any burnt logs, clean out the fireplace itself, and clean the glass front doors, if you have them.

Check on your house plants. This is a perfect time to trim dead leaves and stems from your house plants, give the leaves a wipe down with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth, and even repot plants that are growing too big. Plants thrive in the spring and summer, especially if you give them the care they need now!

Clean your electronics. You’ll want to wipe down the outsides of all your electronics, from computers to entertainment systems, but that’s not all. Electronics also have interior areas, vents, and fans that need to be cleaned, too. Some compressed air can usually do the trick. It’s not a bad idea to disinfect “high traffic” areas like your computer keyboards while you’re at it.

Swap out all the batteries. If you haven’t changed the batteries in your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, now is the time to do it. The changing seasons are a perfect reminder to change important batteries. This holds true for all kinds of battery-operated items that you may not have thought about in a while, such as garage door openers, flashlights, home security systems, and more!

Add natural air fresheners. Want to put just the right finishing touch on your spring cleaning? Freshen up the air with natural sources of great smells, including fresh flowers, essential oils, and the like. Not only will they help to brighten up your living space, but they’ll make it smell great without a lot of chemicals.

That’s not all, though! We’ve also found some tips to help you supercharge your spring cleaning for your Oklahoma self storage space!

Look and label. Sure, you knew what was in all those boxes when you put them in there, but do you really remember today? Now’s a perfect time to open them up, see what’s actually in there, and re-label them so you can find what you’re looking for at a later date. If you’ve taken something out of a box or put something in, this is the time to set the record straight. Plus, identifying what’s in all of those boxes will help you with the rest of our spring-cleaning list!

Shift those seasonal items! It’s time for all those seasonal items for spring and summer to come out of self storage and for winter items to go in. Break out the pool toys and the gardening gear and put away your winter clothes and your Christmas decorations. Be sure to label them all while you’re at it so they’re easy to find when winter rolls around again.

Re-organize. While you’re going through the stuff in your Oklahoma self storage unit, consider how it’s all organized. Move things around to make better use of your space and make it easier to get what you’re looking for when you need it. This may mean moving the most commonly used items to the front, or it might mean organizing your unit into sections based on seasons, rooms in the house, or members of the family. Do whatever works for your organizational needs!

Give it a clean sweep! Before everything goes back into your unit, it’s a good idea to sweep it out. While you’re at it, why not spray for pests? Once you’ve put everything neatly back in its place, it’s time to get out and enjoy that warm weather!

Of course, if your spring cleaning has left you with more stuff than you have room for around the house, Oklahoma self storage is the perfect home away from home for everything that you want to keep but don’t want kept underfoot. We have locations in Lawton, Moore, Chickasha, Duncan, Newcastle, and Norman, so there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us near you. Come see us today for all your self storage needs!

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