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Best Ways to Pack and Store Your Holiday Decorations

Store Your Holiday Decorations in self storage in Lawton

Best Ways to Pack and Store Your Holiday Decorations

Whether you’re a modest decorator or someone who goes all out, it’s always sad to see the holidays end and the lights, inflatables, and other decorations go into self storage in Lawton to wait for the next season. But since holiday décor isn’t cheap – and often isn’t especially sturdy – it’s best to learn a little about the right ways to pack and store your holiday decorations so that they’re ready for the next season when it arrives!

Boxes and Bins – When you buy ornaments, lights, miniature decorative trees, or anything else for the holidays, keep the original boxes and other packaging that it came in wherever possible. Then it can go back into its original box, making it easy to identity and helping to protect it during the off season. Those boxes can then be stored inside sealed plastic bins that help protect against moisture and pests.

Racks and Bags – Believe it or not, one of the best ways to store holiday wreaths is by hanging them on a clothing rack or something similar, protected by a garment bag. And with wreaths for other holidays becoming popular, you might need a way to store a few.

Tree Keepers – What’s Christmas without a tree? Many of us use pricy, artificial trees these days, and we don’t want to throw them out after just one year. Get yourself a “tree keeper” made from moisture-resistant polyester.

Lighting Reels – Nobody wants to spend a lot of time untangling all those Christmas lights each year, right? There are the ones that go outside, the ones that go indoors, the ones that go on the tree. For ease of storage and to avoid a tangled mess when it’s time to put them up next year, invest in a store-bought lighting reel that makes it easy to wrap (and unwrap) strings of lights. Then store that in a protective tote.

Wrapping Paper Storage – Most places sell under-bed storage containers that are sized to hold tubes of wrapping paper – and they’re usually pretty cheap during after-holiday sales! Just make sure that you pick up some clear ones so that you can see at a glance which rolls are in each.

Big Tubs for Outdoor Décor – If you have inflatables or other large outdoor decorations, a few big storage tubs (think around 55 gallons or so) will be great for keeping them contained.

Tackle Boxes – Believe it or not, a tackle box is perfect for all sorts of small décor items and accessories like hooks, hangers, twist ties, zip ties, and even small ornaments!

While Christmas may be the holiday we most associate with a lot of decorations, there are plenty of other holidays in the year. According to the National Retail Federation, the oft-cited claim that Halloween is the second-biggest holiday of the year for consumer spending just isn’t true. However, it is a fact that Halloween spending has increased and that Halloween decorations are extremely popular.

Whether you put on a haunted house every Halloween or deck out the place in red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, you’ll still need someplace to put all those decorations the rest of the time, and self storage in Lawton is the perfect solution.

At Storage ‘R’ Us, we got our start offering self storage in Lawton, and we’ve since expanded to provide the ideal place for all your holiday decorations (or anything else) in Norman, Newcastle, Moore, Duncan, and Chickasha.

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