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Packing Tips for your New Oklahoma Self Storage Unit

oklahoma self storage packing tips

Packing Tips for your New Oklahoma Self Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit in Oklahoma is easy. Obviously, we favor the self storage units at Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Duncan, Lawton, Newcastle, Norman, and Chickasha because we know that each of these self storage facilities has an on-site self storage consultant who can help anyone assess their self storage needs and find the right-sized self storage unit for their property, assets, or belongings. In other words, it’s easy to identify and rent a self storage unit because there’s help available. But, of course, the next big question is how to pack your stuff for self storage. Shouldn’t there be help available in that department as well? Of course!

Packing and storing your stuff doesn’t have to be a terrible chore, especially when you think about it as a process of three simple stages. Keep this in mind: you can take a garage, attic, or basement full of stuff and have everything packed neatly away in a self storage unit by the end of a typical weekend day. Sound too easy? Not at all!

The first stage of a packing and moving process that results in a self storage unit neatly filled with your stuff is the Planning Stage. It’s here that you identify the items that need to go into storage and make a few decisions. The first decision should be how they need to be packed (for either short-term or long-term storage) and how they should be physically placed in your rented self storage unit. Obviously, if you have old dishware or children’s toys that you won’t need any time soon, these may be the kinds of items that can be stored at the rear of the self storage unit. Just make sure to wrap each group of items in paper or bubble pack and place them into labeled boxes. More frequently-used items, such as seasonal decorations, may need to be boxed and placed toward the front of the self storage unit for easy access. The next decision you need to make in the Planning Stage is what types of materials you’ll need to pack everything away neatly and safely. You may need storage boxes, packing paper, bubble pack, packing tape, and labels. All of these materials can be found at Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Oklahoma.

The next stage of the process is the Packing Stage. Here is when you wrap, pack, and label all of the items you’re storing. Oddly enough, of all the stages, this is the one that gets rushed more often than not. So, if you’re going to take the time to store your belongings, rather than sell or donate them to a thrift store, make sure that you don’t skimp on the Packing Stage. Wrap all your belongings separately, and pack them away in sturdy boxes with other similar items. Label every box so that you can tell what’s inside at a glance.

The last stage of the self storage move-in process is the Load-in Stage. Here is where you finally open the door to your newly-rented self storage unit in Oklahoma and begin to arrange your self storage boxes neatly in the unit. As stated earlier, frequently-used items should be stored near the front of the self storage unit. And if you have a lot of boxes to pack away, you might consider keeping an aisle open down the middle of the self storage unit that will allow you to easily access different areas without having to push your way between tight stacks. (By the way, you may want to get out a piece of paper and diagram where each box went in the self storage unit so that you can easily identify which stack and box contains Grandma’s old tea set when you’re gathering everything together for that retro tea party with the girls.)

And that’s all there is to it. With all of your seldom-used items neatly packed away in self storage, you can find something truly productive to do with all the free space you’ve just created in your home!

If you’re looking for a self storage solution, feel free to stop by one of our Storage ‘R’ Us self storage locations in Moore, Duncan, Lawton, Norman, Newcastle, or Chickasha, Oklahoma today, and see what our climate-controlled, secured self-storage facilities can do for your belongings.

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