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While on Planet Earth Please Consider Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

We’ve talked before about the benefits of climate-controlled self-storage in Lawton, Oklahoma. Here in Oklahoma, we experience pretty much the full range of weather—from hot summers to cold winters and everything in between. But no matter where you live, chances are you could benefit from climate-controlled self-storage. After all, pretty much every place on Earth experiences fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can damage sensitive materials like wood, paper, art, and antiques, to name just a few. Whether you live in a rainforest or a desert, the weather changes everywhere, and that can be bad news for your valuables.

So unless you’re planning to stick great-grandma’s late-17th Century Spanish walnut bedroom set in a storage locker on the moon—where there’s no atmosphere—you’ll need to look into climate-controlled self-storage. In fact, about the only way to avoid needing climate-controlled self-storage for valuables that are sensitive to extremes of heat, cold, or humidity is to store your belongings somewhere in space.

That painting you bought on your honeymoon would probably be okay in a non-climate-controlled unit on Mars, where the atmosphere is considerably thinner than on Earth, although you might run into trouble with temperatures. While Martian summers aren’t too bad, with highs around 70 degrees, Martian nights can dip down as low as 220 degrees below zero during the long polar winters. Not only that, but you’d need to invest in a really good dust cover or drop cloth to keep off all that red Martian dust.

When you need to store your old business records, you could try Mercury, which has an atmosphere that’s even thinner than the one on Mars, consisting mostly of helium. You’d definitely need a storage unit that was heat proof, though, as days on Mercury can get as hot as 800 degrees Fahrenheit!

So even if you did want to store your latest art project in outer space, you’d still have a lot of logistical issues to contend with. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that it costs around $10,000 to put a single pound of anything into low Earth orbit. Plus, talk about inconvenient! The Apollo missions took about three days to travel the more than 200,000 miles to the Moon. Travel time to Mars varies from 150 to 300 days. Imagine having to wait that long every time you needed to get something out of storage!

At the end of the day, it’s easier—and definitely cheaper!—to just store your collection of rare first editions in climate-controlled self-storage in Lawton, Oklahoma from Storage ‘R’ Us. Whether you’re storing books, files, artwork, antique furniture, or anything else that needs special care and protection (And insurance!), we’ve got the climate-controlled self-storage solution that’s right for you! So give us a call or drop by and chat with one of our self-storage experts, and let us help you start storing your most precious belongings today!

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