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All the Reasons You Need an Oklahoma Self-Storage Unit for Christmas!

Self storage in Oklahoma for Christmas decorations

All the Reasons You Need an Oklahoma Self-Storage Unit for Christmas!

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means that we’re scrambling to decorate the house, clean and declutter for guests, store (or even hide) packages and gifts, clean out guest rooms, and make space for parties. It’s no small effort, and sometimes there’s just not enough room for everything. That’s where self storage in Oklahoma can be a real miracle for homeowners. It’ll help you to find extra space and make your home look merry and bright this holiday season!

How can Oklahoma self storage help? We’ve been making a list (and checking it twice) of some of the reasons you’ll want self storage on your Christmas list this winter.

Make Space Around the House. The holidays are a busy time, and they’re filled with stuff. Whether you need extra room for presents, holiday décor, meals, or big family gatherings, space is at a premium this time of year. If you’re thinking of moving a bookcase or old sofa out of the way to make room for that new seven-foot, pre-lit tree or freeing up some extra space to put the leaf into the dining room table, you can get things out of the way with a little help from self storage in Oklahoma.

Keep Things Tidy Over the Holidays. You probably already know that self storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to decluttering the home, which is perfect if you’re preparing to have a bunch of company over the holiday season. But it goes beyond that, too. If you have family coming in from out of town, you’re all certain to generate a lot of mess with all the detritus of people living, eating, and enjoying the season. Self storage can help you find places for all of it.

Organize Your Christmas Decorations. No more sticking the tree in the attic, the inflatable Santa in the garage, and all the Christmas lights in a closet somewhere. It’ll be much easier to manage all your decorations this year and in the years to come if you’ve got a space to house them all in one area. They’ll be easy to pull out when you need them and easy to put away when the season is over! Self storage is perfect for seasonal items, and you can switch out summer and winter items as the seasons change!

Create a Holiday Crafting Space. Your home can get pretty crowded around the holidays, and it can be a real joy to give yourself a little oasis of peace and quiet where you can get things done, whether that’s some holiday crafting projects that you’ve been planning for gifts or decorations or simply a place to wrap presents away from prying eyes. Not only can self storage help open up space around the house, you can actually use your unit for crafting projects and wrapping and storing presents, too!

Prepare for Holiday Guests. As we already mentioned, many of us have family come in from out of town for the holidays, and it’s always a nice feeling to be able to offer them a place to stay. Many of us use our guest bedrooms as home offices, workout spaces, crafting rooms, or simply for extra storage space during most of the year, but if you’re expecting guests, you can clear that space out with a little help from Oklahoma self storage and give them a nice, comfortable place to stay right in your own home!

Hide Those Gifts. Look, we know that kids are experts at finding hidden gifts. No matter how well you tuck presents away, prying eyes are bound to search them out. Fortunately, the kids won’t be able to find their gifts in your self storage unit! Plus, self storage is perfect for storing bigger gifts like bikes, skis, or one of those giant teddy bears that you can buy at Costco. Don’t put the pony in self storage, though. That would end badly.

Seasonal Storage for the Side Gig, Too! Sure, thousands of homeowners rely on self storage in Oklahoma for all sorts of things, but did you know that countless businesses do, too? Self storage is great for gigs of all kinds, including your side gig! Whether you’re plowing driveways this winter (in which case vehicle storage may be just what you need) or moving a lot of products as people finish their holiday shopping, self storage for your small business can give you inventory space, provide a spot to store needed supplies, or simply give you an out-of-the-way place to work some of the time.

A Parking Spot! Just like space inside the house, parking often comes at a premium as guests arrive for the holidays. If you need some extra space, why not move that boat, RV, camper, or project car into vehicle storage for the season? It’s a great way to keep vehicles out of the way (especially since you probably won’t be using them during the winter anyway) and free up parking for everyone who’ll be home for the holidays.

Bonus! Year-Round Storage! We’ve been talking so far about how Oklahoma self storage can be a lifesaver during the holidays, but if we’re honest, it really is the gift that keeps giving all year round. All of the benefits of self storage last beyond the holidays and apply all year long, whether that’s giving you an out-of-the-way spot for seasonal items or a place to put all the stuff that’s been piling up in nooks and crannies around the house. From giving you back your home office space to helping you organize your small business, self storage is there for you all through the year!

If you want to make a little extra space around the house this holiday season (and all year long), don’t you owe it to yourself to check out self storage in Oklahoma from Storage ‘R’ Us? We’d love to see you this holiday season—and the rest of the year, as well!

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