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Rent a Truck and Make Your Move into a new Oklahoma Self Storage Unit Easy

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Rent a Truck and Make Your Move into a new Oklahoma Self Storage Unit Easy

Once you’ve selected your Oklahoma self storage unit and packed everything up, the next step is to actually get it all moved into the unit. There are a lot of ways that you can get stuff moved from Point A to Point B, but one of the fastest and most efficient ways to move your stuff into a new self storage unit is to rent a truck.

Since many rental trucks are similar in size and general shape to a small or medium-sized self storage unit, what you’re packing your stuff into to move it is much more similar to where it’s finally going, which can make the move a whole lot simpler. Rental trucks can fit a lot more boxes (not to mention furniture or appliances) than cars or even most pickups. And having everything packed into a rental truck means fewer trips to and from the self storage facility, which can mean a big savings in gas. What might take six or even eight trips with a small car can be accomplished in one or two with a rental truck.

Many rental truck services offer helpful packing calculators or “wizards” that can help you determine what size truck you need based on how much stuff you’re planning to move. Simply key in the number of boxes or other items you need to move, and the calculator will estimate what size truck you need to rent. Calculators have built-in entries for common items like sofas, chairs, beds, dining room tables, and appliances, and some even have more specialized items like pool tables, swing sets, exercise equipment, and wheelbarrows.

In addition to making your move faster and easier, renting a truck can also make it safer for you and your valuables, not to mention the other drivers on the road. When everything is packed neatly into a truck, it’s contained and unlikely to shift during transit. It doesn’t need to be strapped down, and there’s no danger of it obscuring visibility or flying off while you’re driving down the highway. It also protects your vehicle. Most cars weren’t designed to haul large cargoes, and paint can be scratched, interior detailing damaged, and glass even broken out by shifting loads. Sturdy rental trucks are designed to take just the sort of punishment that gets doled out during a move, and because all your belongings are safely enclosed in the back of the truck everyone and everything is protected.

At your Moore, Oklahoma Storage ‘R’ Us location, you can rent your truck directly from us, right at the same place you rent your storage unit. Storage ‘R’ Us is Oklahoma’s largest PENSKE truck rental representative!

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