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Save Yourself some Money this Winter with Self Storage in Lawton

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Save Yourself some Money this Winter with Self Storage in Lawton

It’s not officially winter quite yet, but we’ve already had some pretty wintry weather here in Oklahoma, and there’s more on the way. By now, you’ve probably already started preparing your home and yard for inclement weather. After all, we get our fair share of it here in Lawton: freezing rain, plummeting temperatures, snow and ice. It can all take a toll on the things we own. Fortunately, self storage in Lawton can keep your outside items cozy and safe during the harsh winter months. Here are a few items you should consider storing for the winter:

Patio Furniture. Even if your furniture says that it’s “all weather” or “all season,” it probably wasn’t built to withstand the kind of punishment that an Oklahoma winter can throw at it. A little rain or snow is one thing, but sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain can do a number on outdoor furniture. Because your patio furniture may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace, you’ll be saving yourself a bundle by keeping it out of harm’s way in self storage over the winter.

BBQ Grills and Smokers. If you’re serious about the Oklahoma tradition of grilling and smoking, you’ve probably already invested in a waterproof cover for your BBQ grill. That’s a good start, but it doesn’t protect your investment against moisture from below. To completely protect your grill from the elements, bring it down to Storage ‘R’ Us. After all, that gas grill probably set you back around $500. May as well keep it safe.

Mowers and Garden Supplies. These are probably kept in the garage—or a garden shed, if you’re lucky enough to have one—so they aren’t as likely to be exposed to the elements as some of the other things on this list. But garage space comes at a premium, especially in the cold winter months. If you’d rather be parking your car in there, why not bring those mowers, leaf blowers, and gardening supplies to self storage instead?

Pool Supplies. You’re not going to be using that backyard pool during the cold winter months, but you’ll need someplace to keep all those pool supplies. The pool itself should be drained and covered or packed away to avoid ice damage, something that could result in thousands of dollars of repairs. All your other pool supplies can go into self storage in Lawton.

Boats and Recreational Vehicles. The average cost to maintain a boat is already around $350 per month. There’s no need to pay even more to repair damage caused by snow and ice. A cover can help keep your boat, jet ski, or ATV safe from mild weather, but if moisture gets under it and freezes, you could find yourself with all kinds of damage. Better to turn to vehicle storage during the off season.

Whatever you’re storing this winter, we’ve got a home away from home for it at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Lawton, Duncan, Newcastle, Norman, Moore, and Chickasha. Just come see us at any of our convenient locations, and we’ll be happy to help you find the self storage solution that’s perfect for you!

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