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Security and 24/7 Access Are Top Features for Self Storage in Lawton OK

self storage in lawton security access

Security and 24/7 Access Are Top Features for Self Storage in Lawton OK

Public Self Storage in Lawton (and Around the Nation) is Booming

According to a July article in the St. Louis Dispatch, the United States is home to nearly 50,000 self storage facilities. All of those facilities represent more than 2 billion square feet of public self storage space, or about eight square feet per person. That means everyone in America could have a little bit of storage space, and many people already do!

Why are so many people turning to self storage in Lawton, OK and around the country? Changing lifestyles often lead people to seek out self storage solutions that fit their altered situation or needs. But with so many self storage locations to choose from all across the country, how do you pick the right one? For many people, the choice comes down to access and security. Those are the two most requested (and most Googled) features when it comes to public storage in Lawton or anywhere else.

Why Self Storage in Lawton is So Important

They say that the only constant is change, and these days that feels more true than ever. According to data compiled from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves around 11 times over the course of his or her life. And of course, here in Lawton we know that military families often move far more frequently than other families do. Studies of jobs and careers indicate that the average American probably changes careers anywhere from five to seven times, and one-third of the nation’s workforce changes jobs almost every year.

Jobs and moves aren’t the only changes that drive a demand for public self storage in Lawton and across the country. A new addition to the family may require you to free up some space, or kids going off to college may mean that it’s time to downsize. Not everyone uses self storage as a temporary solution, either. Many Americans use self storage all year round to store holiday decorations when they’re not in use or to stow sports, hunting, and fishing equipment during the off season. Small business owners even use self storage as a way to store excess inventory or supplies or to stage products for shipment. Whatever the reasons we seek out self storage units, we want to know that our possessions are safe and that we can get to them when we need them.

Self Storage Security Means Everything

Let’s face it: You wouldn’t store your treasured belongings, business inventory, or anything else that’s important to you in a place that didn’t seem safe, right? That’s why security is such a vital component of any good self storage facility. The best self storage facilities in Lawton (and anywhere else in the country) put security first, with fail-safes like fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, bright security lighting, 24-hour digitally recorded video surveillance, computer-controlled safety property access, and more.

All of this helps to keep your belongings safe and sound, but even the best self storage in Lawton can’t protect against things like tornadoes or other natural disasters, so it’s always a good idea to get insurance for your prized possessions. 

Self Storage Security Means More than Cameras and Locks

Of course, keeping your valuables safe is about more than just protecting them from intruders or even natural disasters. Properly storing your belongings can help keep them safe and in good condition whenever you need them again. Climate-controlled self storage can help prevent your belongings from being damaged by extremes of heat, cold, and humidity, while heated and cooled self storage helps to store things that need to be kept within a specific temperature range. Whatever you’re storing and whatever you need, you’ll want to seek out modern and well-maintained facilities so that you know your belongings are in a place that you can trust.

24/7 Self Storage Access Because You Need it

People use self storage for all sorts of reasons. It’s convenient, it’s out-of-the-way, and it’s secure. But when people use self storage in Lawton or anywhere else, they still want to know that they can get access to their stuff whenever they need it. After all, you never know when you might need to haul out that snow blower (especially here in Lawton), that old cradle, those documents and files from last year’s business, or anything else that you might be keeping in public storage. It’s still your stuff, after all, so whether you need it in the middle of the night, on a Sunday, or any other time, after-hours and computer-controlled property access ensures that you (and only you) can access your belongings whenever you need them.

Self Storage Access Means More than Gates

It’s one thing to be able to get to your stuff when you need it, but it’s another thing to be able to move it in and out easily. Fortunately, the best self storage in Lawton and across the country offers convenient ways to help you move your belongings in and out and to organize them so that they’re easy to find. The best self storage facilities will offer wide entryways, wheelchair accessible self storage units, professional storage consultants who can offer advice and answer questions, access to moving equipment on site, and plenty of boxes and moving supplies available for purchase.

The Best Self Storage in Lawton is the Name You Know

Oklahoma self storage facilities didn’t really begin to appear and thrive until the 1970s, and the first Storage ‘R’ Us location opened at 2310 East Gore Blvd. in Lawton in 1972. Today, we have three locations for public self storage in Lawton and another five around Oklahoma. We’ve learned a lot in more than four decades, but one thing that’s always been true is that we’ve placed security, access, and other important self storage features first when designing, developing, building, and upgrading each of our locations over the years.

So, if you’re looking for the best self storage in Lawton with climate-controlled storage space, specialty vehicle storage, military self storage, great security features, 24/7 access, and many other features and amenities, then look no further than Storage ‘R’ Us!

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