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self storage in lawton for keepsakes

Self Storage in Lawton for Keepsakes: Holding on to Items with Sentimental Value

We all have them: treasured belongings that we just can’t let go of, no matter what. Sometimes they are genuine valuables—antiques, art pieces, stamps or coins. Other times, they’re objects with sentimental value. While the odds of an art collector paying a fortune for the ashtray your youngest made you in arts and crafts are pretty low, it is still priceless to you. Some of these sentimental items have places of honor in our homes, but others don’t always fit. For those, there’s self storage in Lawton, Oklahoma! 

First, go through everything and decide what you’d like to store. Maybe you have a shelf where you display your collection of bowling trophies or commemorative plates, but there may be other important items that you just don’t have the space for or that don’t match your home’s décor. You might be keeping some for yourself and holding on to others for a child or grandchild. Family heirlooms may not be something that you’re willing to part with, but they also aren’t always something that you want to display or use.

Whatever you have, the first step is to go through it all and see which items can go into storage. Just remember, putting an item into self storage in Lawton is safe and secure. Your item isn’t going away forever; it’s just going someplace a little more out of the way for a while. It’ll still be there when you need it! Still, if you’re storing something truly valuable, it’s always a good idea to take out some insurance in case of natural disasters or other things that self storage can’t guard against.

Pack to protect and keep records so your valuables are easy to retrieve. When the time comes to pass along your grandmother’s wedding ring to your own children or you want to look through some treasured family photographs, you want to be able to find what you’re looking for right away. Digging through unmarked boxes is not only inefficient, it’s also a good way to spike your anxiety.

Proper packing is absolutely critical to the safety of your items, and that starts with the right packing materials. Poor-quality boxes can be easily crushed or split. Within the boxes, use paper, foam, or bubble wrap to keep fragile objects safe. And whatever you pack, make sure you keep a record of what went into which box. That way you won’t have to unpack half of your boxes to find the one item that you’re looking for.

Choose the self-storage solution that’s right for you. Different types of belongings require different storage solutions. For example, climate-controlled self storage in Lawton is perfect for items that might be damaged by changes in temperature and humidity such as artwork, antiques, or musical instruments. If you’re not sure, ask a friendly self storage specialist for advice!

Lastly, insure your belongings. If it’s important enough to pack, then it’s probably important enough to insure. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we do all we can to help keep your items safe and sound, including 24/7 video monitoring, fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, and more, but even we can’t always protect against Mother Nature. In the event of a tornado, flood, or other natural disaster, you’ll be glad to know that your most treasured belongings are not only stored safely, but they’re insured as well.

If you’re ready to store some of your treasures, just call Storage ‘R’ Us or come by one of our convenient Lawton self storage locations today!

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