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Self Storage in Lawton Oklahoma is Booming

self storage in lawton oklahoma booming

Self Storage in Lawton Oklahoma is Booming

Here in Lawton, Oklahoma, we’re busy people. The city and surrounding region is home to over 120,000 people who work hard, play hard, and call the 5th largest city in the state their much-admired home. Lawton is a thriving city: always growing, always expanding. We know this because we meet so many folks at our three self-storage facilities in Lawton.

The self-storage business has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. for the last few decades. Here in Oklahoma, self-storage in Lawton is also thriving, much like it is in other cities across our great state. And this comes as no surprise to many! Self-storage provides a wealth of services for those who need either a long-term or short-term self-storage solution, and Storage ‘R’ Us is proud to be part of the industry.

Most folks turn to self-storage in Lawton to store belongings from their homes—either prior to, or just after, a move from one home to another. Self-storage facilities often rent on a short-term (3-month or 6-month contract), so those who are moving can utilize their storage services for as long as they need to without having to worry about long-term commitments. Sometimes self-storage is used for excess furniture and boxes of belongings when two people move into a single home. (We see a lot of this just after wedding season, by the way. What are you going to do with an extra dining table, sofa, or queen-sized bed anyway?)

College students often use self-storage facilities to store non-essential belongings throughout the year. If you’re an OU or OSU student, self-storage units are a great place to stash all your dorm room or college living stuff during the summer break. It’s also a great place to store your personal belongings from home during the school year.

Other folks use Lawton self-storage for their business storage needs, finding the extra space a value when it comes to organizing and storing equipment, business records, and boxes of materials used in the manufacture of products.

Self-storage can also be a more secure solution for your belongings when they might not be as secure in a location in or around your home. Climate controlled self-storage units with computer-controlled security access, such as those found at Storage ‘R’ Us in Lawton, are available for rent today! So, if grandmother’s antique dining set needs a comfortable home, you can bet it’ll be better protected from fluctuating temperatures and other weather elements at a self-storage facility than out in the shed behind your home.

Storage ‘R’ Us is a family-owned self-storage business and a member of the Oklahoma Self Storage Association. Storage ‘R’ Us has 3 self-storage locations in Lawton, Oklahoma—NW Cache Road, East Gore Blvd, and NW Rogers Lane—and operates 3 more self-storage locations in Duncan, Moore, and Chickasha, Oklahoma. With the number of self-storage facilities in Lawton and around Oklahoma, we appreciate that our self-storage renters have a choice in where they go to store their belongings. That’s why we go the extra distance to make sure that each customer is provided with all the information and assistance they need to make a self-storage decision that’s right for their belongings, families, or business.

If you’re looking for a long-term or short-term self-storage facility in Lawton, Oklahoma, feel free to stop by any of our Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Lawton and see what our self-storage solutions can do for you! One of our self-storage experts will be happy to recommend a self-storage unit that affords you the kind of storage you require.

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