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Self Storage in Norman, Oklahoma: Tips for College Students

college student self storage in Norman

Self Storage in Norman, Oklahoma: Tips for College Students

When you’re in college, space is at a premium. Whether you’re staying in the dorms or finding your own place off campus, there’s never enough room for everything. Yet, most college students lug a truckload of belongings to college at the end of each summer and then haul it all back home in the spring! Most of that stuff can be put into storage so it’s easily accessible but out of the way.

Storage ‘R’ Us, our self storage location in Norman, Oklahoma just off Highway 9, offers tons of advantages to college students. Self storage near campus is great if you have a small dorm room or apartment, plan to study abroad, are between leases on the summer, or have to travel a long way between college and home.

Here are some tips from your friends at Storage ‘R’ Us that will help you get the most out of self storage for college:

Know What Size Unit You Need – Most dorm rooms are less than 200 square feet. That means you probably don’t need a very big self storage unit if all you’re doing is putting your dorm belongings away for the summer. On the other hand, having such a small living space could also mean that you need self storage in Norman, Oklahoma to securely store everything that won’t fit neatly into your new digs! If you’re unsure of how much space you need, our handy self storage calculator can help!

Read Up On How to Store – You can find lots of helpful tips online to help you get the most out of your self storage space. Many of them are right here on our blog! You can read up on how to keep clothing and bedding safe from moisture, how best to store electronics, how to know when you should invest in climate controlled self storage, and much more. It’s also a good idea to buy insurance for the stuff you’re putting away. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we do everything we can to keep your items safe, but even we can’t protect against tornados or other natural disasters.

Don’t Go Cheap on the Packing Materials – If you’re putting away heavy items such as school books, those boxes you got from the grocery store are going to give out on you. Invest in new boxes and packing materials such as bubble wrap and tape, all available on-site at Storage ‘R’ Us.

Label EverythingSure, you may remember what you put into each box right now, but labeling everything clearly will help you find it when you need it down the road, whether that’s next week, next month, or at the end of next semester.

Sharing a Norman Self Storage Unit – Do you have a roommate in the dorms, or are you sharing an apartment to help keep costs down? You can do the same thing with a self storage unit! Just remember that whoever you go halfsies with on self storage in Norman will have access to all of your stuff, even when you aren’t there. Exercise the same care that you would when choosing a roommate.

Vehicle Storage for College Students – Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a boat that you aren’t using while you’re in school, you can find a secure home away from home for it with a little help from vehicle self storage in Norman, Oklahoma.

Self storage can provide a lot of benefits to the busy college student, and here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we’re proud to offer the best self storage options in Norman, Moore, Duncan, Newcastle, and Lawton, Oklahoma!

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