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Self-Storage in Moore for Newlyweds Helps Maintain that Wedded Bliss

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Self-Storage in Moore for Newlyweds Helps Maintain that Wedded Bliss

August is here, and that means wedding bells are ringing for a lot of happy couples! While June may be the most popular month for weddings, August isn’t far behind, accounting for around 10% of all weddings in the United States each year.

The joining together of two lives is a wonderful thing, but it can also be a lot of work, and we don’t just mean the usual stuff. While a lot of logistics go into most weddings, it also takes a lot of work to set up a home after the wedding bells have rung, especially when you consider that the happy couple may be left with two couches, two love seats, two complete sets of dishware, and way more clothes than will fit in the average apartment closet, not to mention stuff from your college days that may no longer have a place in your new married life. So what’s a newly wedded couple supposed to do with all this stuff? Self-storage in Moore might be just the solution!

Of course, a couple that’s just getting married and starting out already has a lot on their minds, so for conscientious family members and wedding guests, a year of self-storage can make a great gift—especially if all the usual stuff on the Pottery Barn registry has already been snatched up. Newly married couples may not yet know what they need to keep and what they’re willing to part with, so self-storage in Moore can help keep excess stuff safe, accessible, and out-of-the-way while the new couple gets settled.

And if either or both of the bride and groom are already packing to move into a new home, it’s not too far out of the way to also pack up some boxes for Moore self-storage from Storage ‘R’ Us. Of course, since everyone is still getting accustomed to their new life, it’s probably best to pack boxes with “his and hers” distinctions in mind, rather than throwing everything into boxes willy-nilly to be sorted out later. If nothing else, that’ll make everything a lot easier to find when you go looking for it.

Self-storage in Moore is also a great solution for storing seasonal items when they’re not in season, like your first Christmas tree together or the special dishes that you only bring out for big family meals. And whatever you store in your new self-storage unit, it’s a good idea to get insurance to make sure that it’s covered. At Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, we make keeping your belongings safe and sound our top priority, but even we can’t protect against natural disasters, so insuring your treasured belongings just makes good sense.

With secure, climate-controlled self-storage in Moore, we can store just about anything that you and your family may need—whether your family is just starting out, or growing bigger every day! Of course, chances are you don’t want to store everything in Moore self-storage. If you decide to keep your wedding dress preserved and cleaned—or have it altered for use in other situations down the road—we understand if you want to keep that a little closer to home…

So whether you’re tying the knot this August, or just need someplace to keep some of your stuff that’s safe, accessible, and easy-to-use, look no further than Moore self-storage!

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