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Self-Storage to the Rescue During Your End of Summer Housecleaning

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Self-Storage to the Rescue During Your End of Summer Housecleaning

Summer is drawing to a close, which means that it’s way past time for spring cleaning. But really, how many of us actually get to all the cleaning we were hoping to get do in spring, anyway? And everything always seems to get back into a mess again, no matter how much cleaning we do. Now that the kids are back in school and the days are getting shorter, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning out the basement, attic, or garage, putting sports equipment and other stuff into storage, and getting organized. Before we know it, the weather will turn cold and the holidays will be here. Speaking of, do you know where you put the Christmas tree and all the lights? How about the Halloween decorations?

The end of summer is a good time to think about cleaning and organizing before cold weather sets in and we’re all trapped in the house with all the stuff we didn’t find a place for earlier. Before cold weather hits, start going through your winter clothes looking for items you can donate or throw out. Track down holiday decorations, check to make sure that lights all work, and toss out anything that’s busted. The change of the seasons affects more than just linens, clothes, and decorations, too. Make some space in your kitchen for serving utensils and other dishes and cookware that you plan to use for holiday entertaining. You’ll be glad you took the time before bad weather and the holiday rush all set in.

Whatever you’re planning to clean out, clear up, organize, or declutter this summer, self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma can help! Did you know that self-storage is a great place to keep stuff that you only use once or twice a year? All those holiday decorations that are taking up space in your basement or garage could easily be cleared out and moved to a convenient storage unit, where they’d be easy to get to when the holiday season rolls around each year. Ditto stuff like camping gear, sports equipment, winter clothes, and those good dishes that you only bring out for big holiday dinners.

With kids going back to school and heading off to college, a lot of parents find themselves with empty nests at the end of summer. But, those empty nests are often still full of a lot of clutter. When kids leave home to go to college, they can’t take all their stuff, and they certainly don’t want you to get rid of any of it, but you may need the space, or just feel the need to clean up a little in their absence. Fortunately, self-storage in Moore makes a great solution to help keep all their stuff in good shape and in one place until they’re ready for it, while still keeping it from cluttering up your house in the meantime.

So whether you’re cleaning out your closets or doing a purge of your whole house, let self-storage in Moore help you to find a place for everything that needs a new home this summer!

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