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Self-Storage Tips to Help Answer All Your Storage Questions

tips for self storage in oklahoma

Self-Storage Tips to Help Answer All Your Storage Questions

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to rent a self-storage unit for yourself or your family. Maybe your kids are going off to college and you need someplace to store their stuff. Maybe your collection of tools has finally outgrown your garage—or maybe you just need someplace to keep your holiday decorations the rest of the year. Whatever the reason, when the time comes to pick out a self-storage unit, you’ll probably find yourself with a lot of questions. What kinds of things can you store in your self-storage unit? What size unit is right for you? What are the best ways to go about putting your belongings in the unit, or packing them into boxes?

Luckily, there are a lot of resources available that can help you find the answers to these and lots of other questions. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we regularly tweet helpful self-storage tips at the #SelfStorageTips hashtag. You can also check out the self-storage tips tag on our ‘blog for previous entries that cover topics from how to pack boxes for a move, to what to do when your hobby outgrows your home, or visit the Storage Tips page at the website of our Moore, OK location.

To get you started, here are a few basic self-storage tips that just about anyone new to self-storage can use:

  • When packing boxes, distribute weight as evenly as possible and ensure that the contents are packed tightly to help with lifting and to prevent contents from shifting around.
  • When filling your unit, keep aisles between items for easy access, and make sure to leave a little space (at least an inch) between the outside walls and your belongings, to let the air circulate.
  • Just like in a move, labeling boxes can be a lifesaver, and if you think you may have trouble remembering what is where, consider making a map and keeping it tacked to the wall near the front of your unit, so that you can find what you need quickly.
  • Make the best use of your unit’s space by stacking items to the ceiling, but make sure you stack heavy objects on the bottom, and that the items in the lower part of the stack can support the weight of the items above them. Also, make sure that your stacks are stable and won’t fall over easily.
  • Re-purpose stored items like old refrigerators, chests-of-drawers, and large trash cans by storing smaller items inside them. 

Those and other resources can help you answer just about any storage-related question that you may have. But if you’re still scratching your head, you can always call or come visit any of our convenient locations and ask one of our friendly staff. We’d be happy to help you out with everything from moving supplies and PENSKE truck rentals to picking the right storage unit for your needs.

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