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Online Self-Storage Auctions in Oklahoma

Welcome to the Storage ‘R’ Us Self-Storage Auctions page!

Have you ever watched TV shows like Storage Wars or Auction Hunters? It can be pretty fun to watch people trying to outbid one another on abandoned storage units and finding unexpected treasures hidden away in them. Do you know what’s even more fun? Bidding on Oklahoma self-storage auctions yourself! Want to get in on the action? Well, you’re in luck, because Storage ‘R’ Us has self-storage auctions in Oklahoma every few months, and you don’t even have to leave home to participate.

Imagine all the excitement of Oklahoma self-storage auctions at your fingertips! 

Now that Storage ‘R’ Us self-storage auctions are available online, you can benefit from a number of conveniences: You can see images of storage unit contents online and place well-informed bids. On auction day, you don’t have to worry about rushing to the self-storage facility location early in the morning or the hassle of signaling auctioneers when you want to bid. You can place bids on self-storage units from the comfort of your own home—regardless of the weather or driving conditions that day!

Ready to get started? Click the www.storageauctions.com link to go directly to the site and search for Storage ‘R’ Us online auctions near you by your Oklahoma zip code and desired radius. 

Why do we have self-storage auctions? With hundreds of self-storage units at our locations in LawtonDuncanMooreChickasha, Norman and Newcastle, Oklahoma, it’s inevitable that some people will abandon their storage units without claiming their stuff. When that happens, Storage ‘R’ Us has to auction the contents of the unit to make room for others to store their belongings. Fortunately, their loss is your gain, as you can visit our self-storage auctions, join in the fun, and maybe find a buried treasure or two.