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What To Do with All Your Stuff While You’re Stationed on a Base in Oklahoma

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What To Do with All Your Stuff While You’re Stationed on a Base in Oklahoma

Anybody who’s ever been in the military—or been in the immediate family of someone who has—knows that frequent moves are just a part of the job. Sometimes it’s for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and sometimes the arrangement is a little more temporary. Either way, military personnel don’t always get the luxury of staying in one place for very long.

What’s more, moves in the military don’t always happen with a lot of notice, and if you’re called up for duty, you may have to deploy without a lot of lead time. All of which means that military personnel often have a special need for reliable solutions to help keep all their belongings safe, sound, and easy to reach, wherever they are. If you’re stationed at one of the many bases in Oklahoma, military self-storage from an Oklahoma self-storage provider like Storage ‘R’ Us is a great solution!

Military personnel learn pretty quick to make do with what they have, and to be ready to travel light. There may not be room for everything that you need wherever you’re stationed, and you may not know for sure just how long you’re going to be there. And of course, if you’re being deployed overseas, it could be a while before you get back. In any event, you need a way to keep your belongings close to hand, without having them constantly under foot. Military self-storage lets you keep the things you need somewhere safe and out of the way, but where you can get to them easily when you need them, and they can provide long-term storage solutions for military personnel who are headed abroad.

Military self-storage in Oklahoma has been a solution for area military personnel for as long as self-storage in Oklahoma has been around, and with so many bases in and around our area, Storage ‘R’ Us feels that it’s our duty to help make sure that the brave men and women who protect and serve our country can feel secure that their belongings are kept someplace safe and reliable. We’re proud supporters of the U.S. Military, and we’ve even been honored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Patriotic Employer for our efforts to keep the jobs of service member-employees open when they’re stationed away from home.

As part of our dedication to the security of our customers’ belongings, we offer 24-hour digitally recorded video surveillance, computer controlled property access, and security lighting for our gated, fenced, and walled self-storage locations in Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, and Lawton. We know that while you’re working to defend our country—whether it’s at one of our Oklahoma military bases or abroad—you want to know that the things you’ve left behind are safe and sound. So don’t worry, we’ll take care of them for you.

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