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Summer Self Storage in Oklahoma for College Students

Summer Self Storage in Oklahoma

Summer Self Storage in Oklahoma for College Students

Whether you’re about to embark upon your first year of college or you just got your degree and are about the join the workforce, it seems there’s never enough space for all your stuff.

When you’re in college or newly graduated, things tend to get scattered between the dorm or your apartment and your parents’ place. Maybe your family wants to use the space you left behind for other pursuits. Meanwhile, you’re probably living in somewhat cramped quarters as you work your way through college or start your first job after graduation. Fortunately, self storage in Oklahoma can find a home away from home for everything that you don’t have room for, and we have some great summer self storage tips that can help!

Tips for Summer Self Storage in Oklahoma!

Have a Plan – Don’t go putting things into self storage willy-nilly. Know what you want to store and how best to store it. You can find plenty of tips online, or you can ask someone at your friendly Oklahoma self storage location. Once you have this figured out, you can find a unit that matches your needs. It also helps to have the stuff you need for proper storage, such as cardboard boxes or plastic totes, tape, markers, and so on.

Keep Only What You Want – Self storage in Oklahoma is an affordable alternative for your stuff, but there’s still no reason to pay to store things you don’t want to keep. Before you put anything into storage, go through it and throw out, sell, or donate anything that you don’t need or want anymore.

Use a Storage Calculator – Not sure how much space you’ll need? Not to worry! Most self storage locations offer online storage calculators that can give you a quick estimate of how much space you’ll need based on what you’re planning to store! Just input what you’ve got, and it’ll calculate what size unit you need.

Reserve Early – Once you’ve figured out how much space you need and where you want to store your belongings, don’t hesitate to reserve your spot, even if you’re not yet ready to move in. Summer is a busy time for a lot of industries, and self storage is no exception. Once you know what you want, lock it down so that it’s ready and waiting when you’re ready to move in.

Share the Load – In some ways, renting a storage unit can be a lot like renting an apartment or any other space. You shouldn’t try to live in your self storage unit, however. That’s illegal, not to mention uncomfortable. But like an apartment, self storage is cheaper if you have a “roommate.” In this case, that means someone to split costs with you and share the use of the space. In fact, many storage facilities will actually allow you to share the rental agreement, so that one of you doesn’t get stuck with the other’s portion if the worst should happen. Like a roommate, though, you should only split a self storage unit with someone you trust.

Keep it Cool – If you’re storing your stuff over the summer, keep in mind that it can get pretty hot and humid here in Oklahoma. The heat can do a number on certain kinds of belongings, including books, papers, artwork, clothes, wood furniture, electronics, and more. If you’re storing anything that can be damaged by extremes of temperature or humidity, it’s worth investing in climate controlled self storage. If you aren’t sure if your stuff needs protection from the heat, you can ask one of the helpful storage experts at Storage ‘R’ Us for advice.

How Much Self Storage Space Does a College Student Need?

Of course, like anything else in life, the answer varies from college student to college student.

Your average self storage facility in Oklahoma offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate just about any need, from units around the size of a walk-in closet to specialty vehicle storage and more.

If you’re a college student, odds are you’re dealing with stuff that came out of your dorm room or your bedroom back home, which means you’ll probably be looking at smaller units such as 5 x 10 or 10 x 10 units, both of which are among the more common storage unit sizes. These are available at just about any storage facility.

The smaller of these is roughly the size of a large closet, while the larger can probably hold the full contents of an average dorm room. Again, when in doubt, check with the experts at your Oklahoma self storage facility to see what size unit they recommend, or try out a storage calculator to figure out how much space you’ll need.

Who May Benefit from Oklahoma Self Storage?

Not sure if self storage is right for you? Ask yourself these questions: Are you sick of a cramped dorm room? Do you have a bunch of books or other off-season supplies that you’ve accumulated throughout the year? Are you planning to travel or even take a year off to study abroad? Are you pursuing a short-term internship or something else that’ll take you away from home this summer? Do you need someplace secure and close to campus to keep your belongings rather than storing them back home? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then self storage in Oklahoma might be just what you’re looking for!

Plus, with eight self storage locations across Oklahoma, there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us not only near you but right where you need it to be! We’re located close to the campuses of several local colleges, and college students are always welcome at any of our convenient facilities, whether they’re storing stuff for one summer or the next few years, and whether they’re just embarking on a college career or watching it draw to a close. We’re here to help, every step of the way!

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