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The 15 Surprising Benefits of Self Storage in Oklahoma

Benefits Self Storage Lawton, OKLA

The 15 Surprising Benefits of Self Storage in Oklahoma

Not yet convinced that self storage in Lawton is exactly what you need? Wondering about all the additional benefits of renting a storage space? We get it. There are so many things to consider in life and making one more decision can feel like a lot. As you look around the house at all the boxes, collections, old clothes, and unneeded furniture that’s collecting dust and taking up space, you might not realize all the different ways that putting it all in self storage can improve your life. We’ve gathered fifteen additional benefits of self storage for you to consider that just might surprise you!

Room to Breathe. You may not even realize how claustrophobic your living space is starting to feel until you’ve cleared everything out. If you’ve ever taken a deep, satisfied breath after just rearranging a room or putting some stuff in the closet, you can’t even imagine how great it will feel to get all that clutter into self storage.

Room to Move. Whether you’re staging your home for sale or getting your stuff ready for a big move, self storage can help with every step of the home-selling and home-buying process. Whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, moving across town or across the country, self storage helps reduce stress and will make your next move a breeze.

Room to Think. When we say “room to think,” we often actually mean time, but it turns out that having more physical room can help us think, too. Too much stuff can distract and overwhelm us, especially if we’re trying to work from home, cook, clean, or take care of the family in cluttered or poorly organized surroundings.

Peace of Mind. When things are out of sight, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re safe. Fortunately, self storage in Lawton offers all sorts of on-site security, from fenced and walled perimeters to 24/7 video monitoring.

The Opportunity to Pick Up a New Hobby. Whether you’re getting into knitting or mountain biking, every new hobby has stuff that comes along with it. Maybe finding room for all that stuff is what’s been keeping you from picking up that hobby you always wanted to try.

Retirement Made Easy. When all the kids have left home and you no longer have to clock in for the daily grind, you might be ready to downsize or even hit the road for an extended vacation in that new RV. In either event, self storage gives your belongings a home away from home while you’re off enjoying the good life.

Downsizing is a Breeze. As we mentioned, if you’re thinking about moving into a smaller place but don’t want to let go of all the things that mean so much to you—and all the memories that go with them—you can find a safe place for them with self storage in Lawton.

Travel is a Snap. These days, it’s so much easier to travel than it used to be, and so many of us need to do so for work, to visit family, or just to unwind. Whether you’re a seasonal traveler, someone who takes a lot of business trips, or just a person who has to hit Disney World at least once a year, self storage can help keep your stuff safe and sound while you’re away.

Protection from Extreme Weather. Most of the storage spaces we use around the home aren’t exactly climate controlled. Storing items in a basement, garage, or attic may be better than leaving stuff outside, but they can’t beat a climate-controlled storage unit. It’s also a good idea to get some insurance on anything valuable that you put in self storage, though, because sometimes the weather can turn very extreme, and even the best storage unit can only do so much in the event of a tornado, wildfire, or flood.

You Can Move with the Military. Life in the military brings with it plenty of challenges, and one of those is frequent relocations, often with relatively little notice. Whether you’re just heading to another station or deploying overseas, self storage in Lawton offers short-term and long-term options that can help make your next military move that much smoother.

Reduce College Student Clutter. Let’s face it, dorm rooms and college apartments don’t offer a lot of space. If you’re heading off to school, going abroad for the summer, or need a little extra room for all your stuff during the holidays while you’re staying with friends or relatives, you’ll find so many ways to take advantage of self storage without cluttering up Mom and Dad’s place.

Give Yourself a Dedicated Workspace. There are so many projects that you want to be working on, right? But there’s just no room around the house, and your garage is full of stuff. You might be surprised that you can use a self storage unit to store your tools or even work on that project that you’ve been putting off—all without cluttering up the house!

You Can Go “Full Griswold” This Holiday Season. Do you want to turn your yard into a haunted cemetery this Halloween? Can’t get enough of those giant, inflatable Christmas decorations? Whatever you want to use to blow away the neighbors this holiday season, self storage in Lawton can keep it out of the way until it’s ready to go!

A Place for You to Prep. Do you wanna be ready when the zombie apocalypse happens? Whatever you’re stocking up for, you can keep everything from freeze-dried food to canned goods, camping gear, and emergency equipment out of the way (and out from under foot) in self storage.

Helps Manage Change. Change is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Whether you’re moving to a new place, renovating the old one, adding to the family, or watching one of its members leave the nest, self storage can help you weather the change in a way that reduces stress and frees you up to enjoy the memories.

These are just a few of the less obvious ways that self storage in Lawton can help improve your life today. Whether you’re planning a move, starting a new project, or just need a little extra room around the house, Storage ‘R’ Us has the perfect storage solution for you! Just call us today, or come visit one of our convenient self storage locations in Lawton, Duncan, Chickasha, Moore, Newcastle, and Norman.

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