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How Efficient are Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units?

Climate-controlled self storage in Oklahoma has been around for decades. By now, most renters know that it’s the most efficient way to store items that may not respond well to drastic changes in temperatures. Here in Oklahoma, we often experience temperatures that dive below freezing in the winter or reach the triple digits during the hot summer months, along with drastic shifts in humidity. But how efficient are climate-controlled storage units in how they actually keep items safe from the changing seasons?

A climate-controlled self storage unit works a lot like your own home HVAC system. The most efficient of these units will maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels using a humidistat and thermostat. This way, temperature and humidity are always kept within a fixed range, regardless of what the weather does outside. This, in turn, offers plenty of benefits to renters and their belongings.

Let’s face it, Oklahoma is known for wild temperature swings. Our summers are hot and humid, while winters can be dry and bitterly cold. That’s bad for all sorts of items that can warp, mold, or otherwise degrade when exposed to extremes of heat, cold, or humidity. Wood furniture can contract and crack over time; photos may peel or curl; stored electronics may develop condensation, which can lead to circuit damage and other problems. Fortunately, climate-controlled self storage helps protect against all of that and more!

Unlike external storage units, climate-controlled self storage units in Oklahoma are housed inside a building, which provides an extra layer of insulation as protection from the elements. The temperature is set to around 80-85 degrees in the summer and around 65 in the winter so your storage unit is never too hot or too cold.

Insulated construction helps to boost energy efficiency, ensuring that the units maintain the temperature they need while minimizing energy loss. The same HVAC system that heats or cools the units helps to provide a consistent humidity and also circulates and filters the air, which has the added benefit of reducing the amount of dust that gets on your stuff.

Climate-controlled self storage units also protect your stored items from insects and other pests. Because the units are all internal, there are fewer chances for insects to get in from outside, and the controlled humidity means less moisture and a lower chance for insects to replicate.

While climate-controlled self storage units come in all shapes and sizes, just like external units, they all share these basic components, and they’re all much more efficient at protecting your most fragile or cherished belongings from the elements.

They often have swing doors as opposed to the roll-up doors that you may be familiar with on exterior units. Some have electricity inside and some may have carpeting, but whatever their unique characteristics, they’re all a perfect place for anything that you want to store that needs an extra layer or protection against heat, humidity, and cold.

If you have something you’d like to store in a place that’s protected from the heat of an Oklahoma summer or the frigid cold of an Oklahoma winter, why not try climate-controlled self storage in Oklahoma from Storage ‘R’ Us? We think that once you do, you won’t ever want to go back.

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