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SIX Basic Self-Storage Tips for New Parents

Got a new bundle of joy on the way? Congratulations! If you’re the proud parents of a new baby, you’ll find your life changing a lot, whether this is your first child or your fifth. One thing that you can never have enough of with a new baby in the house is space. Fortunately, public storage in Oklahoma can help you make that space, regardless of the size of your home.

Being a new parent means a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of busy days. Luckily, it has never been easier to rent self storage space than it is today. You can even rent online and set up automatic recurring payments that make things easy and stress-free!

Here are some tips to help you get started making a little extra room for your family’s new addition:

1. Choose a self storage unit that meets your needs. You’ll need to think about the basics, such as whether you need a big unit for lots of stuff or a smaller unit for less of it. You’ll also need to consider other factors: Will you need climate-controlled storage for items that can be damaged by environmental extremes? Do you require drive-up access for easy loading and unloading?

2. Carefully select what stays and what goes. Babies bring with them lots of stuff: toys, diaper bags, baby furniture. To help make room for all that stuff, you may want to get rid of some things. Whether that means placing them in Oklahoma public storage or selling or donating them, you should still choose carefully when it comes to what stays and what goes. Think about how often you actually use something and how much you’re likely to use it once the new baby is here.

3. Choose the right container for everything. If small things are going into self storage, they should all go together into a box. Cardboard boxes work, but you should always use new boxes instead of old ones that may be worn or likely to give way. For some items, airtight plastic crates can be even better. You can find moving and packing supplies at Storage ‘R’ Us. Whatever you pack things in, make sure you put the heaviest stuff on the bottom and place containers in your storage unit so that the ones you need to access most frequently are the easiest to get to.

4. Stage stored stuff for easy access. As we were saying, just because you put stuff into storage doesn’t mean you’re never going to get into it. As you’re putting things away, think about how and when you might need to access them again, and store accordingly. Always label all your boxes and keep like items together. And don’t forget to make an aisle so that you can move through your unit safely when you need something.

5. Realize that storage unit contents will rotate. What you put in there today won’t necessarily be what’s in there in six months or a year. Babies grow fast, and as their needs change, you’ll need to store and access different items.

6. Plan to store outgrown clothes and toys. Remember those large plastic bins we mentioned before? They’re perfect for this. Put labels on them showing at what stage in your child’s development they were used. You may want to hang onto some of them as keepsakes, keep some of them for your next kid, or donate the rest to friends, family, or charity.

Whether you need to make some space for your family’s newest member or just want to de-clutter your home, public storage in Oklahoma from Storage ‘R’ Us has lots of options to help you make the most of your space!