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Self Storage In Duncan Oklahoma Has Evolved Over The Years

Self-storage in Duncan, Oklahoma has evolved over the years. Long gone are the days when a self-storage unit was little more than a locker with a padlock behind a chain-link fence on somebody’s back forty lot. Back in those early self-storage days, you’d be lucky to see a light on at the main gate when you drove up. And, given that most of the early self-storage facilities were built on the outskirts of the city, it got pretty dark after hours. Fortunately, the advent of modern, feature-rich self-storage facilities—such as Storage ‘R’ Us on Highway 81—ushered in a new era in self-storage.

Today, self-storage in Duncan is as much about customer service as it is about storing your belongings. Did you know that you can reserve a self-storage unit online? (Visit the self-storage in Duncan page of the Storage ‘R’ Us website and click the “Reserve Now” button to get started.) All you have to do is fill out some basic contact information and choose the size of the self-storage unit that best fits your storage needs, and you’re well on your way to having a self-storage unit of your own (and a clean garage as well).

Another feature of the modern self-storage facility—and a great benefit to customers—is the addition of both moving supplies and access to moving equipment. Let’s face it, nobody wants their move into a self-storage facility to be a hassle. At Storage ‘R’ Us in Duncan, we know that most of our renters are planning a move around the time that they decide to rent a unit, so we decided to make the move-in process as easy as we could. We have boxes and moving supplies on site, including packing supplies and plenty of tape! We also offer FREE use of storage carts while you’re on-site.

Need a rental car or truck on moving day? No problem! At Storage ‘R’ Us in Duncan, we’d like to think that we have all the bases covered when it comes to helping our renters move their belongings or move their homes! As such, we’ve gone to great lengths to become an authorized PENSKE truck rental site, so feel free to click on the PENSKE logo button on our self-storage website and learn more about how you can go about renting a moving truck when you need one.

What else about self-storage in Duncan shows how the industry has evolved over the decades? Think high-tech! At our Duncan self-storage facility on Highway 81, we have a fenced and walled perimeter with electronic gate access (Mon to Sun: 6am to 9pm), and digital video surveillance throughout the property. We have these security measures in place because we know that your belongings are valuable to you and your business or family. Of course, there’s always reason to buy renter’s insurance. We wrote an article about that very subject not too long ago—it’s worth a read!

Lastly, we know that self-storage means more than a few dozen boxes of clothes and books and baby toys that you want to put up for a time. Self-storage today also means parking for your RV or boat or cars. At Storage ‘R’ Us in Duncan, we have that too, so feel free to park your RV or fishing boat on our lot and get it out of your driveway.

Storage ‘R’ Us has been in the self-storage business in Duncan, Oklahoma since 1999. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of Duncan-area residents solve short and long-term self-storage problems with a variety of secure units at our modern facility. Right now, customers looking for something as simple as a self-storage unit in which they can keep their off-season belongings can rest assured that Storage ‘R’ Us has a solution that’s tailored to their needs.

If you’re looking for a long-term or short-term self-storage facility in Duncan, Oklahoma, feel free to stop by our Storage ‘R’ Us location on Highway 81 and see what our self-storage solutions can do for you, your business, or your family! One of our Duncan self-storage experts will be happy to recommend a self-storage unit that affords you the kind of storage you require.