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Top EIGHT Security Tips for Your Stored Stuff

Security has been an important part of self storage for as long as the industry has been around. After all, who would want to store their stuff if they didn’t know that it would be safely waiting for them when they needed it again?

The best self storage facilities are always looking for ways to increase security and ensure that customers can expect their belongings to be safe and sound. Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we’re big believers in security, and we’ve recently added a new security option for our renters in the form of new self storage smart units. But there are also lots of things that you can do to help keep your items safe in self storage!

  1. Invest in a Good Quality Padlock. Most Oklahoma self storage facilities let you choose the lock for your unit’s door. Don’t just grab the cheapest lock available. Look for something solid and reliable that will stand up against bolt cutters.
  2. Keep a Record of What You Have in Storage. Not only is this a good security measure, it makes your storage unit a lot more useful! Make a list of everything that you have in storage. Know where it’s located within your unit. Mark boxes well. Some renters find it helpful to use apps for tracking what’s in boxes or even creating scannable barcodes, while others make maps of their unit’s contents.
  3. Ask About Video Surveillance. The best self storage facilities should offer 24/7 video surveillance of the premises. This does more than keep an eye on the area; the presence of cameras can even deter would-be thieves. Plus, if a crime is committed, video surveillance makes it easy to review footage after the fact.
  4. Good Lighting is Essential. Think about it: If you want to get into your storage unit at night, which is especially likely during the cold winter months when it gets dark early, you’ll want plenty of bright light around the facility. What’s more, good lighting deters thieves by making everything visible.
  5. Gated Access Prevents Unauthorized Access. You want to be able to get to your stuff any time, day or night. But you don’t want unauthorized people wandering around the place. The solution is gated access, which grants entry to tenants and keeps out everyone else when the facility isn’t open.
  6. On-Site Management Keeps an Eye Out. Good management is worth a lot. They answer questions, provide expertise, and help you out when you’re on-site. But they also help to keep an eye on your stuff when you’re not around. Before you choose a self storage unit, chat with the managers at your facility, learn when they’re on-site, and find facilities where you feel comfortable.
  7. Get Storage Insurance. No matter how well-protected your stuff is, there are events that no amount of security can prevent. In the event of a natural disaster, having your stuff insured can help keep you protected, even if your belongings are lost.
  8. Ask About Smart Units. “Smart units” are the latest in self storage security technology, providing an additional level of assurance. A “smart unit” has a monitor that sends a text alert to your phone when it detects motion inside your unit. We’ve recently rolled out “smart units” at several of our self storage locations in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, and Newcastle, with other locations on the way!

At Storage ‘R’ Us, the safety and security of your stored belongings is one of our top priorities, and we offer a range of security features to help give you peace of mind. Visit one of our Oklahoma self storage locations in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, Chickasha, Newcastle, or Norman today and ask about security, storage insurance, or “smart units,” or reserve your self storage unit online.

It’s not officially winter quite yet, but we’ve already had some pretty wintry weather here in Oklahoma, and there’s more on the way. By now, you’ve probably already started preparing your home and yard for inclement weather. After all, we get our fair share of it here in Lawton: freezing rain, plummeting temperatures, snow and ice. It can all take a toll on the things we own. Fortunately, self storage in Lawton can keep your outside items cozy and safe during the harsh winter months. Here are a few items you should consider storing for the winter:

Patio Furniture. Even if your furniture says that it’s “all weather” or “all season,” it probably wasn’t built to withstand the kind of punishment that an Oklahoma winter can throw at it. A little rain or snow is one thing, but sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain can do a number on outdoor furniture. Because your patio furniture may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace, you’ll be saving yourself a bundle by keeping it out of harm’s way in self storage over the winter.

BBQ Grills and Smokers. If you’re serious about the Oklahoma tradition of grilling and smoking, you’ve probably already invested in a waterproof cover for your BBQ grill. That’s a good start, but it doesn’t protect your investment against moisture from below. To completely protect your grill from the elements, bring it down to Storage ‘R’ Us. After all, that gas grill probably set you back around $500. May as well keep it safe.

Mowers and Garden Supplies. These are probably kept in the garage—or a garden shed, if you’re lucky enough to have one—so they aren’t as likely to be exposed to the elements as some of the other things on this list. But garage space comes at a premium, especially in the cold winter months. If you’d rather be parking your car in there, why not bring those mowers, leaf blowers, and gardening supplies to self storage instead?

Pool Supplies. You’re not going to be using that backyard pool during the cold winter months, but you’ll need someplace to keep all those pool supplies. The pool itself should be drained and covered or packed away to avoid ice damage, something that could result in thousands of dollars of repairs. All your other pool supplies can go into self storage in Lawton.

Boats and Recreational Vehicles. The average cost to maintain a boat is already around $350 per month. There’s no need to pay even more to repair damage caused by snow and ice. A cover can help keep your boat, jet ski, or ATV safe from mild weather, but if moisture gets under it and freezes, you could find yourself with all kinds of damage. Better to turn to vehicle storage during the off season.

Whatever you’re storing this winter, we’ve got a home away from home for it at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Lawton, Duncan, Newcastle, Norman, Moore, and Chickasha. Just come see us at any of our convenient locations, and we’ll be happy to help you find the self storage solution that’s perfect for you!

No matter how small or simple they may be, all businesses need space. From an Etsy seller hawking crafts online to a manufacturing hub supplying an entire industry all over the map, businesses of all types have inventory, equipment, and supplies that need to be stored somewhere.

Sure, you can keep them at “the office”—whether that’s your home office or some commercial real estate that you rent or own—but space at home and at the office sometimes comes at a premium. If you’re looking for a little extra space for your business, look to self storage in Lawton first. Here’s why:

  1. Self Storage is a Benefit to ANY Business – Big or small, straightforward or complicated, businesses of all types can benefit from self storage in Lawton. Some types of businesses that can benefit are obvious. For example, construction, landscaping, and other contract businesses can store tools and supplies and even take advantage of vehicle storage for work trucks and equipment. But every type of business has stuff, and that stuff can always find a home away from home in self storage. Even e-commerce businesses and restaurants have inventory, supplies, and furniture to store!
  2. Self Storage Units are Cheaper than Warehouse Space – When it comes to storing business supplies, inventory, equipment, office furniture, and more, many businesses think of commercial warehouse space first. However, warehouses can be as small as the size of a room or as large as an entire building. Maybe your business doesn’t need that much space. Even if it does, a commercial warehouse usually costs more per square foot than self storage, because your money goes toward maintaining that whole building. Instead of paying for that, you could put that money toward advertising and growing your company.
  3. Speaking of Growth, Self Storage is Scalable – Rather than renting out a whole warehouse, you simply start with the smallest self storage space you think you’ll need. You can always add more space or scale your space down in the future. Plus, if your business is growing or moving to a new location, self storage is a great way to house stuff during the transition. Some businesses have different storage needs at different times of year or during different years. Speaking of that:
  4. There are No Long-term Contracts with Self Storage – Renting warehouse space (let alone commercial office space) can often come with a lengthy contract period. Break your contract, and you’re out a significant amount of money. With a month-to-month self storage lease, however, you can upgrade or downgrade your self storage space at any time with no penalty!
  5. Self Storage is Secure – Self storage units are locked (bring your own padlocks or buy them from us), and gate access to the entire facility is restricted to those who have the access code. The premises are protected by gates, fences, walls, 24/7 video surveillance, and on-site managers, to name just a few of the security measures that help keep your stuff safe in self storage. It’s much better than shared warehouse space, that’s for sure.
  6. Self Storage Affords You More Access – All that security also grants you more access. With warehouse storage, you may have to call ahead to get your stuff. But thanks to 24/7 gate access, your self storage units are always available to you, day or night. You may not be using that piece of office equipment right now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring? You never know when you might need that old file.
  7. You Can Shop Around for Self Storage – When you get right down to it, there aren’t too many commercial warehouse spaces for rent in a given area. But there are quite a few self storage facilities close by. Of course, we’d love to have your business at any of our eight Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Oklahoma, but with self storage, you’re free to shop around and find the storage space that’s the perfect fit for your business!
  8. Self Storage Offers Your Business More Help – Sure, you can get to your stuff in self storage 24/7 without ever talking to a soul, but when you do need help, self storage also offers friendly on-site staff and management who can answer all your questions. Plus, we sell packing and storage supplies, and we have trucks and dollies available for your use.
  9. Self Storage is Climate Controlled – Well, it can be, anyway. If you’re storing office equipment or paperwork that may be susceptible to high or low humidity or changes in temperature from one season to the next, climate controlled self storage can help keep it all safe and sound. After all, here in Oklahoma, the weather sure does change. Even if warehouse space is air conditioned, that’s a lot of space to regulate, and temperatures within such a big open area can fluctuate quite a bit.
  10. Self Storage Offers Peace of Mind – When you put your business supplies, inventory, or paperwork in self storage, we’ll work to keep it as safe as we can. For real peace of mind, it’s a good idea to make sure that your stored assets are insured in the event of tornados, floods, or other natural disasters. Fortunately, the friendly staff at your local self storage facility can help with that. 

If your business has just outgrown its current digs or if you just need a little extra space for old files, inventory, or supplies, consider self storage before you go shopping for warehouse space. No business is too small to benefit from a little extra space. If you sell Mary Kay or other products from your home, you can store excess inventory. If you do online fulfillment, you can pack stuff for shipment right in your storage unit. If you plow driveways in the winter, vehicle storage may come in handy.

Whatever your business, we’ve got the storage solutions you need at one of our eight locations across Oklahoma. Storage ‘R’ Us got our start offering self storage in Lawton, and we’ve since expanded to locations in Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman. We’re a local company with roots in the community, and we love helping local businesses grow and thrive in Oklahoma!

Every day, around 10,000 Baby Boomers hit the age of 65. That’s a lot of people, many of whom are looking to downsize their lifestyle, simplify their lives, and just enjoy more with less hassle. Downsizing helps save significant amounts of money, as well. Letting go of a larger home with larger utility bills, upkeep costs, taxes, and so on can really help the retirement fund. Of course, when it comes to downsizing, there’s always the question of what to do with all that stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Fortunately, that’s where self storage in Lawton comes in!

If you’re moving away from Lawton, Oklahoma to be closer to family (or farther away from them!) or just because you always wanted to live in Florida or California or New England, we’re sorry to see you go, but we wish you well! If you’re moving to the Lawton area, we’re happy to welcome you to our community! Storage ‘R’ Us has been a part of the Lawton business community since 1972, and our family has lived here even longer than that, so we can vouch that it’s a great place to live. Whether you’re moving to Lawton or away from us, there’s a lot that goes into downsizing your lifestyle. First things first:

Begin the Decluttering Process Early.

There are plenty of books, articles, TV shows, and YouTube videos on the subject of decluttering and downsizing your home, so you can find the one that works for you. To make your downsizing go as smoothly as the ones portrayed on those shows or in those books, however, you need a game plan before you start. Find a process that works for you, make a game plan, and then get started!

Handy Downsizing Tip: If you have heirlooms or other belongings that you’re planning to leave to your children or grandchildren, consider giving them as gifts today instead. That way you get to see your family enjoy them, and you’ll have one less thing you have to move, dust, or otherwise worry about.

Keep Only What Matters to YOU.

If you’ve been following organizing consultant Marie Kondo in her books or on her popular Netflix show, you know that she recommends keeping only items that “spark joy.” This means that anywhere from 30-70% of your stuff can go to a garage sale, Goodwill, the church, eBay, Craigslist, and so on. Chances are, you also have a lot of stuff in the basement or attic that belongs to your kids or other extended family members. Remind them that your home isn’t a warehouse and give them a deadline. Remind them that if they don’t have space for it in their own homes, self storage in Lawton can help!

Handy Downsizing Tip: When you’re downsizing, think about the rooms you won’t have in your new place. A smaller house may have fewer bedrooms, and may not have an office, a garage, or an attic. Look at what is in those rooms now and decide whether you really need it after you move.

Find a New Place to Call Home.

Before you know what you’re going to need in your new home, you need to know where you’re planning to live. Are you hoping to rent or buy a smaller home or condominium? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a senior living community? Will you be living with one of your children, another family member, or a friend, or are you moving into an assisted living facility or retirement community? All of these living arrangements will bring different variables to the downsizing process. If you’re moving into a smaller home of your own rather than moving in with friends or family, you’ll need to hang onto more of your utility items, such as kitchen utensils.

Get Help When You Need It.

It’s important to ask for help when you need it—not just during the planning and decluttering stages, but throughout every step of the process. Your kids, family, friends, neighbors, church members, and even the staff at your friendly neighborhood Lawton self storage facility will be happy to help. Just be sure that you only ask for help from people you know that you can trust. If your family or close friends aren’t around or available, the managers and staff at Storage ‘R’ Us are always happy to help folks pack, move, and store their belongings. And with three convenient locations in Lawton, as well as others in surrounding communities, there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us near you!

Handy Downsizing Tip: There are even folks who call themselves “senior move managers” that you can hire to help you with all the details. They’ll contribute as much or as little help as you need. Not sure where to start? The National Association of Senior Move Managers has lots of member companies and can help you find one near you!

Self Storage in Lawton for the Overflow.

Just because you don’t always have room for everything in your new place doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready to let it go just yet. Maybe you’re trying out the “six-month test.” What’s that? If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to part with something, put it someplace out of the way—such as Lawton self storage—for six months to see if you miss it. If you decide to hang on to it for good but don’t have enough space in your new home, go ahead and keep it in Lawton self storage along with all of your other overflow, from seasonal decorations to your mother’s dining room furniture that you simply can’t part with and none of your kids can use.

With different-sized storage units and climate-controlled self storage in Lawton, Storage ‘R’ Us offers all the self storage options you need, not to mention some of the friendliest managers and staff around. With three convenient self storage locations in Lawton, we’re eager to help you move into your new home or simply find a home away from home for some of your most treasured belongings.

Every new year begins with such promise and so many opportunities to try new things, change bad habits or form good ones, and improve our lives. But it can be difficult to get started when you’re faced with a lot of clutter in your way or a lack of space in which to stretch and grow. That’s where self storage in Lawton comes in handy, helping you to declutter your life, find new opportunities, and stick with those New Year’s resolutions!

Recover from the Holidays. The holidays are a time of family, friends, togetherness, and fun, but let’s face it, the holidays can also be exhausting. Recovering from them doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve still got holiday decorations that need to be put away such as Christmas lights, those huge inflatable lawn decorations, or even the tree itself, you can find room for them in Lawton self storage. You can keep them safe until next year without cluttering up your attic or garage. You’ll find you have even more space for all those new presents you got this year!

Get in Better Shape. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, get in better shape, start that new diet, or hit the gym. Of course, one of the reasons that’s a perennial New Year’s favorite is that it can be a tough resolution to stick to. After all, there’s a reason you stopped going to the gym in the first place, right? It’s hard to find time to drive over and work out in the midst of everything else you have to do. Plus, those monthly gym dues aren’t cheap. Maybe it’s time to try a home gym, instead! Don’t think you have the space for some weights and an exercise bike around the house? Lawton self storage can help you clear out that spare room so you can set up a home gym in no time!

Unplug the Whole Family this Summer. Maybe this is finally the year that you drastically reduce the amount of time you and your family spend in front of screens. Take those flat-screen TVs, tablets, and gaming systems and put them all into self storage so that you and the family can focus on spending some quality time together. Visit the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Sequoia National Park, or any of this country’s other scenic attractions. Go camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, you name it! Just be sure that you’re putting your electronics into climate-controlled self storage in Lawton, because the kind of extreme temperature shifts that we experience here in Oklahoma can ruin those flat screens and tablets in a hurry.

Complete that Home Repair or Remodel Project. Do your New Year’s resolutions include finally getting that home repair or remodel off the ground? One of the problems with fixing up the place is not knowing what to do with everything while you’re doing the work. You don’t want to get paint or dust all over your couch, after all, and if you’re planning on buying a new bedroom set, what do you do with the old one in the meantime? Self storage in Lawton can help with all of that; just remember to invest in climate-controlled self storage if you’re storing furniture that can be damaged by changes in humidity.

Make that Move to a New Home. Are you moving to a new home this year? Whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, there are a lot of ways that self storage in Lawton can help make your next move easier. Staging a home for sale takes a lot of work, and if you haven’t moved out yet, it can be tricky to find a place to put everything. Self storage to the rescue! Plus, if you’re moving into a smaller place or simply want to use your move as an opportunity to declutter your living space, self storage can help keep your items safe and accessible while also keeping them out of your hair.

De-Clutter the Home Office. It is a known fact that clutter decreases productivity. You may insist that there’s a system to all your home office clutter, but those piles of documents, end-of-year financials, old tax records, stress-relieving knick-knacks that you got as Christmas presents over the years, and everything else in your office is a drain on your productivity and an invitation to procrastinate. Sure, you could get to work, or you could finally rearrange that pile of paperwork in the inbox. If it’s time to cut down on the clutter and up your productivity, you can find the perfect home office storage you need with self storage in Lawton.

Get Started with that New Hobby. If you resolved to finally start a new hobby in the new year, you may find that hobbies take up space. Many popular hobbies include jewelry making, scrapbooking, or learning to play an instrument. All of those come with supplies and materials and require a space to work on them, and not everyone has enough space around the house to store all the ephemera that comes with a new hobby. Fortunately, climate-controlled self storage in Lawton is great for scrapbooking and crafting supplies, musical instruments, or whatever else your hobby entails!

Hold a Garage Sale. While we’re in the grip of cold weather in Oklahoma, it can be tough to think about spring, but before you know it, garage sale season will be upon us once again. If you’re decluttering your home during the cold months and need someplace to store all those unwanted items until it’s time for the big sale, look no further than self storage in Lawton! You can even share a storage space with a few family members, friends, or neighbors to get the most out of your garage sale prep!

Whatever your plans for the year, self storage in Lawton can help you find a perfect solution! Storage ‘R’ Us has been serving the community since 1972, and our friendly self storage experts have all kinds of suggestions for creative ways that you can use your self storage space to meet your goals this year! Contact us today or stop by one of our convenient self storage locations to get started!

Depending on how you do your math, there are more than 80 million Millennials (here defined as those who were born between 1981 and 1996) in America right now. They’re in the workforce, graduating from college, buying things, and, of course, many of them own homes. In fact, around 35% of Millennials own their own homes already, and millions of others are just entering the years of peak household formation. What does that mean? Among other things, it means that Millennials need storage space.

After all, home ownership comes with clutter. No matter how big your house is, it probably isn’t big enough to keep all your stuff, and it’s definitely not big enough to store things the way you want to store them. That’s why self storage in Lawton from Storage ‘R’ Us offers self storage solutions that suit your needs, so that you can store your stuff how you want to store it. 

Help with the clutter. Let’s face it, clutter is stressful. While the big movement toward decluttering may be relatively new, people of every generation have come to the conclusion that having too much stuff lying around detracts from your enjoyment of life, rather than adding to it. Many people have even taken the minimalist movement a step farther and embraced life in tiny houses, where storage space is really at a premium.

But even if you just want to cut down on clutter in your living space, self storage in Lawton can help immensely. After all, just because you don’t have room for something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to let it go, especially if it’s something with sentimental value or something that was handed down in your family.

Keep your options open. These days, we’re accustomed to having a lot of choices about where we shop, what we buy, and so on. When it comes to self storage, that means more than just choices about location; it means options in how you pay, what kind of security you can expect, and the storage solution that you choose. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we’ve got self storage options to fit all your needs, and you can do whatever suits your lifestyle and budget: pay online, put a card on file, or pay in advance.

Ultimately, when you put your stuff into self storage in Lawton, you expect convenience, security, and peace of mind. Storage ‘R’ Us has all of the above. With three convenient locations in Lawton—not to mention other locations throughout Oklahoma—there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us location that’s close to you. All of our locations offer the security and ease-of-use that you demand.

Available 24/7. Part of keeping your options open means being able to get to your stuff when you need it. After all, Millennials are more mobile than any previous generation. They’re used to doing things on the go, including changing jobs more frequently than previous generations and moving more often to be closer to their work or families or simply to find better or more affordable housing. In fact, Millennials experience these kinds of major life transitions approximately three times more frequently than Baby Boomers or Gen Xers. And of course, these days, everyone is used to being online and on the go day or night.

Part of being mobile means having your stuff available to you when you need it. That’s why self storage in Lawton from Storage ‘R’ Us has gated access that puts your stuff at your fingertips 24/7, while still providing the security you need to sleep well at night (or whenever you sleep). We can also provide staging space that can help you with a move, keeping your belongings safe and out of the way while you stage or sell your house or until you’re ready to move into the new place.

Online Services. Of course, at Storage ‘R’ Us, we would love to see you in the office, but we also know that, like many people today, you may prefer to do your research online, check our reviews, visit the mobile version of our website, use our online self storage calculator tool to figure out how much space you need, get in touch through social media (we just added a new Instagram account!), learn how to make the most of your self storage experience by reading our monthly blog, and even check rates and reserve your rental online! With Storage ‘R’ Us, you can do just about everything this side of actually moving in right from the palm of your hand.

On-site experts. When it is time to move in, help is available at any of our Lawton self storage locations. Whether you come by our original location on East Gore Blvd or visit our locations on Rogers Lane or NW Cache Road, you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable staff who’re happy to answer your questions, supply you with time- and labor-saving tips and tricks, and walk you through ANY aspect of your self storage experience. You can even strike up a conversation with us through social media any time!

Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions. We get it. Money is tight. You need every dime that you get, and there’s no reason to spend it when you could be putting it into savings. That’s why Storage ‘R’ Us offers plenty of options, so that you only pay for the self storage solutions that you need.

We already talked about our online self storage calculator, which can help make sure that you rent only as much space as you need. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if you need more room down the road, it’ll be here waiting for you. If you need climate controlled self storage, we’ve got that, too, along with packing and moving supplies and just about everything else that you might need for your next move.

We’ve been in the self storage business since 1972, which means that we’ve spent the better part of the last five decades refining and improving our self storage facilities and processes. We know what works and what doesn’t, but more than anything else, we want to know what works for you.

From Millennials to Baby Boomers and beyond, at Storage ‘R’ Us, we know that all of our customers have specific needs and ways they want to store their stuff. We’re here to satisfy those needs and help you find the self storage solution that’s perfect for you.

At one time or another, we have all wished that we had just a little more space. Even those of us who live in big houses typically find that we always want a little more room. Fortunately, it’s easy to make room in a house of any size with a little help from self storage in Lawton!

Self storage can provide a home away from home for those boxes, seasonal items, extra clothes, sporting equipment, hunting gear, and everything else that is taking up space in your house. Climate-controlled self storage in Lawton is the perfect way to store family photo albums, artwork, antique furniture, and other items that need to be protected from extremes of heat, cold, or humidity. And just think of all the things you could do if you freed up all that space in your house.

The man cave or media room. Who hasn’t fantasized about having a space that’s set aside for serious fun? It could be the home theater or game room that you’ve always wanted, your very own billiard hall or video arcade, or a place to entertain outside the living room or dining room, where the football game could be blasting from the big-screen TV while all your best buds crowd around the bar in the corner! The first step is finding the space, and self storage can help you get started!

The home gym. Planning a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape? Most of us could probably stand to work out a little more often, but nobody likes to make the trek to the gym every day, especially when the weather is bad! How much easier would it be to meet your personal health and fitness goals if you could pump a little iron in the comfort of your own home? All you need is room for a treadmill or two, a weight bench, a rack of free weights, and maybe a heavy bag. If that’s not your thing, you could always free up some space for a yoga studio or a place to practice tai chi or martial arts!

The craft room. Whether you’re a dedicated scrapbooker or a dilettante artist, everyone has a creative side. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a studio space, complete with paints and crafting items galore? You could set up a sewing room, a place to knit, or an area to make homemade jewelry, candles, or whatever else you like to sell on Etsy or eBay. And you’ll have a spot to store all your crafting supplies. Whatever your artistic bent, your very own crafting space might be just one self storage unit away!

The home office. If you’re a small-business owner, the home office is more than just a place to keep the PC and the printer; it’s the hub of your business. Even if you’ve previously had an office outside the home, there are plenty of good reasons to move back in, especially if, say, you have a college student vacating his or her room for the next four years. A home office puts your work at your fingertips and keeps all your documents and other paperwork where you need it most. Whatever kind of business you run, think about the money (and hassle) you could save by having an office right in your own home. You can invest those savings right back into your business! Self storage in Lawton could be just the ticket!

The guest room. The holidays are a time when people tend to travel from all over to visit family and friends. If you’ve always planned to have a spare bedroom in the house where guests could stay, maybe this is the year you finally make it happen. Whether it’s family staying over for the holiday season or your old college roommate or sorority sister dropping by for an extended visit, having a guest room in your house provides new opportunities to reconnect and open your doors to old friends and family members!

The music room. For the musical among us, having a dedicated room to practice and store the musical instruments and accessories that we tend to collect can be a lifesaver. Sure, pianos and drums take up a lot of space, but even if you play the guitar or the violin, you’ll probably need music stands, carrying cases, and, of course, books about music theory and song tablature. And if your kids are the ones who are learning clarinet, trombone, or violin, a nice, quiet practice room might help save a little bit of your sanity.

Other great ideas might include a game room if you like tabletop games or video games, a personal library, a HUGE wardrobe, a playroom for the kids, a photography studio, a room for a visiting foreign exchange student, and anything else you can imagine. Ultimately, it’s your house and your space, so you can do anything with it that you set your mind to. The first thing you have to do, though, is find the space to begin with, and that’s where Lawton self storage can help!

Your home is your castle, so why not make the most of it? Rather than letting your home be dominated by clutter or held hostage by things that you need to keep but rarely use, transform your space into something that speaks to your personal interests, satisfies your artistic nature, or simply shows visitors and guests who you really are. Reclaim your space and live your best life with a little help from self storage today!

From RV and other specialty vehicle storage to climate-controlled self storage in Lawton, Storage ‘R’ Us has the solutions that can help you take back your space and take control of your life today, tomorrow, and beyond. If you’re not sure how our self storage solutions can help make your dreams come true, just ask one of our friendly storage experts, and we’ll help you find the solution that’s perfect for you! We have locations in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, Newcastle, and Chickasha.

We all have them: treasured belongings that we just can’t let go of, no matter what. Sometimes they are genuine valuables—antiques, art pieces, stamps or coins. Other times, they’re objects with sentimental value. While the odds of an art collector paying a fortune for the ashtray your youngest made you in arts and crafts are pretty low, it is still priceless to you. Some of these sentimental items have places of honor in our homes, but others don’t always fit. For those, there’s self storage in Lawton, Oklahoma! 

First, go through everything and decide what you’d like to store. Maybe you have a shelf where you display your collection of bowling trophies or commemorative plates, but there may be other important items that you just don’t have the space for or that don’t match your home’s décor. You might be keeping some for yourself and holding on to others for a child or grandchild. Family heirlooms may not be something that you’re willing to part with, but they also aren’t always something that you want to display or use.

Whatever you have, the first step is to go through it all and see which items can go into storage. Just remember, putting an item into self storage in Lawton is safe and secure. Your item isn’t going away forever; it’s just going someplace a little more out of the way for a while. It’ll still be there when you need it! Still, if you’re storing something truly valuable, it’s always a good idea to take out some insurance in case of natural disasters or other things that self storage can’t guard against.

Pack to protect and keep records so your valuables are easy to retrieve. When the time comes to pass along your grandmother’s wedding ring to your own children or you want to look through some treasured family photographs, you want to be able to find what you’re looking for right away. Digging through unmarked boxes is not only inefficient, it’s also a good way to spike your anxiety.

Proper packing is absolutely critical to the safety of your items, and that starts with the right packing materials. Poor-quality boxes can be easily crushed or split. Within the boxes, use paper, foam, or bubble wrap to keep fragile objects safe. And whatever you pack, make sure you keep a record of what went into which box. That way you won’t have to unpack half of your boxes to find the one item that you’re looking for.

Choose the self-storage solution that’s right for you. Different types of belongings require different storage solutions. For example, climate-controlled self storage in Lawton is perfect for items that might be damaged by changes in temperature and humidity such as artwork, antiques, or musical instruments. If you’re not sure, ask a friendly self storage specialist for advice!

Lastly, insure your belongings. If it’s important enough to pack, then it’s probably important enough to insure. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we do all we can to help keep your items safe and sound, including 24/7 video monitoring, fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, and more, but even we can’t always protect against Mother Nature. In the event of a tornado, flood, or other natural disaster, you’ll be glad to know that your most treasured belongings are not only stored safely, but they’re insured as well.

If you’re ready to store some of your treasures, just call Storage ‘R’ Us or come by one of our convenient Lawton self storage locations today!

Sure, we’re all pretty envious of incredibly wealthy fictional characters and all the cool stuff that they have piled around their luxurious manors or whatever, but we’re not always so envious of what it would take to store all that precious loot. Without further ado, here’s our list of the top eight fictional characters who would probably need a lot of help from self storage in Lawton if they lived here:

Number 8: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider – Look, you don’t raid tombs without acquiring a lot of stuff, right? And while Lara might keep the best of it around Croft Manor, she could always use some secure (and probably climate-controlled) self storage for all the rest.

Number 7: Ariel from The Little Mermaid – For anyone who has a big collection like Ariel’s collection of artifacts from the surface world, space quickly becomes a premium. Ariel had a nice big underwater grotto to keep her prizes safe under the sea, but if she lived in Lawton, she’d probably need self storage.

Number 6: Randolph and Mortimer Duke from Trading Places – These wealthy brothers swap the lives of a rich person and a poor person to predictably disastrous results. In addition to a commodities brokerage and plenty of stuff, the two even owned other peoples’ homes. Their butlers probably had butlers.

Number 5: Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby – Famed for his elaborate parties, Jay Gatsby was as obsessed with the appearance of wealth as he was with actually having it, which meant that he spent lots of money on his big mansion and even bigger parties. If he lived in Lawton, he would definitely need self storage for all those gold ties and maybe some secure vehicle storage for his big yellow car.

Number 4: Charles Foster Kane – The wealthy newspaper magnate and eponymous lead character of Citizen Kane built an enormous pleasure palace called Xanadu, which housed “a collection of everything, so big it can never be catalogued or appraised.” With so much valuable stuff, he should probably look into some climate-controlled self storage in Lawton!

Number 3: Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons – Speaking of valuable stuff, a partial list of Mr. Burns’ possessions includes “King Arthur’s Excalibur, the only existing nude photo of Mark Twain, and that rare first draft of the Constitution with the word ‘suckers’ in it.” He also has a strict no-trespassing policy, which he enforces with vicious guard dogs, among other things, so secure self storage is probably a must.

Number 2: Scrooge McDuck – When you go swimming in gold coins, you know you’ve got a lot of stuff to store.

Number 1: Bruce Wayne (aka the Batman) – Bruce Wayne is a billionaire by day and a crimefighter by night, with an arsenal of gadgets and vehicles that would make most governments envious. Just look at all the stuff he keeps in the cave system under Wayne Manor—giant pennies, mechanical dinosaurs, and lots more! Batman needs self storage space in the worst way!

Unlike Charles Foster Kane, most of us don’t have enough stuff to fill 10 museums, but we’ve all had times when we could use a little extra space. When that time comes, self storage in Lawton is here for you. We even have vehicle storage for the Batmobile, the Batwing, the Batcopter, the Batboat, and the Batcycle. Whatever you need to store, let Storage ‘R’ Us help find the solution that’s a perfect fit!

Summer weather is here, which means that it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors and have some fun! Unfortunately, it can be tough to enjoy yourself outside when you know that there’s tons of stuff still piled up in your home, attic, and garage from the winter months. So it’s a good thing that you can use self storage in Lawton to free up your living space, de-clutter your home, and make your house a more peaceful place!

Every homeowner knows what we’re talking about. Whether it’s the collage of boxes that holds all your holiday décor and eats up valuable real estate in your basement or attic; the cold weather gear like snow shovels, snow blowers, and even back-up generators; the winter coats and boots and mittens that are piling up in the hall closet and threatening to come tumbling down on anyone who opens the door—it can all be stored safely and out of the way in Lawton self storage!

You can even put away winter clothes like sweaters and coats, seasonal sports equipment, cold weather camping gear, and a whole lot more! Got skis, snowboards, or sleds? We’ve got a perfect spot for them! Want to pack up all your Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations and not give them another thought until summer is over? We’ve got the solution for you!

If you have a college student heading off to school at the end of summer, now is the perfect time to get them to clear out their rooms, box up all the things that aren’t essential, and keep it in self storage while they’re in class. Or if you’re a military family stationed in the area, we’ve got plenty of options for self storage near Fort Sill.

Of course, not everything that clutters up your garage or backyard is as small as sports equipment or Christmas decorations. Sometimes you need someplace to park a boat or RV when you’re not taking it out on the lake or cruising down the highway. That’s where auto storage in Lawton comes in. Vehicle storage in Lawton covers more than just cars. We have spots where you can park RVs, boats, motorcycles, and just about anything else you can imagine.

So, whatever you need to clear out of your house this summer, chances are we have a place for it at self storage in Lawton. Here are just a few of the items on our Lawton Self Storage Checklist for Summer:

  • Snow removal gear like snow shovels, snow blowers, and more
  • Bags of ice melt and kitty litter for traction
  • Lawn and leaf tools left over from autumn
  • Winter outerwear, like coats, boots, mittens, scarves, and stocking caps
  • Winter clothes, from sweaters and long-sleeved shirts to warm flannel pajamas
  • Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other holiday decorations
  • Seasonal sporting equipment like skis or sleds
  • Stuff that your kids aren’t taking with them to college
  • Even vehicles like RVs, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc.

Whatever you need to get out of your house this summer, we’ve probably got a place for it at Storage ‘R’ Us! Just give us a call, reserve online, or come visit one of our three convenient Lawton self storage locations today!