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Self Storage and the Recent Grad: Keep Your Stuff But Not at Home

College graduation is an exciting time! It’s your first big step on the road to becoming a completely independent person. Part of that independence means picking up all that stuff that’s been chilling back home in your old bedroom or in Mom and Dad’s basement, garage, or attic.

If you’re graduating here in Oklahoma, then chances are you’re an alumnus of one of the many fine colleges around the state such as the University of Oklahoma in Norman, the University of Tulsa, East Central in Ada, or OSU in Stillwater.

You may already have a job lined up after graduation or you may still be looking for work or interning. Whatever your career situation fresh out of college, chances are you’re transitioning from living on campus to your first post-grad home. Maybe it’s an apartment close to where you went to school or maybe it’s a condo, townhouse, or even a house of your own someplace far from where you grew up.

At this stage in your life, you’re probably still renting, but that’s okay! It’s still a place of your own; it’s not the dorms, and it’s not your parents’ house. Even if you have roommates, it’s still a big change. And with that change comes new responsibilities, including taking stock of your things and finding a home for all of them.

Over the last 20-plus years you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of stuff. Maybe some of it came with you to college while other things stayed back with your folks. Now that you’ve got a place of your own, though, it’s time to give your parents a break and go through all that stuff that you left behind when you went off to school. After all, your parents might have plans for the space that stuff has been taking up.

You’ll probably want to get rid of some of it, but you’ll want to keep some of it, too. It doesn’t always have to make a lot of sense. There’ll be some things that you actually need in your new apartment—kitchen utensils and furniture and all that fun stuff—but there’ll also be things from your past that you want to keep forever because they hold a special value to you.

Other things, though, you probably don’t need to keep holding on to. Are you ever going to actually play that trumpet you had in middle school band? Do all those old trapper keepers from elementary school spark joy, as Marie Kondo would say?

Even once you’ve gotten rid of the things that you no longer want or need, you may still find that you have more stuff than you have room for. Luckily, self storage in Oklahoma can give that extra stuff a home-away-from-home if your new place isn’t big enough to store it all.

Here are a few tips to help you identify what you want to keep, deal with the things that you own, and understand how self storage in Oklahoma can help.

Clothing. We all have tons of clothing, and not all of it is stuff we wear all year-round. Here in Oklahoma, we probably don’t need those long-sleeved shirts and jackets in the summer or those shorts and flip flops in the winter. Luckily, if your new home is short on closet space, self storage can keep seasonal clothing items out of the way until their time comes around again.

Old Schoolwork and Books. You never know when you’ll want to re-read that essay you wrote in freshman comp or when you may want to crack open an old schoolbook to refresh your memory on a particular subject. But all that stuff can really fill up a closet, so why not store it in a climate-controlled self storage unit instead?

Appliances. Maybe your roommate is planning to bring along her own microwave, coffee maker, or other appliances, and you won’t need yours. There’s no reason to put yours out on the curb, though, because you’ll probably need them in your next place. Why not put ’em in storage for later?

College Furniture. Your first post-grad home may not have a guest room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to pitch that dorm room futon. Put it in storage, and don’t forget to use a mattress cover to help protect the mattress. You never know when you might find a use for it.

Sports, Hunting, Golf, or Fishing Gear. We all have our hobbies. While you were in school, all your gear may have occupied a corner of Mom and Dad’s garage, but now that you’re on your own, you want it to be handy when you need it, without cluttering up your new place. Think of self storage in Oklahoma as your “sports locker” away from home.

Holiday Decorations. Maybe you already have a few holiday decorations, and chances are you’ll get more and more as the years go by. But there’s no need to keep all those Draculas and snowmen at home when self storage in Oklahoma is just around the corner.

Media. Don’t play Xbox as often as you did when you were in the dorms? Got a bunch of DVDs you’re not ready to part with just yet, even though you already upgraded to Blu? Put ’em into storage, and they’ll still be there down the road when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Self Storage in Oklahoma is Your Friend! As a family-based business, Storage ‘R’ Us has been providing self storage in Oklahoma since 1972. We’ve helped our kids and grandkids get the most out of their homes and their lives with a little self storage on the side.

Most recent college grads can rent a smaller storage unit around 5×5 or 5×10 to keep the stuff that won’t fit in their first post-grad home. And with 8 locations across Oklahoma, Storage ‘R’ Us is close to many of the colleges in the state.

If you’re looking for a little help finding the storage solution that’s right for you, our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and point you in the right direction so you can start your new life uncluttered but comforted by the knowledge that your prized possessions are never far away. Just contact Storage ‘R’ Us today or visit one of our convenient locations!

One of the best things about being retired is finally having the time to do all the things that you’ve always wanted to do. For many people, that includes leaving the cold weather behind and traveling to warmer climes for the winter. Every year, tens of thousands of these “snowbirds” or “winter visitors” leave their homes behind and travel to warmer destinations such as Florida, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, or Texas. While not all of these winter visitors are retired, many are, and they are often away from home for five to six months—often returning home with the spring thaw.

Such a long trip means homes and property are unoccupied for long periods of time, which can lead some travelers to worry, even if they do have someone looking after the homestead while they’re away. Fortunately, self storage in Oklahoma has storage solutions for winter visitors so that their belongings will be safe and secure while they’re gone and ready for them when they get back!

Downsizing is something that’s on the minds of many winter visitors, especially those who are just getting into the routine of traveling to warmer climates during the colder months. As a matter of fact, more than half of all people over the age of 60 are considering downsizing anyway, whether they’re planning a trip south for the winter or not. Downsizing is a great way to reduce clutter and worry when the nest is empty, and it can also help you to feel better about leaving everything behind to visit Acapulco for the winter.

If you’re thinking of moving to a smaller place, leaving on a long trip, or simply cutting out some unneeded clutter from your life, you still might have some items you aren’t ready to part with. You can give them a safe, secure, out-of-the-way home at self storage in Oklahoma.

If you’re planning a trip that’s several months long, obviously you’ll have some pretty hefty luggage to take along, but you can’t take everything with you. You may want someplace safe and secure for all the valuable or personal belongings that you leave behind. If you own something big and valuable that can be seen from the street—such as a vehicle—then it’s a good idea to invest in boat or RV storage in Oklahoma to help keep it safe. You’ll want to take out some insurance while you’re at it!

Smaller items can be tempting for thieves, too, including:

  • Art and Collectibles
  • Cameras and Watches
  • Cash and Jewelry
  • Electronics, Computers, iPads and Smartphones
  • Firearms and Tools
  • Prescription Drugs and Liquor
  • Vehicles and Keys
  • Your Identity!

Fortunately, self storage in Oklahoma can provide a safe home away from home for all these items and more.

When you’re leaving behind vehicles or other sizeable belongings, it’s a good idea to know the rules of your neighborhood or HOA. It may be one thing to have an RV or boat in the driveway during the summer when you’re using it regularly, but you might want to invest in boat or RV self storage to keep your vehicles protected and out of the way when you’re gone for weeks or months at a time.

Whether you’re a snowbird, an empty-nester looking to downsize, or someone who simply needs a place to store holiday decorations, Storage ‘R’ Us has storage solutions for all your storage needs. Just give us a call or visit one of our convenient Oklahoma self storage locations today!

Every year, we all make a lot of well-meaning New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe we’re going to lose weight, eat better, save more money, go back to school, get a new job. Sometimes we stick with those resolutions, and other times we learn that maybe our eyes were bigger than our stomachs when it comes to willpower. But there’s one popular resolution that self-storage in Oklahoma can help with today!

All of us lead busy lives, and it’s easy for things to build up. Our houses get cluttered, and we tell ourselves that we’ll take care of it next week or next month, but by then the job has gotten bigger, and bigger, and bigger. For most of us, there’s probably a place where things pile up as we plan to get to them and just don’t manage it. If you made a New Year’s Resolution to reduce clutter in 2016, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve got a partner in Storage ‘R’ Us!

Self-storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to reducing clutter in your home, garage, attic, or basement. Not only does self-storage get your stuff out of the way while still keeping it accessible—it also gives you a space that’s easy to organize. And if you have questions, our helpful on-site storage specialists are happy to give you free advice on the best ways to make good use of your storage space, from handy self-storage tips to our self-storage calculator to figure out what storage solution is right for you.

Different people use self-storage units in Oklahoma for all sorts of different needs. For some people, self-storage is for seasonal items like holiday decorations, sports equipment, or camping gear. For others, self-storage is a place to keep hobby items out of the way, or to help run a home-based business. These days, many people are downsizing, and trends like tiny homes are sweeping the nation. A recent bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, suggests a simple-seeming method of de-cluttering your life: If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.

But we may not always be able or willing to get rid of everything that’s taking up space in our houses. Maybe there are plenty of things that bring us joy that we need only part of the time, or for part of the year, but that we just don’t have room for. For many families, kids are going off to college, which often leads to downsizing to a smaller house, or simply to restructuring lifestyles. Those kids may leave behind stuff that they’ll want down the road, but that there’s just not space for in their dorm room or your newly downsized home. In those and many other cases, self-storage can be a safe, affordable, and convenient solution.

Self-storage in Moore from Storage ‘R’ Us can help you to reduce clutter in 2016, while still keeping the things you want secure and accessible all year round. So give us a call or drop by and chat with one of our experience self-storage experts and let us help you get started on your resolutions today!

As the ads for popular fantasy drama TV show state, “winter is coming.” And according to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s going to be a cold one, so don’t let the relatively mild temperatures we’ve been enjoying so far fool you. Snow is supposed to hit, and hit hard, starting in January, with extremely cold temperatures headed our way in February. What does that mean for self-storage in Oklahoma?

Well, first off, it means that you aren’t going to get away with leaving those shovels, snow blowers, plows, salt spreaders, ice melt, and any of your other winter accessories in storage this year. If you already put them away because you figured we were out of the woods, be prepared to haul them back out to beat back Old Man Winter once the real cold starts.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s long-term outlook for winter weather is promising cold temperatures and wet weather across much of the southern United States this winter, including right here in Oklahoma. So while winter may be getting a bit of a late start this year, don’t count the nasty weather out just yet.

Winter in Oklahoma is an unpredictable ride in the best of circumstances, and there’s nothing worse than getting caught with your proverbial pants down when cold weather hits. It’s much better to get your snow and ice-fighting equipment ready while the weather is fine, so that it’s in good shape by the time the ice and snow arrive.

Don’t want your ice melt, snow blower, or any of the rest of your winter weather toolkit cluttering up your garage or house in the meantime? Don’t worry! You can always keep it in self-storage and get it out as needed. Fortunately, Storage ‘R’ Us is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, come rain (or snow) or shine, so whatever you need, whenever you need it, it’ll be right there waiting for you.

Self-storage from Storage ‘R’ Us is a great resource for storing all of your winter survival gear all year round. Not just for homeowners, either. Businesses, city departments, and even HOAs that have their own snow and ice removal equipment can benefit from self-storage in Oklahoma, not to mention auto storage that can take care of snow plows and other specialty vehicles during the off-season.

Whatever your plans for self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma this winter, don’t expect to get a boost from mild weather or a nice warm blast from El Niño. This winter in Oklahoma is shaping up to be cold, wet, and snowy. Luckily, Storage ‘R’ Us is happy to be your winter weather headquarters, so that all your stuff can stay right at hand should you need it to combat whatever the coming winter throws at you!

Many people think of self-storage as a temporary solution. Maybe they’re remodeling, moving, or staging a house for sale, and they’re just looking for a place to store a few things out of the way for a while. But here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we know how useful self-storage in Oklahoma can be all year round!

Right now, we’re heading into the holiday season. That means cold weather, presents, and decorations. It’s time to haul out that Christmas tree, dust off the wreath, untangle those lights. The winter months are a great time to store summer clutter, from sports equipment to lightweight clothes. And hey, if you need to keep the kids from finding their presents, there’s no better place to hide them than in your very own self-storage unit!

But winter isn’t going to last forever. Eventually, those holiday decorations are all going to have to come back down, and the Christmas tree will be put away for one more year. When that happens, it’s self-storage to the rescue once again. Rather than cluttering up your garage, basement, or attic, your holiday décor can be neatly put away in a storage unit where it will be waiting when the seasons roll back around.

When the weather starts to warm up and the ground thaws out, it’s time for spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is all about clearing out the clutter, and that’s another moment when self-storage in Oklahoma can help. From putting away your winter clothes until next year to having a place to store things while you clean out the garage or basement, self-storage is a spring cleaning lifesaver! Plus, it’s a great place to store gardening tools until the next time spring comes around.

A lot of people move in the summer, and self-storage can be a fantastic resource if you’re planning to relocate—whether as a place to store your belongings until you’ve transitioned to the new house, or a way to stage your old home for sale. Self-storage in Oklahoma also offers solutions for summer sports equipment, hunting and fishing gear, and even boat and RV storage!

Before long, though, summer starts to give way once more to fall. A chill comes back into the air, and the leaves start to turn. Those warm clothes come back out of storage, and the kids head back to school. If you’ve got kids heading off to college, fall is a great time to use your self-storage unit to store their stuff so that it’s out of your hair while they’re gone, but easy to get to when they come back.

Before you know it, the dead leaves are gone, winter is back, and it’s time once again to dig out your holiday decorations and think about where you’re going to hide the children’s presents. Whatever your storage needs, Storage ‘R’ Us is your year-round resource for self-storage in Oklahoma. No matter what the season, you’ve always got things that could use a good, out-of-the-way home that’s still easily accessible 24/7, and Storage ‘R’ Us has always got you covered!

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we pride ourselves on providing self-storage solutions for people all over the northern Oklahoma area. Besides our locations here in Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, and new units opening in Newcastle, we also have three great locations offering self-storage in Lawton.

Lawton is where we got our start, and we’re proud to be a locally owned and operated company. Lawton is also the fifth-largest city in the state, and home to a number of fine military bases, armories, and support centers, including Altus Air Force Base, Vance AFB, Fort Sill, Tinker AFB, and the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we understand the unique challenges that come with military life, and so we’re proud to offer military self-storage in Lawton at all of our locations.

Self-storage in Lawton from Storage ‘R’ Us offers you the same amenities, accessibility, quality, and security that you’ve come to expect, and we even offer extras like a United States Post Office and a self-service dog wash at our East Gore location!

Self-Storage in Lawton, Oklahoma:

Lawton self-storage on 7503 NW Cache Rd: (580) 536-0123

Lawton self-storage on 2310 E Gore Blvd: (580) 357-7113

Lawton self-storage on 900 NW Rogers Ln: (580) 355-9449

No matter what your needs for self-storage in Lawton, we’ve got you covered at Storage ‘R’ Us, from climate controlled self-storage to RV, boat, and auto storage. We also offer moving boxes and supplies, truck and trailer rentals, American flag sales, and everything else you’ve come to expect from Storage ‘R’ Us at every location. So whether you’re looking to store your boat or RV for the winter, find a place to put up those holiday decorations or hunting supplies, or looking for military self-storage in Lawton, look no further than Storage ‘R’ Us!

We know that when you come looking for self-storage in Lawton, you want your belongings to be safe and easy to get to. That’s why the security and accessibility of our storage units is our first priority at all of our locations, and why we offer fenced and gated perimeters, 24/7 digital video surveillance, security lighting, and after-hours access. We also have a helpful and knowledgeable staff on hand at all of our locations to help you find the storage unit that’s right for you, and to answer any questions you might have about self-storage in Lawton or anywhere else.

So if you’re looking for climate controlled self-storage, boat or RV storage, auto storage, moving supplies, PENSKE truck rentals, or military self-storage in Lawton, give us a call or drop by one of our three convenient locations to chat with one of our professional storage consultants today. We’d love to hear from you!

It may still be early in March, but believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. The holiday decorations have all come down, and by now you’ve probably even gotten around to removing the Christmas lights from the outside of your house. Plus, we’ve been having a particularly warm winter here in Moore, for the most part, so you may have already needed to pull some of the extra blankets off your bed, or dig out your cooler spring wardrobe.

The transition from winter to spring means packing away a lot of things and unpacking a lot of others. You’ll need someplace to store all those holiday decorations—and the new ones you bought during the after-holiday sales—as well as all the sweet presents you got. You’ll need to pack away your blankets and your heavy winter coats, your sweaters and your snow boots. And while we’re on the subject, that snow blower is probably taking up some valuable garage real estate, right?

Not to mention, with spring on the way, it’s time to haul out more than just your swim trunks and short-sleeved shirts. Spring means gardening supplies, kiddie pools, fishing gear, sports equipment, and maybe even boats, campers, and 4-wheelers are coming out of hibernation and getting ready for the outdoor fun of spring. Also, as the weather warms up, you’ll find yourself wanting to fire up that grill!

The advent of spring also means the coming of spring cleaning. It’s finally time to throw out some of the stuff that’s been accumulating, or find someplace to store the stuff that you still want to hang on to. What’s the solution to all this stuff? Well, you could keep trying to cram it into your garage, basement, or attic, or you could look into self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma.

Self-storage in Moore is perfect for seasonal items; whether it’s holiday decorations, winter clothes, sports equipment, gardening supplies, you name it! If it’s something that you only need for part of the year, why should it take up space in your house all year round? With a self-storage unit from Storage ‘R’ Us, you can keep all your seasonal items safe, sound, and easily accessible, without sacrificing space or convenience. And when the seasons change, you can simply change out the contents of your storage unit. Put away those winter coats and sleds, and pull out your fishing gear and lawn sprinklers!

With self-storage in Moore from Storage ‘R’ Us, you can even store vehicles like boats, RVs, campers, 4-wheelers, and motorcycles during the winter months so that they’re available for you when the weather starts to warm up. Whatever you’re storing this season, self-storage in Moore can help you transition from winter to spring and, when the time comes, back again.

When we talk about “small businesses” many of us probably think about a local restaurant or a boutique shop. But the fact of the matter is, 9 out of every 10 small businesses are what’s known as a “microbusiness,” which is a business that employs fewer than 5 people. And most of those are what’re called “nonemployer” businesses, which means that they usually only have one employee, who is also the owner. These businesses include craftspeople, artists, consultants, beauticians, and so on, many of whom operate exclusively out of their own homes.

In fact, 51.6% of all businesses in the U.S. are home-based. That means that more than half of all the businesses in America don’t have an office or a storefront, they operate from someone’s living room or den or garage. Maybe it’s sewing handmade clothes or creating unique jewelry or baking artisanal bread, but whatever the business, it’s usually a one-person operation, and often one that has to be accomplished while juggling all the stuff that goes into being a stay-at-home spouse or parent.

After all, a home-based business doesn’t have the same infrastructure or facilities as a job in a big office building downtown. Everything that you do in your home-based business has to be done in the same place where you eat and sleep and watch TV and raise your kids. The mechanics of your business have to flex themselves around the requirements of your life.

That’s where self-storage in Oklahoma for home-based businesses comes in. Self-storage can be a lifesaving proposition when your home-based business is starting to take over your life. Maybe you’ve got an inventory overflow that’s cluttering up your house, or maybe you need to store a lot of extra materials in order to be sure that you have plenty on hand for a seasonal rush. If you’ve got a business knitting sweaters and scarves, and your supplier has a big sale on yarn, you don’t want to be stuck unable to stock up because you don’t have the room to store it.

These days the majority of home-based businesses do the lion’s share of their business online, and that also means a lot of packing and shipping. Packing and shipping usually means a lot of product sitting around, either waiting to be packed up or waiting to be shipped out. It can also mean a lot of packing and shipping materials like boxes, bubble wrap, or what-have-you, and that can take up a lot of space very quickly. Self-storage for home-based businesses can be a great solution for storing and staging shipments prior to sending them out.

So whether your small business is experiencing a growth spurt and your garage or closet can no longer keep up, or if you just need more space or a better way to organize your inventory and materials, Oklahoma self-storage for home-based businesses from Storage ‘R’ Us may be the answer that you’re looking for.

Moving time is always exciting, but it can also be pretty stressful. It seems like there’s always more that you need to do, something else you forgot to pack, change of address forms to fill out at the post office, getting utilities hooked up or switched over, and so on. With so much to keep track of and so much to do, it really helps if you have the right tools.

Luckily, at Storage ‘R’ Us in Oklahoma, we’re more than just your source for self-storage in Moore, we’re also your one-stop shop for moving supplies and trucks. We’ve got everything you might need to move, from boxes and tape to packing supplies, and we’re also Oklahoma’s largest Penske truck rental representative.

When it comes to moving supplies, you can never have too many, and we’ve got all that you could want. From small to large cardboard moving boxes to specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes for your suits and dresses and mirror/picture frame boxes for moving big mirrors or art items easily and safely. We’ve also got packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and everything else that you need to move house.

What’s more, our friendly staff can help you with moving checklists and suggestions that’ll make moving quicker, easier, and as painless as possible. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we help a lot of people move, and so we’ve seen a lot of problems come up, and we know a lot of good solutions. Here’s one that we’ve developed just recently:

Keeping track of your tools when you’re moving can be a chore. You’ve got a box that’s already packed up, but you need to add something to it. You’ll need a pair of scissors or a box cutter to get it open, so you’ve got to find those. Then you’ll need to find the marker to add the new item to the list on the box. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find that you’ve got one tool, but the other one is in another room, or someplace else entirely. Luckily, Storage ‘R’ Us has the solution: Our new all-in-one box-cutter and marker tool gives you both in one package; a handy marker on one end, a sliding box cutter on the other!

Storage ‘R’ Us can help make your move easy and hassle-free in a lot of ways, so stop by our location in Moore, Oklahoma, or give us a call at 405-794-1058 today! And while you’re here, why not check out one of our climate-controlled Oklahoma self-storage units. They can be a lifesaver when you’re moving—whether you’re downsizing to a smaller place, or just need somewhere for things to layover during the process, or until you get unpacked. Whatever you need for your next move, we’ve got it at Storage ‘R’ Us!

Summer is the best time of year for anyone who loves to entertain outdoors. Spring has its fleeting pleasures, like blossoming orchards and the cool temperatures, and autumn is great for Sunday tailgating and old-fashioned harvest festivals where you can bob for apples and enjoy the fruits of various harvests. But for people who love to be outside all day and then on into the evening, summer is king. Barbecues, picnics, weddings, parties after local sporting events, family gatherings, a fun treat for your employees… the list is endless if you prefer to celebrate in the warm sunshine or out under the glorious Oklahoma evening skies.

Of course, the big question for those with big social circles and even bigger amounts of outdoor furniture and equipment is… what on earth are you going to do with all that stuff once the guests have gone home? And once the season is over, and the snows drive us indoors to sit sipping apple cider by the fireplace, what’s to be done with tables, chairs, grills, canopies… it can be a serious problem for outdoor enthusiasts!

If you’re finding that the size of your guest list is exceeding the size of your storage space, it may be time to consider self-storage in Oklahoma.

Here’s the thing—if you really love to host parties with your friends and family in “the great outdoors,” why compromise on the size and scope of your outdoor furniture and equipment? You know that large canopy or tent you’ve been eyeing will keep your guests cool in the shade. Having plenty of nice chairs will keep your friends comfortable and lounging instead of standing around awkwardly. Large outdoor tables will hold an impressive potluck spread, and that big gas grill you want will be just perfect for feeding everyone you know. But if you’re worried about where you’re going to keep everything, you may end up having to compromise… and that means your guests might not be as comfortable as you’d like.

And even if you can temporarily store all that’s necessary for perfect outdoor summer and early autumn gatherings, there is of course the question of what you’re going to do with everything once the outdoor entertaining season ends. If you need to put your car in your garage come wintertime, or if your attic is too small or too inconvenient for your outdoor gear, self-storage is the answer. Don’t worry—it wasn’t a bad idea when you bought that bouncy house, croquet set, inflatable paintball gear, or obstacle course that all the kids loved so much. You can store it all in one of the wide range of units available for self-storage in Oklahoma at Storage ‘R’ Us.

As Emily Dickenson once said, “The last of summer is delight.” Don’t let worry over what you’re going to do with your outdoor equipment ruin those final, wonderful warm long days of summer. Storage ‘R’ Us will house everything safely until next year’s first barbecue. Contact us today!

If you’re looking for a long-term or short-term self-storage facility in Moore, Oklahoma, feel free to stop by any of our Storage ‘R’ Us locations and see what our self-storage solutions can do for you! One of our self-storage experts will be happy to recommend a self-storage unit that affords you the kind of storage you require.