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Great Tips for Storing Seasonal Items All Year Round

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Great Tips for Storing Seasonal Items All Year Round

Have you ever stopped to think about how many of the things in your house are seasonal? If you really think about it, you’ll find that a surprising amount of stuff occupies valuable real estate in your home, garage, basement, or attic from season to season when it really doesn’t need to be there for most of the year. It doesn’t really serve a purpose except for a few months of the year, and often it doesn’t even see the light of day until you’re ready for that special use.

Sure, this means holiday decorations—which, in the average American home, consume as much space as two typical closets—but it also covers seasonal things like snow shovels, inflatable swimming pools, leaf blowers, gardening equipment, winter coats, heavy blankets, and certain kitchen utensils. The list goes on and on. All that stuff takes up a lot of space, and that’s space that you could reclaim today with a little help from self storage in Lawton. To that end, we’ve scoured the web and compiled some great tips to help you store seasonal items all year round!

Brief Yourself on Best Practices. When it comes to holiday decorations, you’ll be packing and storing a lot of oddly shaped and often fragile items. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience storing items like these, and you can find plenty of handy tips online that can help you keep everything safe and sound. Don’t think that holiday décor only applies to Christmas, either. If you like to go all-out for Halloween—whether that means running a haunt at home or just investing in a bunch of those light-up inflatable lawn decorations—we’ve got tips for you, too.

Get Colorful. One of the best tips we’ve seen from self storage experts and home organizers is to buy colorful bins for each and every season. You can even theme them around the colors most often associated with the holidays: orange for Halloween, red or green for Christmas, etc. That way, you know at a glance what each bin contains, even in low light conditions.

Make Seasonal Storage a Habit. The changing of the seasons can offer a great reminder for you to make other changes around the house, too. As the seasons begin to change, make a plan to shift the relevant items from home to your Lawton self storage unit, and vice versa. This way, you always have what you need at home, and you’ll always have extra space that would otherwise be taken up by the stuff that’s sitting in self storage instead. It’ll also help maximize your efficiency by reducing the number of trips you make to and from your self storage unit throughout the year.

Store Seasonal Items in Groups. This goes hand-in-hand with the color-coded bins we mentioned earlier. By keeping like items together based on when you use them, you can take ideal advantage of both your own time and your self storage space. Keep all the spring stuff together, all the winter stuff together, and so on. You’ll also want to group holiday items and keep them stored alongside their respective seasons. This means packing and storing items together and then documenting and tracking what’s in each box and what goes where. This method may take a little more time to set up, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle down the road.

Clothing Counts, Too! Sure, there’s obvious seasonal clothing like sweaters and winter coats, but don’t forget that there are other seasonal clothing items that you probably only wear a small part of the year. Halloween costumes and clever Christmas sweaters that you only wear to ugly sweater parties can all go into climate controlled self storage along with your other holiday items.

Hide Stuff from the Family. It’s a little-known fact that self storage in Lawton can be a clever parent’s best resource for keeping a surprise a surprise. If you’ve got little ones at home who are constantly searching under beds and in the backs of closets for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, and Easter baskets, self storage can keep those surprise gifts out of sight and away from prying eyes all year round.

Store Off-Season Purchases. Another great piece of advice from home organization experts, especially those who are mindful of budgets, is that self storage is a great way to pick up off-season items when prices are low and keep them out of the way until they are needed. We all know that wrapping paper gets mighty cheap after the holidays, and artificial, pre-lit Christmas trees are inexpensive if you can find one in July. The problem is, if you pick up something that isn’t in season—even if the price is a steal—where do you put it until it’s needed? Self storage to the rescue!

Clear Out a Room for Guests. Many of us have family who come to visit during the holidays, but self storage can come in handy all year long if you need to make a little extra space for out-of-town visitors. You might have guests coming in for a wedding in June or a vacation in July. Whatever the season, if you’ve got a spare room that’s normally full of stuff, self storage can help you clear it out so that you can spruce it up for guests at a moment’s notice!

Opt for Climate Controlled Self Storage. Why is climate controlled self storage so popular? The short answer is that it can help protect just about anything you store, from seasonal clothing to the contents of a spare bedroom to those fragile holiday decorations we mentioned above. Climate controlled self storage protects whatever you keep in it from the worst ravages of heat, cold, humidity, and outside pests, whether you’re storing seasonal items or family heirlooms that you keep in there year round.

Whatever you’re looking to store, we have a place for it at Storage ‘R’ Us! With convenient locations offering self storage in Lawton, Chickasha, Duncan, Moore, Newcastle, and Norman, there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us location near you, and our friendly and knowledgeable self storage experts are always happy to help! Come by and see us today!

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