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The Top 10 Packing and Moving Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Oklahoma self storage packing mistakes

The Top 10 Packing and Moving Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Spring is here, and that means that moving season has arrived. Whether you’re still in the planning stages or are already striking rooms and packing boxes, you know that moving can be complicated and stressful. As your Oklahoma self storage source, we want to help you avoid common moving mistakes that will make your move a lot more trouble than it needs to be! We’ve combed the top articles, listened to what the experts have to say, and assembled the top ten packing and moving mistakes that you don’t want to make on your next move!

1. Not having a packing plan. Sometimes putting together lists and inventories of what you have, what goes where, and what’s in which box can feel like you’re packing everything twice. Taking the time to do this is worth it, though. Even if you don’t have an inventory of every single nit-picky item, having an idea of what needs to be packed when, what goes into which box, in what order it will go onto the truck, or where it will go in the new place can be a lifesaver in the hectic days of your actual move. Plus, you’re less likely to lose stuff in the process!

2. Packing at the last moment. Similarly, you don’t want to hold off packing until the day before you need to move. Sure, some items should be saved until the last minute—in fact, things that you need every day often won’t be packed for the move at all, but they will be taken with you on the day of—but most stuff should be packed in stages, according to the moving plan we just mentioned, and can be tackled in small chunks, one room at a time.

3. Not buying enough supplies. Many people underestimate how many boxes and other supplies they’ll need for their move. It may not seem like you have much stuff until you’re trying to find a box to hold all of it. Unfortunately, if you run out of supplies in the middle of packing, you’ll have to stop and go out and get more, which eats up valuable time and can throw off your whole packing schedule. This is also a good time to remind you not to pack your things in used cardboard boxes, bags, or totes, but to invest in new packing supplies that won’t fall apart or allow your belongings to become damaged in the move.

4. Over-packing. Sure, you want to make the most of your space and time by getting as much into each box as you can. It’s only natural! But over-packing can cause a lot of problems. Over-heavy boxes could rip out at the bottom or even injure those who are trying to lift and move them. Pack boxes so that they’re full but not over-full, and make sure that the heaviest boxes are labeled so those picking them up know what to expect.

5. Not taking inventory and creating labels. Speaking of labels, not putting them to good use is one big mistake that a lot of movers make. Even if you know what you’ve got, you won’t always remember what’s in which box. Labels help identify the contents of the boxes and make it easy for movers—whether pros or friends and family who are helping out—to know which room to put a box in. There are lots of different ways to inventory and label, from numbered cartons with a cross-referenced master list to actual apps that can create scannable barcodes. Find what works best for you and use it!

6. Not getting rid of anything. Moving is a perfect time to declutter and rid yourself of things that are just taking up space. In fact, moving things that you no longer want or need is just a waste, so make some time to sort your belongings and purge what doesn’t need to go to the new place, either by throwing it out or donating it. For anything that you can’t take to your new home but don’t yet want to let go of, there’s always self storage in Oklahoma.

7. Not keeping essentials with you. As we mentioned above, there are some things you won’t want to pack away because you’ll need them on the day of the move. Identify your day-to-day essentials – everything from medications to laptops – and keep them in a specific box, duffel bag, or backpack so you know where they are at all times.

8. Packing hazardous materials. There are some things you simply shouldn’t take with you on a move, and there are some that professional movers won’t take because of safety concerns. Anything that’s hazardous, including certain chemicals, shouldn’t be boxed up where it could spill or create a danger to you or your helpers. Dispose of it properly before moving day.

9. Not taking proper care of large household items. Sure, you’re probably thinking about how difficult it will be to move the sofa, the refrigerator, or the washer and dryer, but there are other large household items that need special care, too, from oversized pieces of art to mirrors and even lamps or glass tabletops. Anything big is probably also potentially breakable, and even if it’s not, it can slide into other things and break them. Take special care and get LOTS of help when moving anything heavy.

10. Not getting enough help. Even if you can do it all yourself, you shouldn’t. It’s a poor use of your time and energy, and it can even be dangerous. If you don’t plan to hire professional movers get some friends and family to help out and reward them with pizza and beverages. Help goes beyond having extra hands to carry stuff on moving day, though. You can also find help from your friendly Oklahoma self storage provider. Here you’ll find a home away from home for the things that won’t fit in your new place, moving and packing supplies, a place to stage things while you’re working, and lots more!

From advice to supplies to storage space, you can find whatever you need to make your next move a success at Storage ‘R’ Us in Lawton, Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Norman, and Newcastle! If you’re planning a move, come see us at one of our eight convenient Oklahoma self storage locations today!

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