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The Most Popular Types of Storage Containers Every Homeowner Should Have for Their Stuff

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The Most Popular Types of Storage Containers Every Homeowner Should Have for Their Stuff

When it comes to storing our stuff, the only thing that most of us need more than some additional space around the house is more storage containers. The right containers keep things well organized, protected, out of the way, and easy to find when we need them. We turn to a surprising number of different types of containers to serve these purposes, and these are a few of the most popular ones that you’ll find in most homes in America:

Open-top Bins and Baskets. These are often seen filling a decorative function throughout the home, and they’re great for items that we use every day, whether that’s crafts, books that we’re currently reading, or children’s toys.

Bins with Hinged Lids. Haven’t seen these? They have lids that are made up of two flaps, each one attached to the bin and hinged so that they fold together to form a lid. These are great for items that can be stored away but still need to be accessed somewhat regularly. They’re also stackable, which makes them good for closets, garages, and other storage spaces.

Multiple Drawer Storage Cabinets. These are ideal for when you need to store a bunch of similar things all together, whether that’s office supplies, scrapbooking stuff, hobby items, clothes or shoes, or whatever. Plus, they come in a lot of different styles, meaning that you can get them to match your décor.

Sturdy Storage Totes. These usually have snap-on lids that help protect whatever’s inside from dust or pests. Big and sturdy, these are great for anything that takes up a lot of room and/or doesn’t get used very often. If it’s going to be put away in the garage, basement, or attic for most of the year, it might go in one of these. They also come in a version that has wheels on the base, making it easier to store really heavy items while keeping them portable.

Plastic Milk Crates. We’ve all used them as book storage at one time or another during our college years. Milk crates are incredibly durable and stackable, which can make them great for storing gardening supplies, tools, and other things. They don’t provide any protection from the elements or from pests, though.

Under-Bed Storage. These plastic containers are long, rectangular, and very short, designed to be tucked under the bed. They’re great for blankets and out-of-season clothes.

Fireproof Locking File Box. This is the place to put all your most valuable papers, documents, passports, and so on. Anything that you absolutely could not afford to lose in a fire goes into one of these lockable, fireproof boxes so that you have it if the worst should happen.

Gun Safe. A gun safe not only protects your firearms from theft, it also helps to keep them out of your children’s reach and can protect your investment in the event of a fire or other disaster.

Outdoor Storage. Sometimes called deck boxes, these large, rectangular containers are often used on back patios and sometimes even on the front porch. They’re the perfect place to store anything that goes outside but that you don’t want blowing around the back yard, whether that’s the kids’ outdoor toys, pool accessories, or cushions for patio furniture. And they’re sturdy enough to double as extra seating.

When it comes to the best containers to use in climate-controlled self storage in Lawton, OK, your best bet is to go with sturdy, waterproof plastic bins with tight snap lids. Whether you’re opting for a climate-controlled unit or one that’s outside, these bins help keep your stuff safe and organized, while also making it easy to see and find what you’re looking for.

Of course, if you’re looking for the right storage solutions for you—whether that’s at home or in your self storage unit—look no further than Storage ‘R’ Us! We can help you pick the perfect storage solution, whether that’s climate-controlled self storage in Lawton or the right storage container to use in your own home.

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