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self storage in lawton ultimate guide

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Storage in Lawton Oklahoma

What to Know About Self-storage in Lawton.

Modern self-storage as we know it today got its start in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1958, but Oklahoma self-storage facilities didn’t really begin to open until the 1970s. In the years since, self-storage has continued to grow in Oklahoma and all across the country, with almost one in every ten households utilizing self-storage today. In fact, there is more than 2.3 billion square feet of rentable self-storage space in the United States right now. That’s the equivalent of 78 square miles, or about three times the size of Manhattan Island!

What do people put in all of that self-storage space? Just about anything you can imagine, from household items to business inventory, sporting goods to collectibles. People even use self-storage for boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Some of the most common items that are put into self-storage in Oklahoma are furniture, holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and electrical appliances, but just about anything under the sun has been put into self-storage in Lawton over the years.

Before You Start Shopping for Self-storage in Lawton.

As with anything else, for best results you should have some idea of what you’re looking for before you start shopping for self-storage in Lawton. Decide just what it is that you’ll be storing, whether it’s business paperwork or crafting projects, and then figure out how much storage space you’ll need. An online storage calculator can help you to determine what size storage space is right for you! The most common sizes include 5×10 and 10×10 units, but many self-storage facilities offer units as large as 15×30, not to mention other solutions like covered vehicle storage.

It’s also a good idea to think about more than just the space that you’ll be using. Consider amenities and security features such as security cameras, fenced and walled perimeters, the availability of climate-controlled self-storage, gate access, and more. Some of the best self-storage facilities are designated Class-A, and often offer free use of moving equipment on-site. You might also want to ask about discounts for first responders or military self-storage.

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Cheap Self-Storage Units in Lawton Can Be Found.

Beware of simply going for the cheapest option, however. With self-storage in Lawton, as with anything else, you sometimes get what you pay for. If you’re tight on money, Class-A self-storage facilities often offer move-in specials or military discounts, not to mention discounts of up to 10% off the monthly rental cost for first responders. To save cash, you can also split a unit with a neighbor, family member, co-worker, hunting buddy, your church, or your scout troop. Just remember, you’ll be sharing access to your self-storage unit with the person you choose, so make sure that it’s someone you trust.

Renting Self-storage in Lawton.

When you’re ready to rent self-storage in Lawton, the first thing to do is reserve your space. You can usually reserve in person or online, and the process is pretty quick and straightforward. To begin with, you’ll need to fill out a tenant info sheet, which will ask you for your personal information, your mailing address, probably your email address, and your date of birth (because you need to be over 18 to rent self-storage in Lawton). You’ll also need to list anyone who you want to have access to the unit and an emergency contact in case something goes wrong and you can’t be reached.

Most Class-A self-storage facilities accept just about any form of payment, and you can usually set up an auto-pay option or choose to receive monthly invoices via email. It’s also a good idea to buy insurance when you’re signing up for your self-storage unit. A good self-storage facility does everything that they can to keep your belongings safe, but there’s only so much that even the best self-storage in Lawton can do in the event of, say, a tornado.

Moving into a Lawton Self-Storage Unit.

Once you’ve signed your contract, it’s time to move in to your Lawton self-storage unit. If you haven’t already packed everything up, you can buy boxes and other moving supplies at most Class-A self-storage facilities, and find packing tips online to help you ensure that your boxes are packed safely and economically. When you move into your unit, it’s a good idea to stage the contents so that they’re easy to access and easy to find. This may include leaving aisles between boxes—not to mention leaving space between the walls of the unit and your belongings, to let your boxes “breathe”—and making an inventory list to help you locate items quickly. Pallets are great for keeping things up off the floor in a ground-level drive-up self-storage unit. And while most self-storage in Lawton is pretty sound, it’s always a good idea to take basic precautions against unwanted pests. Nobody wants to open up a box and find spiders or other creepy crawlers!

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How Does Self-storage in Lawton Compare to Others?

As self-storage has grown in popularity, different kinds of self-storage facilities have cropped up all across the country. Some big cities even have urban self-storage high-rises! When looking for self-storage in Lawton, your best bet may be to find a Class-A-designated self-storage facility that is close to major roads or highways for easy access and invested in the security of your self-storage unit. Self-storage in Lawton offers plenty of space, which means that the best self-storage facilities can even provide boat, RV, and other specialty vehicle storage!

The Best Self-storage in Lawton Includes:

With so many self-storage options to choose from, self-storage facilities have to offer excellent on-site amenities in order to compete. These include easy account management, including the ability to reserve units and make payments online; informative blog articles and helpful storage tips and tricks; multiple locations, including locations near Fort Sill for those seeking military self-storage, to make self-storage in Lawton as convenient as possible; great help from a friendly and knowledgeable staff; and self-storage managers both on-site and on-call anytime! But the best self-storage in Lawton offers something else, too: history. A Class-A-designated self-storage facility that has been serving the Lawton area for more than forty years knows what Lawton residents need when it comes to self-storage, as well as how to provide the solutions and amenities that you expect.

Reserve Your Self-Storage Unit in Lawton, OK Today!

Whether you’re looking for military self-storage, a climate-controlled space, specialty vehicle storage, or any other self-storage in Lawton, Storage ‘R’ Us has the solution that’s perfect for you! We’re a Class-A-designated storage facility that has been serving the community since 1972, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to security, customer service, and providing the very best self-storage in Lawton!

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