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What Wheelchair Accessible Self-Storage Units Need To Have in Place

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What Wheelchair Accessible Self-Storage Units Need To Have in Place

At Storage ‘R’ Us, we recognize that there are a number of accommodations our facilities need to have in place in order to best serve our customers who have different accessibility needs. And as there are some who may not know what wheelchair accessible self-storage units need to have in place to be compliant with new regulations set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), we thought that we’d take a moment and go over a few details.

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Self-storage unit accessibility: In newly built self-storage facilities (those built after March 15, 2012) with up to 200 units, 5% must be wheelchair accessible. In addition, the wheelchair accessible self-storage units must be dispersed among a variety of classes of self-storage units (read: outside ground level units, as well as interior or climate controlled units).

Design and construction of units: There are only a few modifications or considerations that need to be put in place to create a wheelchair accessible self-storage unit. Considering that most exterior self-storage units feature roll-up doors, the installation of a push bar at wheelchair level (not lower than 34 inches or higher than 48 inches) makes it easy for those with different accessibility needs to open the self-storage unit door with ease. To close the door, the installation of a pull rope or pull strap is essential. And for easy access to wheelchair accessible self-storage units, there needs to be a reduced concrete lip in the doorway (maximum 1/2 inch). For interior self-storage units, wheelchair accessibility concerns are focused on access ramps and wide hallways and doors. Given that the self-storage industry knows that customers are likely to be navigating with large, bulky items, most self-storage facilities are built with wide hallways and doors. Lastly, lighting is also a concern. Most self-storage facilities are well-lit throughout the common areas and hallways, but unit interior lighting must have switches or pulls that are lower and easy to reach from a seated position (again, not higher than 48 inches).

Wheelchair Accessible public areas: Self-storage facility owners should make certain that their rental office, public bathrooms, and parking areas meet new ADA standards. Wheelchair-accessible elevators, ramps, and doors are the most common considerations in public areas.

Consideration for service animals: Considering that some with different accessibility needs may employ the use of a service animal, the facility should be welcoming to service animals in public areas.

Going forward: The changes proposed by the ADA are seen as a genuine benefit to self-storage facilities, in that they help owners and management maintain places of business that are physically accessible to all self-storage customers and, in particular, allow disabled individuals unaided entry into their storage unit.

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