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Here’s Why Climate-Controlled Self Storage in Lawton is So Popular

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Here’s Why Climate-Controlled Self Storage in Lawton is So Popular

We all store a lot of different things. We put some items into self storage as though we were simply storing them in the attic, garage, or an unfinished basement. These are usually things that we aren’t likely to part with, but they aren’t likely to suffer any ill effects from changes in temperature or humidity, either – items such as holiday decorations, for example.

There are other things, though, that we need to store more carefully. We need to be much more careful with items such as business or personal documents, books and magazines, artwork and photographs, electronics, leather goods, family heirlooms, antiques, and collectibles of all kinds. This is where climate-controlled self storage in Lawton comes in.

So why do we turn to climate-controlled self storage for so many of our most prized possessions?

Climate-controlled self storage helps to manage temperature and humidity, protecting your stored items from all manner of damaging effects. Depending on what you’re storing, drastic changes in temperature and humidity can lead to warping, cracking, rust, oxidation, decay, and many other problems.

Climate-controlled self storage helps protect your belongings. For the items listed above and many more, fluctuations in temperature and humidity can be disastrous. Climate-controlled self storage in Lawton not only protects your belongings from the elements, it also helps to keep them safe from pests that might otherwise damage them.

Climate-controlled self storage is also popular because it’s a newer option, relatively speaking. After all, climate control such as air conditioning hasn’t actually been around all that long. 1922 saw the first air conditioner installed in a movie theater, while the White House didn’t get air conditioning until around 1930. AC had only reached about 10% of American households by the mid-sixties.

While we take air conditioning for granted today, being able to control the climate of our storage spaces is still relatively novel. After all, while your house is probably air conditioned, your attic, garage, or unfinished basement may very well not be. And climate-controlled self storage in Lawton provides other kinds of security besides just preventing changes in temperature and humidity. Because of the internal location of climate-controlled storage units, they’re even more secure than regular self storage units, which are already protected by fenced and walled perimeters, 24/7 digital video monitoring, gated access, and more.

If you’re storing valuable items, however, it’s always a good idea to pick up some additional insurance. Climate-controlled self storage can protect against fluctuations in temperature or humidity, but there’s only so much that any storage solution can do in the face of a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood. In those cases, a little insurance can go a long way.

Though climate-controlled self storage in Lawton is extremely popular, we have plenty of spaces available. Storage ‘R’ Us has three convenient Lawton self storage locations, and all of them offer plenty of climate-controlled storage for all your belongings! Come visit one today, or give us a call and let us help find the self storage solution that’s perfect for you!

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