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Benefits of Lawton, OK Storage Units for Your Home-Based Business

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Benefits of Lawton, OK Storage Units for Your Home-Based Business

Did you know? Roughly half of all small businesses in the U.S. are considered home-based, and nearly 70% of all small businesses in the nation started in someone’s home. That’s a lot of home-grown entrepreneurship! Is your business one of them?

There are obviously a lot of benefits to starting a business at home, such as low initial overhead costs, more family time, the ability to set your own schedule, no office politics, and a commute time that’s basically zero. (How long does it take you to get from your bed to your home office, anyway?)

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages that come with having a home-based business, and many of them are tied to space. There never seems to be enough of it for both your business and your family. That’s the bad news. The good news is you can find plenty of extra space by using Lawton, OK storage units!

How can a self storage unit in Lawton, OK help with your home-based business?

Dealing with limited space? Whether you need to store inventory, tools, or paperwork, or you just need a place to actually do your work, home isn’t always the best place for it. After all, your space at home is at a premium, and it’s never entirely yours. There are kids, pets, you name it. If you’ve got a home office that’s less office and more home or a garage full of inventory that’s crowding out the family car, try clearing that out and moving it into Lawton, OK storage units to see what a difference it makes!

Hoping to expand? If your business is growing, your home provides a hard cap on how much that can happen. Even if you stay a sole proprietor, increased sales, more contracts, or any other increase in business means you’ll have more inventory, more paperwork, and more of everything that goes into running your business. All that stuff takes space, and you don’t want to crowd out your home life with your business world. Fortunately, you can rent a storage unit in Lawton that can hold all that excess stuff and give your business room to grow!

Worried about boundaries? When you’re working from home, it can be all too easy to work all the time. At the same time, family and friends may not realize when you’re at work and when you’re not. Keeping that all-important separation of family time and work time is a constant struggle, and having a separate space can really help. That’s where Lawton, OK storage units come in! Whether you set up your unit as an office away from home or just use it to stage shipments, a storage unit in Lawton can be just what the doctor ordered.

Whatever you need from Lawton, OK storage units, Storage ‘R’ Us has all the storage solutions you could want at any of our three locations in Lawton. We’re a local company with roots in the community, and we love helping customers find solid self storage solutions in Lawton, Oklahoma!

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