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Self Storage to the Rescue All Year Long

Self storage all year around in Oklahoma

Self Storage to the Rescue All Year Long

Self storage in Lawton can benefit homeowners and businesses in Oklahoma all year long. Whether you need to store lawn and garden equipment during the winter months or put away holiday decorations when they aren’t in season, you’ll find countless things that your self storage unit can do for you throughout the year. Here’s a look at just a few of the ways that self storage in Oklahoma can benefit you from month to month and season to season, the whole year through.

Winter. Winter weather means we all spend more time inside, and it also means that space inside the house is at more of a premium. You’re definitely going to want to clear out space in the garage so that you can park the cars in there before the ice and snow begins. At the same time, you’re less likely to need any of your lawn and garden equipment, your summer sports gear, your pool accessories, and so on. You’re also going to need a spot for all of your decorations once the winter holidays come to an end. Fortunately, when it’s time to take down the tree, all those lights, or those inflatable lawn decorations for the season, you can put them away in self storage so they’ll be there next year when the holidays roll around.

Spring. As the snow begins to melt and the weather warms up, we can all finally get back outside again! Spring is the season for spring cleaning, decluttering, and making your living space feel brand new! Many home renovation projects begin in the spring, and it’s also peak moving season. Whether you’re simply cleaning out your bedroom closets, finally getting around to fixing up that upstairs bathroom, or moving to a brand new house, self storage in Lawton has solutions that can help. You can stage your previous home for sale or keep your stuff safe and sound while you move into the new place. You can get things out of the way for that remodel project or simply put excess clutter that you aren’t prepared to part with into a safe and convenient storage unit to free up more space around the house!

Summer. By the time summer arrives and the kids are out of school, winter weather is just a memory here in Oklahoma. There’s so much to do, and the summer months seem so short. Fortunately, self storage is here to help you with all the things that make summer great, from those home remodeling projects you started back in the spring to that project car in the garage. If you’re planning a weekend at the lake or a big family road trip, it may be time to get your boat or RV out of vehicle storage, but there’s still so much to pack away: heavy blankets, bulky winter coats, and even snow removal equipment like shovels and snow blowers. If the kids are home from college for the summer, it’s time to put some stuff into storage to free up their old bedrooms once again. They may not want to just shove that sewing machine, scrapbooking cabinet, or exercise bike over to the side of the room all summer long.

Autumn. With summer coming to an end and the kids heading back to school, it’s time to pack away the patio furniture and all of the stuff from the back yard to get ready for winter weather. That means lawn and garden equipment, sure, but it also means stuff from backyard sports like volleyball or cornhole, and even grilling and serving accessories left over from those summer barbecues. That isn’t the only thing that self storage can help with during the autumn months, either. Doing your holiday shopping early? You can stash gifts in self storage so that the little ones don’t get into them. Cleaning out a bedroom when a child heads off to college? Put their stuff safely away in self storage so it’ll be there when they come back. Expecting guests over the holiday season? Open up that guest room with a little help from Oklahoma self storage. The possibilities are endless!

Self storage year round. Some folks only rent a self storage unit part of the year or for a short time during a move or a renovation project. Others, though, keep their self storage all year long, shifting stored belongings from season to season to make the most of their storage space. If you’re one of these “super users,” you may want to consider a few things when selecting a self storage unit in Oklahoma.

Drive-Up Access vs. Climate-Controlled Units. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when shopping for self storage is whether you’re looking for a climate-controlled self storage unit or an exterior unit with drive-up access. Each one is perfect for different applications, so it all depends on what you’ll be storing. Climate-controlled units help to protect more sensitive or delicate items that can be damaged by fluctuations in temperature or humidity, and we have plenty of both here in Oklahoma throughout the year. Everything from clothing and electronics to documents and wood furniture is a must for climate-controlled storage. Exterior units with drive-up access, on the other hand, can easily store hardier items in a way that makes them readily accessible and easy to load and unload. They’re great for bulky objects and anything that doesn’t need to be protected from changes in temperature and humidity.

Secure self storage. You’ll also want to take the security of your belongings into account. A good self storage facility should offer a number of measures to help keep your items safe, including video surveillance, fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, and more. If you’re curious about the safety features at your self storage facility, you can ask an on-site manager. If you’re storing something valuable, it’s always a good idea to take out some extra self storage insurance, just to be safe. Even the most secure self storage facility can only do so much in the face of natural disasters like tornadoes or floods, after all.

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we’re happy to help you find the perfect storage solution for all your needs, whether you’re looking for something temporary or something that you’ll keep all year long. From self storage for businesses and homeowners to vehicle storage and much more, whatever season it is and whatever storage solution you need, you can find it in one of our convenient self storage locations in Lawton, Chickasha, Duncan, Moore, Newcastle, and Norman!

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