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Lawton Self-Storage is Great for Your Business!

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Lawton Self-Storage is Great for Your Business!

When we think about self-storage, most of us probably think of storing extra things that we have around the house, from sporting equipment that we only use for part of the year to extra stuff that’s taking up space in our basement or attic. We may even think about auto storage, or boat and RV storage. But did you know that climate controlled self-storage is also perfect for your business?

Whether you’re running a one-person operation from home or whether you’ve got an office and lots of employees, space is always an issue when you’re running a business. From excess inventory to old documents to office furniture and supplies that you’re not using right now, there’s always something taking up valuable real estate that your business could put to more profitable use. That’s where Lawton self-storage comes in!

If your business could use a little extra space, or you’d just like to reduce clutter around the office, climate controlled self-storage may be just the solution you’re looking for. Today, a lot of small business owners sell mainly online. That means keeping a lot of inventory on hand, as well as having plenty of packing and shipping supplies ready to get it packed up and in the mail quickly. Lawton self-storage from Storage ‘R’ Us can help you with all of that. A well-organized self-storage unit can make a great staging area for getting packages ready to ship, and our East Gore location has even got a full-service United States Postal Service office on site!

There’s paperwork involved in any business, and many businesses operate in industries that require you to keep a lot of records, often going back years. Those kinds of documents can take up a lot of space, and need to be stored in a place that’s secure, accessible, and protected from the elements, making climate controlled self-storage an ideal solution.

And of course there are always supplies that any business needs. This can be as simple as printer paper and extra pens, or as complex and bulky as office furniture or electronics. When you move furniture and equipment into or out of your office, you may not necessarily want to sell it off just because you’re not using it right this minute. Secure, climate controlled self-storage can keep your furniture in great shape, and make sure that it’s easy to get to when you need it again.

Those are just a few of the ways that local business owners take advantage of Lawton self-storage to help their businesses run smoother, reduce clutter, and improve efficiency. There are as many ways for businesses to use self-storage as there are small business owners, so if you think that Lawton self-storage might be right for your business, give Storage ‘R’ Us a call or drop by one of our three self storage locations in Lawton, OK today. We’d be happy to talk with you about climate controlled self-storage and what it can do for your business.

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