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How to Move Almost Any Home with Ease!

oklahoma self storage easy moving tips

How to Move Almost Any Home with Ease!

Moving out of your old place—whether it’s an apartment, your parents’ house, a condo, or an old home—can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and intimidating. Fortunately, while packing and moving can be extremely difficult, there are a lot of ways to make moving easy, no matter what size or type of home you’re moving from or to!

  • Look at moving as an opportunity to organize and purge. Get rid of anything that you don’t want to keep before you have to pack it up and move it.
  • When the time to move comes, pack an overnight bag for each person in the household with all of your essentials. One of the first things that happens after a big move is that somebody can’t find their toothbrush or their medication or a change of underwear. Make sure all that is packed up in your overnight bag and easy to get to, no matter how long it takes you to unpack.
  • Label your boxes! Whether you’re moving yourself with the help of a few friends, or hiring a moving company to do the heavy lifting, the more accurately and thoroughly your boxes are labeled, the smoother it’s going to go. Label the contents of the box, and which room it’s destined for.
  • Take advantage of color coding. Putting the name of a room on a box is helpful, but an even quicker way identify a box at a glance is to use colored tape or stickers to color code the rooms and their corresponding boxes. Yellow for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom, etc.
  • Have the right tools for the job. When the time comes to pack up your house—whether it’s an apartment or a mansion—you’re going to need a few moving supplies. Boxes, tape, markers, and something to provide padding around fragile items. Luckily, we’ve got all of those things and more at Storage ‘R’ Us, including our new marker/box-cutter combo, which gives you two of your most vital tools in one! Available exclusively at Storage ‘R’ Us in Oklahoma.
  • And while you’re at one of our convenient Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, or Lawton, consider renting a self-storage space to help make your move easier. Self-storage can provide a solution for overflow items if you’re moving from someplace with more space to someplace with less, or it can provide a temporary solution for storing stuff while you move. Plus, Storage ‘R’ Us is also Oklahoma’s largest Penske Truck Rental representative, so while you’re getting your self-storage unit and picking up moving supplies, you can also rent a moving truck, all in one stop! 

No matter where you’re moving from—or to—moving is a big job, but with a little help from your friendly neighborhood Oklahoma self-storage provider, you can make moving quicker, easier, more inexpensive, and maybe even a little more fun.

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