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How Self-Storage can Help Save Your Church Some Space

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How Self-Storage can Help Save Your Church Some Space

We probably don’t think much about it when we’re sitting in Sunday service, but there’s a lot that goes into maintaining and running your local church. Not just the work of preparing sermons and services, organizing church events, and operating outreach programs, but also simply the physical requirements that every church faces. A church needs a place for all its members to come to worship, as well as meeting space and other facilities. These days, churches are a lot more than just a few pews and a nave. Churches are gathering places for the community, offering classes and workshops for children and adults, and providing opportunities for fellowship and outreach.

Keeping all of that going requires a lot of “stuff,” though. Whether it’s books and pews, extra tables and folding chairs, or seasonal décor, storage space in a church can quickly start to become a premium. Not to mention that a church needs to have all the same things on hand that the average homeowner might, from tools to fix the occasional broken door handle to a lawnmower to keep the grounds nice and tidy.

Many local churches also host other local organizations, including meetings for homeowners associations, other neighborhood groups, or the local Boy Scouts, and they often have to store equipment and supplies related to those activities, as well. If you’ve never looked in the closet of your local church, you might be surprised to find it filled to bursting with all manner of unexpected items.

Churches also receive a lot of donations for community outreach programs. Sometimes those come in the form of money, but they also often take the form of canned goods, clothing items, gifts for children around the holidays, and many other vital items. Before these can be sent out to families in need, they have to be sorted and stored somewhere. Many churches also run outbound ministry efforts, which can require a lot of different supplies to be kept on hand. Some churches even offer housing options for underserved families in the community, and in those cases, they’ve got to store everything that goes into making a home for a family.

In all, running a church means keeping track of a lot of stuff, and many local churches find that the needs of their congregation and community quickly outstrip the amount of closet or attic space that their own facilities provide. Self-storage for churches is a simple and cost-effective answer to those kinds of problems. A storage unit can give churches a place to keep seasonal décor when it’s not in use, a space for overflow of furniture for meetings and special events, or a staging area for donations until they can be sent out to the people who need them. Whatever the storage needs of your local church, a self-storage unit from Storage ‘R’ Us in Oklahoma may just be the answer!

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