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Self-Storage in Lawton for your Excess Business Inventory

business inventory storage in lawton

Self-Storage in Lawton for your Excess Business Inventory

Do you run a small business in Lawton, Oklahoma? If so, you’re not alone! Around 543,000 new businesses start up in the United States every month, and small businesses have accounted for 65% of new jobs since 1995. While a “small business” is defined as one with fewer than 500 employees, many small businesses—more than 20 million of them—involve just one or two people. In fact, more than half of all small businesses in the United States are run out of the home!

What does all that mean when it comes to self-storage in Lawton? Simply this: whatever size and type of business you run, whether it’s out of your home or out of an office, whether you work for yourself or have dozens of employees, sometimes you’re going to need a little extra space.

There are times when any business is going to run into an excess of inventory on hand. Maybe you’re in the run-up period to a big sale or the launch of a new product, or you’re getting ready for the holiday season. Maybe you bought an inventory staple in volume in order to receive a better deal from manufacturers, or maybe you have a large stock of raw materials that you’re planning to turn into a finished product. Whatever the reason, when you’re running a business, space always comes at a premium.

If your business is home-based, finding space for that extra inventory means folding it around your day-to-day life in ways that can be inconvenient or downright impossible. And if you’re working out of an office or a retail location, the cost for renting additional floor space is often just too high. You need someplace to store your inventory that affords you easy access and keeps your stuff safe. That’s where self-storage in Lawton comes in!

Lawton self-storage is considerably more affordable than renting additional office or retail space, but it still gives you the security and accessibility that you need. Not only can you access your inventory anytime, seven days a week, but you can also control who has access to it. If your inventory is just sitting in the middle of the stockroom, every employee you have may be tripping over it. But with self-storage in Lawton, you can ensure that only the employees who need access to the inventory get it. But we still encourage all of our customers to take out self-storage insurance, just in case. While we do everything we can to keep your stuff safe—with 24/7 digital video and fenced and walled perimeters—even we can’t prevent damage in the event of a natural disaster like a tornado.

Renting self-storage in Lawton is convenient, too. Units are available in just about any size that you need, with climate-controlled self-storage available to protect your inventory from extremes of heat, cold, and humidity all year round. Plus, you can rent Lawton self-storage units by the month, so that you only have it for as long as you need it.

In the end, if you have excess inventory or just need to free up some additional space this month, then there’s no better time to call Storage ‘R’ Us to see what self-storage in Lawton can do for your business!

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