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Self-Storage in Moore for Everything Your Ancestors Couldn’t Store

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Self-Storage in Moore for Everything Your Ancestors Couldn’t Store

These days, we have lots of options available to us when it comes time to store all our stuff, but our ancestors weren’t always so lucky. When it came to storing things, ancient people had to get pretty creative. For our earliest ancestors, one of the biggest challenges was storing fresh food and water. Ancient grain silos have been found dating back thousands of years, while hunters used to store fresh meat at the bottoms of lakes in order to help preserve it longer.

As settlers spread out across America in their covered wagons, they took with them very few necessities and almost no luxuries. Covered wagons just weren’t that big, after all, and they had to fit everything they were going to take inside. There was no PENSKE truck rental in those days! When they got where they were going, they just had to make do with what they had brought with them or what they could build.

If you were a pioneer, when your hand-made furniture and whatever essentials you’d picked up down at the general store began to clutter your one-room Kentucky homestead, then it was time to build yourself a shed. Or a barn. Or add a room onto your house. And that was just for day-to-day items. People occasionally went to some pretty great lengths to keep their most valuable possessions safe—including burying them! We’ve all heard of buried pirate treasure, of course, but pirates weren’t the only ones who put their most valuable belongings into the ground over the years, and there are still a few hidden treasures waiting for all you would-be Indiana Joneses out there.

It wasn’t just treasure that got hidden, though. During prohibition, bootleggers stored their stashes of illegal liquor underground, on secluded farms, in cabins out in the woods, and even in old hollow logs! Fortunately, these days we don’t have to resort to those kinds of extreme measures in order to ensure that our stuff is safe and sound, and right where we want it when we need it. Self-storage in Moore is a better solution than burying your stuff out in the back yard—at least when it comes to most things.

Moore self-storage from Storage ‘R’ Us offers modern conveniences, lots of security, and protection from the elements and from pirates. But self-storage in Moore isn’t appropriate for your grain storage, the last woolly mammoth that you caught, or your bootleg hooch. Moore self-storage is, however, an excellent place to keep your old furniture, sports equipment, lawn care supplies, and just about anything else that you want to keep safe, sound, and accessible. If you’re storing some of your treasures in Moore self-storage, don’t forget to pick up insurance! We may be safe from pirates, but even we can’t prevent tornadoes and other natural disasters.

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