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military self storage packing tips

Self-Storage Packing Tips for our Friends in the Military

Since frequent moves are often part of the job when it comes to military service, our friends in the military tend to become experts at packing things, whether they’re planning to take them along on their next permanent change of station (PCS) or keep them in military self-storage in Lawton. Still, it never hurts to have a refresher on some tips and special considerations for some of the most commonly packed items that we see when people come in looking for self-storage deals near Fort Sill.

If you’re relocating with a PCS and planning to take your stuff with you, you can often ship your belongings, though the military does have weight allowances that you’ll want to check. But if you’re being sent overseas or are being temporarily reassigned, military self-storage in Lawton might be a better idea. This being the case, here are a few packing tips that can help you make the most of your self-storage:

  • When packing electronics remove all batteries before storing, and store in a cardboard box with plenty of packing material to keep it from moving or breaking. Use foam or packing peanuts instead of bubble wrap to allow your electronics to “breathe.” It’s also a good idea to toss in some silica gel packets to keep them dry. And, of course, you should always store electronics in climate-controlled self-storage in order to protect against heat and humidity.
  • Storing clothing depends a lot on how long you’re planning to keep it in storage. If you switch your wardrobe out with the seasons, then simple packing may be sufficient. But if you’re planning to store clothes for the long haul, you’ll want to take precautions against mold, mildew, and damage from moths and other pests. If you’re storing clothes long-term, it’s important to rotate clothing out of storage at least once every year or so and give it an opportunity to “air out.”
  • Furniture takes up a lot of space, but that’s precisely why it’s a popular thing for military self-storage in Lawton. After all, who wants to haul a couch around with them from place to place? On the other hand, you do want it to be ready when you get back. Where possible, disassemble furniture before storage—especially wooden furniture—and store as much of it as you can flat. Wrap furniture—especially leather and upholstered furniture—in plastic to keep out bugs and moisture.
  • Dishware is something that we all use, but it’s also something that most of us store at one time or another. Maybe you’ve got the good china that you only bring out for special occasions, or extra plates that you keep around for big family meals around the holidays. Whatever the reason, storing dishware runs the risk of cracking, chipping, or breaking it. The most important thing to remember when storing dishes is to make sure that each one is protected from contact with the others. Pieces of felt can provide padding, or dishes can be wrapped in acid-free paper.

Whatever it is that you’re storing, we’ve got the solutions that you’re looking for with military self-storage in Lawton. And if you’re seeking the best self-storage deals near Fort Sill, we’ve got those, too. In fact, Storage ‘R’ Us is always running monthly specials, so call your nearest Lawton self-storage location today to check for military discounts on self-storage!

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